Book 1 Chapter 32.4

Book 1 Chapter 32.4 - Long Journey

Ricardo roared with laughter and said, “You are definitely thinking that I like playing with women that don’t move, right?! But who likes women who are like corpses? The reasoning is simple. They come back with me, but they are doing it willingly. Once I knock them out, they become the victim.”

Not only did Su feel a great headache, he didn’t approve of Ricardo’s way of achieving his sexual fantasies at all. However, the topic of women was perhaps one of the best ways to close the distance between men, and after speaking about these things, the tense atmosphere between Ricardo and Su seemed to have relaxed greatly. However, the Glock pistol remained in Su’s hand. Su believed that with the abilities Ricardo displayed so far, even if Ricardo mounted a sneak attack and struck a fatal blow on his body, he would still be able to blast Ricardo’s body to pieces before his death.

Seeing Su not having any intention of getting in the car, Ricardo didn’t continue trying to persuade him. He pressed on the control platform, and the jeep’s windshield screen immediately turned into a transparent display screen. Countless images appeared on it.

Ricardo collected his frivolous attitude, and his expression became calm and respectful. “Alright, let’s discuss the proper business! I heard that you lived in the wilderness for more than ten years and that you’re an extremely outstanding hunter. In the battle of the training base, you also displayed top level hunting and assassination skills. What I want to ask you is, during your career as a hunter, have you ever encountered abnormal creatures with remarkable intellect, for example, a wolf that can use a rifle?”

Unknowingly why, when he heard this question, a layer of coldness suddenly rose around his body.

He immediately thought of the rotting wolf king outside Base N101. Its intelligence was definitely not something a rotting wolf should have, to the point where Su was starting to doubt if its intellect was about to reach the level of a human. His encounter later on with the living corpse queen was another instance, and she even understood how to read and imitated the lifestyle customs of the olden era humans. In addition, she formed an orderly society among the disordered and messy living corpses. However, this wasn’t a good example, because many living corpses had actually degenerated from olden era humans, and so possessing intellect wasn’t anything extraordinary.

However, after listening to Ricardo’s words, could it be that he encountered a rotting wolf that could use a rifle?! If such a thing really did happen, then that would be a step even further than the wolf king from back then. However, how much time had passed since then? The rotting wolves already evolved to this state?

Su felt a chill run through his body.

“During these years, us humans have mainly strengthened our bodies and abilities. Our evolution in terms of intellect hasn’t shown much improvement. However, it is different for mutated creatures. What we fear isn’t that they are becoming faster, more vicious, or more poisonous, but instead their increasing intellect. Look, for example, this violent rat…”

Ricardo pointed towards the windshield that had turned into a screen. The images continuously changed, and they were all images of violent rats. The subscript indicated the time and place each image was taken. The earliest image was data collected from 40 years ago, and the newest image was taken last week. From the images, It could be seen that the vicious rats bodies were clearly enlarging, and their claws and teeth becoming sharper. However, the most glaring part was that their brain volume seemed to have almost doubled in size.

“Without a doubt, even if we just look at it from the size of their brains, these violent rats that we previously thought to only possess instinctive intellect are becoming smarter and smarter. However, right now, we still haven’t given them enough importance,” Ricardo continued.

Su carefully looked at the images jumping out one after another. A large rat that seemed to be rather docile suddenly began to increase in size. As their claws and teeth became sharper, the little eyes that flickered with bloody light began to release a cunning radiance.

“What are you implying?” Su didn’t understand why Ricardo would tell him these things.

“It’s quite simple. I am interested in these mutated species that might possess intelligence, so I am willing to pay high prices to purchase samples of them. If you find some mutated creatures along the way that possess superior intellect, you can sell them to me. I am willing to purchase them at three times the price of general headquarters. Of course, there are conditions to this price, and that is that you cannot sell the specimens you give me to third parties. I can make an exception for Persephone’s private laboratory.”

“With the current situation between us, I shouldn’t trust you.” Su calmly said.

Ricardo shrugged and said, “Pretty youngster, don’t be so serious! Grudges are grudges, but missions are missions. These are two different matters, right? If you aren’t willing to sell it to me, then that’s not that big of a deal either. I wouldn’t forget about breaking those two legs of yours just because you sold me some specimens. We are going to have to fight it out between us sooner or later. Of course, I still suggest you sell things to me, as I fear no one else will offer such a high price. Once you get this money, isn’t it perfect for paying back the debt you owe Persephone?”

“Are you trying to help me? I won’t show gratitude for it. In addition, aren’t you scared of the family condemning you?” Su laughed and replied like this.

Ricardo revealed a rare seriousness. “Not only am I helping you, I am also helping myself. I want to establish a troop, a troop specially designed to suppress mutated creatures that might possess superior intellect. Who knows, after a while, when true danger descends, the hatred between us might just become a trifling matter.”

“True danger?” Su’s face was calm, but a flash of vigilance emerged in his eyes.

“Correct, true danger. However, it doesn’t seem like the time to talk about these now. Let’s continue our talks when it's just the two of us.” Ricardo stopped the vehicle. Unknowingly, the two of them already reached the border of Dragon City.

Su gave Ricardo a look. He didn’t ask him anything else and travelled towards the desolate ruins alone. Ricardo muttered, “This winter probably won’t be a peaceful one. I wish you luck, pretty youngster… Sigh, if that ruthless girl was willing to unleash a great slaughter for me, how great would that be!”

Ricardo gave Su’s lone figure a look. The jeep suddenly started up and rumbled into the distance.

The ruins brought Su a sense of great familiarity. However, the wind that blew against his face seemed especially cold, and there seemed to be bit more of an indescribable scent. In front of Su was an abandoned and straight road that stretched to the limit of the city. At the other end of the road were mobs, greedy hunters, blood-thirsty mutated creatures, and perhaps other abnormal things.

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