Book 1 Chapter 31.3

Book 1 Chapter 31.3 - Rich Resource

He had already been tossed and turned by Helen for three whole hours. During these three hours, Su had experienced at least a hundred or more tests, and had six tubes of blood extracted. Helen carried out all types of tests, and many of them were extremely embarrassing. Su had no idea what exactly all of this was for. Unlike normal people, Su was familiar with his body down to the cellular level. He knew that he was extremely healthy and that he was much healthier than most people

Helen’s every word and action were made precisely without any emotions. Apart from her body’s temperature, she seemed extremely robotic. Su treated her like a medical device, and as such endured until now. However, in the end, she wasn’t a true machine, and occasionally would have fluctuations of moods. This type of fluctuation would affect...

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