Book 1 Chapter 30.4

Book 1 Chapter 30.4 - Half Dog

However, Su was also a bit curious. Everything in the Black Dragonriders was known to be expensive. This amount of medical expenses definitely wouldn’t be some small digit, and ordinary small companies couldn’t even guarantee that they could immediately pay it. How could Kane promise this amount so quickly and have so much confidence in paying this amount of money? You have to understand that the Black Dragonriders’ technology was who knew how many years more advanced than the primitive wilderness’. Apart from mineral resources and other native materials as well as a rare energy replenishment, they didn’t have any other needs from the wilderness. Of course, there were always people who would buy beautiful women, but the problem was that if it was based on the olden era’s standard, not only were the women in the wilderness ugly, their bodies that possessed all types of mutations could only be described by the word ‘grotesque’. 

Su asked about this question.

“It’s slavery.” Kane’s reply gave Su another shock. “These...

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