Book 1 Chapter 32.3

Book 1 Chapter 32.3 - Long Journey

When night first descended, Borriello got on his own old-fashioned double-wheeled lightweight chariot, and together with his two dogs that were over ten years old, he left Auburn Palace Manor. He wanted to catch some more fish before the southern river completely froze over and show them off to his old friends. 

As for Auburn Palace Manor, the Arthur family only had O’Brien left. The light in his study room was lit late into the night. 

Su obviously wouldn’t know about the dramatic scene that took place in Auburn Palace Manor, and even if he did know, he wouldn’t have cared much. For him, the entire world was full of violent undercurrents, but most of them were unrelated to him. Even if some of them intersected with his own life, as he quickly grew up, many of the dangerous undercurrents would turn into irrelevant creek water. Of course, with growth and an increase in ability, Su would also become like a growing fish, one that could not stay in the stream...

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