Book 1 Chapter 31.4

Book 1 Chapter 31.4 - Rich Resource

While speaking, Persephone already switched positions three times, dodging two artillery shells and a string of gatling gun bullets, and at least two of her subordinates had died. It was clear that this battle was incredibly intense, and Persephone did not occupy an absolute advantage. However, her voice didn’t seem to contain any tone of impatience or hurriedness. 

Even though Su knew that Persephone definitely wouldn’t be hit by those artillery shells, Su still felt more and more nervous the more he watched. He looked towards Helen and saw that her expression didn’t change in the slightest, as if she completely ignored Persephone’s current situation. Su helplessly said, “Alright, I’ll do my best to cooperate. Only, some requests of hers are truly hard for me to comply with.”

“It’s fine as long as you do what you can,” Persephone said with a smile before dodging another string of machine gun bullets. It seems like the enemy already discovered her, and the firepower was gradually gathering there. Meanwhile, most of her subordinates were completely suppressed by the hail of bullets, and several of the few that were a bit more powerful were being suppressed by enemies of roughly the same strength. 

“I already promised, so you should hurry and focus on the fight! Don’t waste time here anymore!” Su immediately said. He was clear on the fact that every subordinate’s death added more pressure to Persephone’s heavy financial pressure. In addition, the relationship between a dragonrider and their subordinates was not purely a financial one. 

Helen gave Su a look and then looked at Persephone. Suddenly, she interrupted and said, “Persephone, your situation is rather intense. Why don’t you take off your clothes and let Su take a look? I know you like to hide your body, so if he can get a look, I’m sure he would develop a reaction.”

“Drop dead!” Persephone was momentarily stunned, and then she abruptly shouted before cutting off communications. 

Helen didn’t expect Persephone’s reaction to be so great. She was also stupefied momentarily, and then she looked at Su with evil intentions. Without making a sound, Su immediately grabbed his own equipment and pulled open the door to flee. As for Persephone’s promise, he would deal with it the next time he returned to Dragon City. 

Helen took a step forward, but she then stopped, allowing the laboratory door to close in front of herself. She pursed her lower lips, deciding to let Su escape this time. Either way, she already received too much data today, and there were enough questions for her to settle for now. In Helen’s mind, countless branches extended from Su’s multi-dimensional body, and each branch contained corresponding probabilities. Among them, there were some that were clear, while some needed another step of research. Meanwhile, just the first layer of branches required at least 32 days, with each day consisting of 15 hours of work. She was extremely satisfied. Before she completed this research, Su should return to Dragon City again to provide her with further data and results. 

However, Helen was still a bit regretful, because she still wasn’t able to see Su’s physiological reaction. It wasn’t something crucial for now, but next time, she definitely couldn’t ignore it. She definitely had to think of another method, for example making Persephone take a layer or two off. 

Just as she was lost in her thoughts, the screen descended in front of Helen again, and Persephone appeared on the screen again. Behind her was a ruined battlefield. Two subordinates were currently passing by in front of the screen while carrying a corpse. It seems like the war had already ended, and the subordinates were currently busily cleaning up the battlefield. Persephone’s face had traces of ashes on it, but this only served to further show off her clear white skin. She clenched a pencil between her teeth and was currently fixing her messy gray hair. 

“Helen, how did it go?” Persephone asked somewhat ambiguously while still biting the pencil. In the eyes of the enemy, she was definitely a major general that was similar to a demon king. No matter what situation or position she was in, she would always display shocking levels of ability.

Helen quickly sent out a series of data and said, “The results are quite ideal. I have to say that for you, who has always had rather good luck, your luck this time isn’t bad either. The limit of Su’s current potential is still unknown, and from the data we currently have, he should possess the potential to develop at least three levels of ability in every ability domain.”

“Three levels?” Persephone seemed a bit depressed as she said, “Isn’t his Perception Domain already five levels? What is strange about three levels? Three level is only the entrance level!”

