Book 1 Chapter 31.3

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He had already been tossed and turned by Helen for three whole hours. During these three hours, Su had experienced at least a hundred or more tests, and had six tubes of blood extracted. Helen carried out all types of tests, and many of them were extremely embarrassing. Su had no idea what exactly all of this was for. Unlike normal people, Su was familiar with his body down to the cellular level. He knew that he was extremely healthy and that he was much healthier than most people

Helen’s every word and action were made precisely without any emotions. Apart from her body’s temperature, she seemed extremely robotic. Su treated her like a medical device, and as such endured until now. However, in the end, she wasn’t a true machine, and occasionally would have fluctuations of moods. This type of fluctuation would affect her body temperature, pulse, and blood pressure, and these things were clearly sensed by Su whose long-range sensation was powerful beyond his control. In addition, even if Helen truly was a machine, no one could endure three hours of torment by a machine.

“Let go.” Su repeated himself again.

However, what made his temperature continue to rise was that Helen pretended as if she didn't hear anything and continued to whole-heartedly focus on arousing him.

Urgent alarms suddenly sounded within the examination room, and most of the images on the screen became deathly white. All of the sensors on Su’s body seemed to pop off simultaneously, and many of the sensors even released sparks!

Su leaned down slightly and grabbed Helen’s neck, raising her up to his face as if he was carrying a small chick. Staring angrily at her, he slowly and clearly said, “I came to receive an examination, not for you to casually tease and humiliate.”

Even though Helen’s neck was being grabbed and she felt a tremendous force that made her face go pale, she met Su’s fury without any fear. Her right hand suddenly raised, and the needle on her pinky suddenly pierced towards Su’s elbow joint!

Then, the flesh that the needle entered suddenly twisted in a strange manner, and with a crack sound, the muscle on Su’s arm suddenly twisted apart Helen’s needle. Then, with a slight withdraw and ejection, the remaining portion of the needle shot out like a rocket. With a pu sound, it nailed itself onto the ground!

Helen’s pinkie was almost broken, and even though she was in so much pain that her lips lost color, she didn’t utter any sounds. Her voice was still calm and machine-like as she said, “What do you want to do? Are you going to rape me? I can tell you truthfully that raping me won’t be any fun, and that you are better off doing it with a corpse. For the sake of your mental health, I suggest you find a large tube to relieve yourself, as if will probably make you feel more comfortable than me. Of course, if you have a particular interest in medical machinery, then please continue.”

This made Su go from being furious to not knowing whether he should laugh or cry. If Su had even half a bit of desire towards Helen, then her efforts just now wouldn’t have been completely ineffective. In fact, Helen’s appearance made her a great beauty, and even if she didn’t use any makeup, she wouldn’t be any inferior in style to those seductive and charming Black Dragonrider assistants. However, the scent of medical equipment all around her truly made it so that it was hard to look at her as a woman.

“If you don’t intend on doing anything, then let me go,” said Helen. Her face became more and more pale, and her hands hung powerlessly to her side.

Su didn’t say anything and gently put her onto the ground. Then, he walked towards the examination room’s corner. All of Su’s equipment and clothing were there.

“Stop, your examination hasn’t finished.” Helen had just caught her breath before saying towards Su’s back.

“I refuse to continue receiving your examination.” Su calmly said. He didn’t even turn around.

“Wait a moment. Turn around and look at me.” Helen frowned and said.

When Su heard this, he turned around and coldly looked at Helen to see what other games she was going to play at. Helen gave Su’s lower body a look, and after thinking for a moment, she said, “I forgot to say something just now. If you can rape me, then that means you have a normal physiological reaction. If you feel like you could do it, then come over.”

Helen casually found a face mirror, and in front of the mirror, she used her hands to massage her face. Then, when she raised her head again, her face already had a smile that could be considered extremely beautiful. “Perhaps this will make you feel a bit better?”

Seeing Helen’s face that contained a textbook expression that could even be called a smile made with respectable effort, not only did Su’s anger completely disappear, he instead felt a chill run through his body. He couldn’t help but say with a bitter smile, “I feel even more turned off.”

Helen’s beautiful eyebrows furrowed together and muttered, “If its like this… what should I do then? Hmm, hormones? Ah, no, that’s not natural…”

As he watched Helen sink into deep contemplation who continued to maintain that refined smile, he didn’t know why, but Su began to feel a bit agitated and even some fear. He immediately said, “You keep thinking about it slowly. I’ll take my leave first.”

“You aren’t allowed to leave!” Helen slapped her face and released her smile, restoring her ice cold and machine-like expression before saying to Su, “I’ll put Persephone through right now. Her order is something that you’ll probably listen to.”

Without waiting for Su to reply, Helen grabbed a small and delicate communications device that was connected to a screen hanging from the ceiling. Several seconds later, Persephone’s figure appeared on the screen. As soon as it did, she began to complain. “Helen, can you not look for me at such dangerous times? Your timing can easily cause me injuries!”

Behind Persephone, highly explosive bullets erupted one after another and tracer bullets flew through the sky. It could be seen that the battlefield was incredibly intense. The image suddenly trembled, and Persephone shifted several dozen meters outwards. The place where she originally stood on was blasted apart by a large caliber artillery shell. They could see that behind her, subordinates were moving about and advancing through the hail of bullets with frightening nimbleness.

“I had no choice but to find you. Your Su wouldn’t cooperate with my orders,” Helen said expressionlessly.

The screen automatically turned to a different angle to face Su. Seeing how Su looked, Persephone was first a bit stupefied, and then her eyes lit up and asked with a soft voice, “Su, what kind of examination did Helen do to you for you to end up like that? Why aren’t you willing to cooperate? She is quite the beauty you know.”

Su laughed bitterly. He first put on his clothes and then said, “She examined for three hours already. This isn’t an examination, but research. If that was all it was, then that’s fine, but…” Speaking up to this point, he suddenly didn’t know how to voice his thoughts.

Instead, it was Helen that broke apart Su’s awkwardness and said, “It’s quite simple. I have many questions towards Su’s body, and for the sake of verifying my theories, I need to see his reproductive organs’ physiological response. However, I failed, and instead he became rather angry.”

“So it’s like that…” Persephone looked at Helen and then at Su. It was clear that she was trying hard to suppress her laughter as she said to Su, “Su, Helen is my best friend. You have to trust her. Everything she’s doing is for your benefit, and at the very least, she won’t harm you, and she didn’t purposely humiliate you. I believe that this type of examination wouldn’t just happen once, so you have to do everything you can to cooperate with her in the future, even if her demands are extremely strange.”

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