Book 1 Chapter 30.1

Book 1 Chapter 30.1 - Half Dog

As he stood outside Saratoga, Su sighed inwardly with sorrow.

These walls made from wooden strips, iron sheets that were covered in stains of rust, crude houses that were covered in tattered materials and in disastrous states, as well as the people who carried outdated guns or even more primitive firearms all formed the world Su was truly familiar with.

Regardless of whether it was the earthen colored camouflage combat clothes, or the gun on his back that was clearly different in shape compared to the olden-era firearms and the golden gun case hanging from the side of his leg, it made him appear completely different from the inhabited area’s refugees. For those surviving in the wilderness, there was an easy and effective way to recognize strength. In their eyes, those wearing clothes without patches, carrying metal objects that were clean and fascinating, and firearms of strange shapes represented irresistible strength. Of course, what represents strength best were battle vehicles. Su didn’t have any vehicles with him, but the equipment he had on him was enough to display strength.

Su’s appearance was still mostly hidden, but this time, what blocked his face wasn’t a bandage, but rather a thin mask that covered everything below his eye. This type of mask had both air filtration and radiation defensive capabilities, an effective tool for dragonriders making their way through the wilderness. Meanwhile, his hands wore lightweight tactical gloves.

Towards Su’s appearance, a small disturbance was raised among Saratoga’s residents. The eyes that shot over were full of hostility and a bit undisguised. The Black Dragonriders’ previous violence was still fresh in these people’s memories, and Su’s equipment was clearly of the same grade as the Black Dragonriders’, so they obviously wouldn’t show him any goodwill.

Lieutenant Luthor’s troops last time included over a hundred subordinates as well as his vehicles and heavy weaponry. The strength he displayed could easily annihilate Saratoga, so at that time, the refugees chose to endure for the most part, and at most reveal their hatred only through their eyes. This time, Su appeared all on his own, which gave many people the feeling of an opportunity. As soon as they suppressed the fear inside their hearts, those robust men began to assess the value of the items Su carried. Just a rough estimate already made their eyes go red with greed.

As Su watched men emerge from the shacks one after another with all types of weapons in hand, their eyes releasing flames interweaved from hatred and greed, he knew that the slightest stimulation would cause them to attack. However, Su who came from the wilderness knew how to deal with this type of situation. Following a clear ka cha sound, the Glock pistol entered Su’s palm. He casually fired at a thick dried up tree twenty meters away, and a tremendous noise that exceeded everyone’s expectations immediately caused that tree to snap apart. The dried up tree flew several meters out before heavily landing on the ground!

This highly explosive power even exceeded Su’s expectations! Even though this was the first time he used the Glock pistol, the muscles in his arm almost instinctively moved about to quickly adapt to the enormous recoil power. Su’s arm only retracted a few centimeters, and the muzzle was still pointed at the original position, its aim not deviating in the slightest.

The effect it had on Saratoga was clearly persuasive enough. All of the men that carried ill will revealed fear and then slowly withdrew into their shacks. Su’s eyes calmly swept over all directions. If they truly dared to rush over, he didn’t mind testing out this power that was known to be able to kill a mutated grand elephant in a single shot.

A voice that seemed somewhat short of breath behind the crowd sounded. “Hey, what is going on? I heard the sound of an explosion! Who didn’t properly care for their grenades?”

Then, a middle-aged man emerged, seemingly having spent quite a bit of effort to make his way over. He wasn’t tall, and his face that seemed to be rather experienced was covered in dense stubble. However, even though he seemed to be out of breath, the way his limbs moved still gave one a feeling of flexibility and nimbleness, as if he shouldn’t be that aged, roughly only about forty or fifty years of age. An old leather jacket covered his upper body, and below was a clear pair of jeans. Compared to those fierce and tall men, his medium stature really did seem a bit frail. However, when this man crammed his way forward, those overbearing men all moved to the side, making a path for him.

Even though most of his face was covered by the mask, a smile could still be seen from Su’s eye. “It was just me testing out a new gun. It seems like the noise it makes is a bit loud, Kane.”

