Book 1 Chapter 30.3

Book 1 Chapter 30.3 - Half Dog

Su was truly shocked. He looked at Kane and said, “You?”

Kane laughed and pointed at his brain before saying. “Right, me! You will find that a subordinate like me will be far more useful than most people. In order to survive in this era, what one needs is wisdom and not muscle. I believe that regardless of whether it is in the wilderness of the Black Dragonriders, this point shouldn’t be any different.”

Su looked at Kane. From what he saw, Kane didn’t seem to be too outstanding in ability, but should at the very least possess two levels of strength. Actually, in terms of strength, he had also reached the lowest level a subordinate should have. However, Su shook his head and said, “Kane, this shouldn’t be fair for you. All I can give you is an opportunity to cure Penny. Forget about the extraordinary cost, the surgery might not necessarily even succeed.”

“An opportunity?” Kane laughed and said, “For you, this is just a normal opportunity, but for people like us who live in the wilderness, this is a dream that is simply impossible to achieve....

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