“Are you asking me to flatter you, you immature brat?” Helen coldly replied. However, she still meticulously explained, “Please take note of two points, General Persephone. First, it is three levels in all domains for Su. I believe you understand even more than me what all domains means. Second, three levels is only the result produced by my current analysis, so it means that it is the least amount that can be guaranteed. Alright, then just let me tell you what you want to hear. My dear General Persephone, you’ve discovered treasure.”

Ah… Hahahaha!” Persephone first laughed loudly in a completely unrestrained manner, then she said proudly, “Of course! My dear Helen, why don’t you carefully think what this general’s highest Mysterious Fields Domain ability is? Rich Resource! It’s eight levels! Not finding a treasure would be really strange!”

Helen was rather speechless as she looked at Persephone, but her strict and machine-like self still said, “That’s not what Rich Resource does…” However, as soon as this sentence was released, Helen immediately thought of her own mistake. Since Persephone possessed this ability, how could she not know its use? If she continued speaking about this topic, she might as well be praising her more. 

Seeing Helen didn’t fall for her antics, Persephone collected the little girl like excitedness and turned serious. “Why do you need to inspect Su’s physiological response?”

“Because there are too many mysteries on his body, for example, I’ve yet to find signs of the intruder cells from his blood or any tissues. However, it is definitely hidden within a certain part of Su.” Helen adjusted her glasses, and with a machine-like voice, she continued, “When masculine creatures are in heat, that is when all of the body’s tissues move at maximum efficacy and when one’s vigilance is at the lowest. There might be signs of the intruder cell when he develops a sexual response, but it is fine even if it doesn’t show up. The abnormal changes in Su’s body when in heat will provide great use to my research. I can also more accurately assess where his abilities will evolve and thus prevent him from taking any wrong paths.”

Persephone on the screen already fixed her hair, and she was currently dealing with the stains on her face. While doing these things, she said, “Doctor Conner’s side of research seems to be proceeding rather quickly, so you should be careful.”

Helen released a snort and coldly said, “No matter how smoothly their research goes, once they reach the gene lock, they will be stuck. It isn’t something that we can solve with our current level of technology. However, that Doctor Connor is too conceited, and he is also greedy, so he definitely wouldn’t put aside the gene lock. As long as they use all of their resources on the gene lock, then it’s impossible for their research to surpass mine.”

“However, their staff, funds, and even amount of equipment are all greater than yours. You know my current state of things, and I fear that it might be quite a while before I can offer you more funds.” Persephone reminded. 

“Funding isn’t the most important thing.” Helen produced a three-dimensional image of Su and sent it over for Persephone to look at. As time elapsed, Su’s body clearly changed. “Do you see? This is the most crucial part! As long as I can continue to research Su, then that’s enough. According to the current evolution speed, in less than half a year, that Connor with only a few jars of blood and outdated data, will already completely fall behind.”

“Right… however, don’t forget that his current evolutionary value is 36 million. Persephone’s expression was a bit complicated.

Helen closed all the images related to Su and said, “Let’s stop talking about this subject for now. Let me see your body.”

Persephone grabbed the communications device that was floating in front of her and sent it into her stomach. Roughly a minute later, the communications device shook a few times and emerged on its own, once again revealing Helen’s image in front of Persephone. 

“Your physical examination this time produced two points…” Helen was always straightforward and direct. “First, you must abandon all missions and immediately return to carry out treatment. There is no room for discussion here.”

Persephone released an ah sound, as if she was a bit unwilling. “Is it already that serious? I can’t feel it myself! Can we wait another week? The other two missions can earn quite a bit.”

Seeing Helen’s poker face that lacked all expression, Persephone couldn’t help but concede. “Alright, I’ll return right after this. However, what is the second point?” 

“You need better cosmetic surgery to keep your chest at the same level as before.” It was still that machine-like voice. 

Persephone immediately beamed with joy. “Helen! You’re the best, you know that?!”

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