Kane never thought that the other party could actually call out his own name and couldn’t help but feel shocked. He carefully sized Su up for a while before asking in a probing voice, “You are… Su?”

Su smiled as he reached out his left hand, saying, “Of course it’s me. I still owe you for the intelligence you provided me!”

Kane looked at Su carefully for a while before suddenly erupting with laughter. He reached out with both his hands and tightly grasped the left hand Su reached out. “It seems like even without me, you still ended up doing quite well! What great company did you end up entering? Some random small place wouldn’t have the stuff you are carrying on you! Hold on, let me take a look, this thing seems a bit familiar.”

Kane’s eyes landed on the seemingly unremarkable symbol of a dagger inserted into a rock. His eyes quickly shrunk, but the expression on his face didn’t show any excessive changes. Kane then looked at the Glock in Su’s hand and said, “Don’t worry, at the very least, you are safe here. You can put that thing away.”

Su seemed to trust these words and placed the gun back into the case. The alloy gun case released two metal arms that locked down the pisto, collecting it inside the case.

As soon as the Glock entered the case, a robust male behind Su couldn’t help but take a step forward and reach out his hand towards the nape of Su’s neck. However, his hand only made it halfway there when it couldn’t help but freeze in the air, because a military knife that didn’t release any light was already pressed against his neck.

Su’s right arm continuously rose higher, and that robust male helplessly leaned his head higher and higher and also stood on the tip of his toes. From the slight stinging pain of his skin, this robust male could clearly feel the sharpness of this blade and didn’t dare to make any rash movements. He could only continue to raise himself on the tip of his toes in response to Su’s arm approaching. Under the threat of death, his throat continuously trembled. Even though the weather was cold, sweat was already pouring out.

Su’s right hand right hand suddenly rose, and the edge of the military blade stuck close to the robust male’s throat as it swept across. The extremely sharp edge of the knife sliced off all of his beard stubble, leaving behind a glossy and sleek skin.

With only a few seconds of effort, the robust male was already covered in sweat. He could only see the blade flash past, and then his neck felt cold. He was just about to cry out in fear when Su’s left hand flew over like lightning, smashing firmly against his nose! The tall and robust male began to fly out like an action figure without any weight before heavily slamming into the walls of a shack. A large hole was created as his body smashed inside.

Those inside the house released a cry of fear, but there was no sound from the robust male. It was clear that Su’s freakish strength had knocked him unconscious.

“It seems like there are some who seem unwilling to listen to your words.” Su retracted his fist and spoke rather indifferently. The knuckle portions inside of the tactical gloves all contained armor fragments, so the destructive force of this fist was much greater than an empty handed attack.

Kane gave the shack that had half its structure collapsed a look. Only now did a feeble voice sound from inside the house. It was clear that Su’s fist that was extremely powerful didn’t plan on taking that fellow’s life. Kane retracted his gaze, and after loosening his shoulders, he said, “That’s a new fellow that hasn’t understood who has the final say here yet. However, I don’t really plan on taking him under my wing. After all, there are three women and seven children in his house, and I have no intention of raising them.”

Su didn’t want to either.

Su followed Kane into a two floored building that seemed to be the most spacious area in this entire town. Last time he came, Su recalled that Kane didn’t live here, but he didn’t plan on looking into what happened to the previous owner of this place.

The room was tidied up rather cleanly, completely unlike the dark and filthy place the inhabited area was. The ground floor was a living room, and the couches that were arranged in a circle had all of their holes patched up. There was even a wild flower arranged at the center of the coffee table. There was a faint flower fragrance wafting through the room that gave off a rather comforting feeling. A fireplace was arranged at one corner, and charcoal fire burned within, providing this room with quite a bit of warmth.

Kane threw himself onto one of the couches and pointed towards one of the single-seated couches next to him. Su placed the rifle next to the couch and sat down.

Kane undid his collar button and shouted loudly, “Bring some water here!”

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