Book 1 Chapter 31.2

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O’Brien slowly withdrew his right arm. The hole created in the alloy vehicle armor was full of sharp edges, and it continuously brushed against his flesh. However, O’Brien’s expression didn’t seem to reveal much emotion, as if he couldn’t feel the sensation of pain at all. He grabbed a wound spray from the side shelf, and after spraying a layer around his arm, he casually flung it into the recycle bin 15 meters away.

After completing all of these tasks, O’Brien’s face was already as white as paper. His pretty forehead continuously released beads of sweat, drenching his dark gray hair and making it stick to his forehead. He slowly walked out from the training area. Even though his expression didn’t change much, his footsteps were firm and forceful, as if that crazy attack he released just now had blown away the perplexed feelings he previously felt.

O’Brien had just walked up a flight of stairs when he noticed a butler walking over from the other end while holding a folder. When the old butler who wore an old-fashioned swallow-tailed coat saw O’Brien, he immediately arrived by his side. Opening up the folder, he handed a list of items to O’Brien and said, “Young master, these are the biological specimens that your esteemed self ordered, and they will be delivered over tonight. How does your esteemed self plan on handling this batch of specimens?”

“Use it to feed the dogs.” O’Brien coldly threw out this sentence before leaving the butler behind.

“Feed dogs?” The old butler that had always acted carefully, and a bit stubbornly stood there while holding the folder as he followed O’Briens retreating figure with a look of shock. There were a few specimens among this batch that were poisonous, and not even the hounds protecting the family had the ability to devour them. He soon realized that O’Brien was just expressing his hatred for these things. However, since he loathed these specimens, why did he have to pay such a large sum to purchase them? Even though the old butler wasn’t a biochemistry expert, after serving the family for these years, he had dealt with countless goods. As such, he could tell as soon as he received the invoice that these specimens weren’t worth that price.

He shook his head inwardly. When he saw O’Brien’s right arm that was covered in blood, he turned around and left the main residence. Following a small road behind the main residence, he walked through the tan colored woods for a bit before reaching what appeared to be an older farmhouse. He knocked on the door. The wooden door opened, and a chubby and strong-looking female worker walked out while carrying a basin. The woman seemed to be forty or so years old, and her cheeks had the redness of one who worked all year round.

The old butler handed the list of items to the female worker, and with a smile, he said, “Susan, help me check where the items on this list came from.”

Susan placed the basin under her arms. She received the list of items and with a casual glance, said, “Come back for the results in half an hour then! My smoked meat will take another 20 minutes to complete, so I’ll do this after.”

“Alright.” The old butler gave her a warm smile. “Remember to prepare a bottle of brandy for dinner. The young master’s mood isn’t too good today, and I feel like he might need a glass.”

The female worker grumbled, “More work. There’s so much work to do nowadays. Are you trying to kill me? You old monster, you never even thought of bringing me some strong young men to help out! Isn’t there a group of old freaks that are coming tomorrow to hold a meeting? I’ll have to prepare another tableful of food. There are so many good places in Dragon City, so why do they always have to hold it all the way here in the countryside?”

The old butler smiled and said, “It is because they are like me, we all wish to have a taste of your work.”

The beautiful and secluded Auburn Palace Manor gradually sank into darkness. Meanwhile, Su felt as if his life was also sinking into a dark abyss. Inside Persephone’s private hospital’s greatest and most comprehensive facility, more than ten lights lit up this place as brightly as snow.

Su stood perfectly straight on a meter tall inspection platform. All types of sensors were stuck on his naked body, and elaborate as well as fine mechanical arms which carried four metal plates as they continuously roamed about Su’s chest and back in left, right, up, and down motions. Following the movements of the metal plates, countless screens inside the examination room correspondingly moved about, continuously displaying the various parts of Su’s body.

Su closed his eyes and breathed heavily, the interval between each breath lasting almost a minute. This was his way of controlling his own state of mind. Then, his body temperature gradually and steadily climbed, and right now, it had reached 38 degrees.

Three meters in front of Su laid a postmodern style office table. To put it simply, it was just a thin, oval-shaped gray thin slab supported by an S shape pipe. On top of the table hung three large screens. Helen maintained her ice-cold and mechanical expression from start to finish as she stared at the screen in front of her. Her ten white fingers that were actually extremely beautiful quickly moved about on the screen, and countless images continuously flashed past as her fingers continuously danced about.

