Book 1 Chapter 32.1

Book 1 Chapter 32.1 - Long Journey

Early in the morning, before the sun even rose, the sky was already extremely bright. Strange lights criss-crossed in the skies, and occasionally, lumps of transparent fog would float upwards, releasing multicolored rays of light, bringing a layer of pure and crystal-like radiance to Auburn Palace Valley’s trees and buildings. 

The normally peaceful manor was already bustling with activity so early in the morning. Vehicles moved towards the manor in an endless stream, converging from all directions. They entered through the manor’s large gates one after another in a rather slow manner, to the point where they would even come to a temporary stop at the gates occasionally due to the large number of vehicles. The vehicles that were waiting to get in were of all different shapes and designs. There were classic cars from the olden era, lengthened limousines that imitated the olden era, and there was even a carriage pulled by four black horses!

The road that led into the manor wasn’t that wide, just enough for two vehicles to...

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