Apart from her eyebrows that were practically locked together, her face was completely emotionless. The gray alloy eyeglasses hanging from the bridge of her nose matched her outer temperament quite well. Following her movements, the two sensors on Su’s ribs suddenly released a powerful electrical current! Despite the fact that the electrical current didn’t flow that quickly, Su still couldn’t help but release a muffled grunt from the high voltage. The surrounding flesh began to ripple like water.

The screen in front of Helen immediately changed, displaying the movements of countless muscle fibers as well as the activity of Su’s nervous system and internal organs to form a brightly-colored diagram. In front of Helen, the two sides of Su’s body made from blue light suddenly revealed two glaring red points. Then, the redness followed countless different pathways as it diffused outwards, seeming to extend over Su’s entire upper body. However, this radiation only existed on his skin and muscles. All of the red light on the screen was expelled, not making contact with the internal organs at all. All of Su’s internal organs worked just like before, as if they didn’t receive any impact by the powerful stream of electricity just now.

When Su’s pain and numbness disappeared, Su released a gentle breath of air. He continued to keep his eyes closed, but his body temperature increased by another 0.1 degrees. This change obviously didn’t escape Helen’s eyes, but she treated it as if nothing had happened and only continued to watch the sea of data passing through her screen. In her opinion, the way Su’s body reacted was extremely strange. After three times of strengthening, the fourth electrical current should be enough to easily knock out a grand elephant. When used on a human’s body, it should be able to injure an individual with second level defense strengthening, while a third level defense strengthened individual would go unconscious. A fourth level defense strengthened individual would undergo unbearable suffering, and only a fifth level defense strengthened individual would have a chance of not receiving any harmful effects.

However the way Su dealt with electricity was completely different from the way Helen was used to seeing in defense strengthened individuals. Su used some special method to conduct all of the electricity away from him, and it was also gradually assimilated into the lower levels of his skin and muscles. This way, he could protect his internal organs from receiving any damage by the electricity. The problem lay in the fact that Helen still wasn’t clear on how those electricity pathways were formed. When she looked at it through the instruments, it looked like the muscle fibers autonomously adjusted their composition, and that was why this type of result was produced. However, the four shocks were all conducted at different places, and each time, it was always the same result. Up to the present, humans had continuously strengthened through natural selection and medication use, so the reaction of the nerves was far greater than that of the olden era. However, it was still far from enough to immediately order the body to produce this type of response.

If one were to say that the ribs might have some special response, then that was no reason why the neck, buttocks, and calves’ reactions were exactly the same as his ribs. They all quickly and easily scattered the electricity.

Helen sank into a state of contemplation. What left her feeling perplexed was that in this short period of time, Su’s brain was experiencing an extremely peaceful state, as if it had entered the deepest type of sleep. Only a small region that represented anger was shining red. Apart from this, the command for the body’s reorganization following a shock of electricity did not seem to originate from the brain.

Helen switched to the image of a single muscle fiber and continuously observed its movements. Seeing how the muscle fiber twisted, trembled, and jerked about in a manner that was substantially different from that of a normal muscle fiber, a thought that even she thought was absurd emerged in her head. “Could it be that these small things even have their own intelligence?”

She immediately walked in front of Su’s face with large steps. She pressed on a switch on her glasses, and the right lens immediately magnified greatly. Helen seemed to almost be pressed up against Su as she carefully inspected every inch of his flesh. In addition, she would at times use her hand to tap or pinch him, to the point where a needle stuck out from her pinky and pierced towards that soft and sensitive skin.

Helen suddenly grabbed Su’s lower body and forcefully rubbed it a few times, but she didn’t see any reaction. As a result, she raised her head, just in time to meet his eyes that looked down. Within the depths of the green pupil was a surging sea!

“Get hard.” Helen’s voice was as cold as cold could be. Even though it was a sweet-sounding voice, it sounded even more machine-like than an electronic one.

“Not possible. Also, let go.” Su always spoke concisely. His voice was gentle and full of attraction, as if he was extremely calm. However, anyone could sense that those words contained great anger.

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