Book 1 Chapter 3.4

Book 1 Chapter 3.4 - Era of Turmoil

Roar! The living corpse's throat suddenly released a low roar and ferociously turned around! However, before it was even able to react, the sharp sawtooth dagger in his hand had already sliced open its throat. The strength was so powerful that the entire neck seemed to have been hacked apart. 

Su leaned over and softly placed the living corpse on the ground. From what his fingertips felt, he could already sense that this living corpses’ flesh was more sturdy and robust that the ones he had encountered in the past. Moreover, the iron pipe’s point had gone through careful sharpening. It seemed like this was a sentinel, and the only good thing out of all of this was that it seemed like the living corpses didn’t seem to understand that there should be two individuals on sentry duty. 

Su gazed into the end of the passage. Half of a sand brick construct had been built, but fortunately, there weren’t any living corpses standing guard here. Behind the sand construct was an extremely large wall. Past the half covered door, there was a fiery light that fluctuated between dark and light. Inside, the sounds of living corpses could be heard. Some of them were overcast, and some of them were resounding. 

These mutated creatures that had just recently developed intelligence would often have a leader that would possess both intellect and strength far surpassing that of those around it. The best way to deal with them would be to wipe out that leader in one blow, and with the remaining living corpses’ inferior intellect, they would break out into disorder. The danger level between creatures that fought on instinct and an organized army was as different as the sky and earth. 

Su stood still. He gently pulled back the bandages on his face to cover his nose. Then, he began to slowly walk towards the nest of living corpses. The more he walked, the quicker he became. When he was able to reach the door, he was already close to a running speed!

A creaking sound rang out! He fiercely pulled back the thick metal door and rushed into the living corpses nest!

This was a large hall that covered an area of several hundred square meters. Inside, more than thirty living corpses were scattered in various places. There were a few that were lying in rest, and also a few in the corner tending to a large cauldron to cook vicious rat meat. A pair of living corpses from the corner of the hall was gasping for air and howling as they busily engaged in copulation. At the center of the hall was a large and eye-catching bed. On top of the bed was a single living corpse, and from its body structure, it seemed to be female. She was actually wearing a business suit with a mini skirt that working women from the olden days would wear. Her skin also did not seem to be covered in large black patches and wrinkles like the other living corpses either. Her skin could already be considered to be somewhat glossy, and her appearance was even more like a human working woman from the olden age. Compared to the other living corpses, her physique was petite, and her appearance was proper. Her crossed legs even more so resembled the actions of a young female office worker. 

The other living corpses were extremely cautious and respectful around her, not daring to approach this bed. The radiance within her eyes was far brighter than that of an ordinary living corpse. It was clear that she was the true queen of this nest!

The door to the great hall was pulled open, and an enormous sound was created. Almost every single living corpse instinctively gazed in that direction, but they didn’t see anyone there!

In the instant the door was opened, Su suddenly bent his body and erupted with strength. His body immediately soared several meters, making it appear as if he teleported straight into the center of the great hall. Meanwhile, at the same time, the living corpses had just looked towards the door, so they couldn’t see what had happened. While the living corpses were dumbstruck, Su rushed forward another three meters!

Su’s pupil quickly shrank down, and a bizarre cross-shaped star emerged within it. This cross-shaped eye and the pitch-black pistol formed a perfectly straight line, one that pointed straight at the space right between the eyebrows of the living corpse queen!

Within the entire great hall, only the living corpse queen did not look at the door and instead looked at Su. Her mouth suddenly opened wide, as if she was startled. Her eyes were also full of fear, and she didn’t dare to make the slightest bit of movement!

Seeing her startled expression that resembled that of a small deer, the finger Su had on the trigger naturally carried a slight bit of hesitation. He ceased the forceful behavior, and his gunpoint also began to lower. 

The living corpse queen’s eyes suddenly lit up with dazzling red light. Two inch long teeth were revealed, and it pounced out with a speed that was far faster than that of an ordinary living corpse! The mouth that was widened to the extreme distorted her appearance to an almost unrecognizable level. 

Peng peng peng peng… Six bullets seemed to be released almost simultaneously. The first tore through her neck, and the remaining five drew an arc through her collarbone. It completely separated her head from the rest of her body. 

Su slowly retracted his pistol. 

Only now did the living corpses in the great hall snap back to reality. All of their eyes were blood red as they howled hysterically. They began to rush towards Su like madmen. 

Su once again slipped out as if he was sliding on a wet surface, just in time to slip out from the encirclement of these living corpses. Then, he quickly rushed towards the well-built living corpse guarding the entrance and suddenly extended his left hand to forcibly grab the iron pole that was striking down. 

Su twisted his hand, and that iron pole became his. Then, his entire body rushed towards that living corpse’s chest, sending that living corpse who was a complete head taller than him flying backwards until its back violently struck against a wall near the door. 

Su withdrew his body and separated himself from the chest of that living corpse. He disappeared from outside the door and vanished inside the deep tunnel. Meanwhile, an inch thick hole that was incredibly deep appeared in that living corpse’s body. 

The living corpses in the great hall madly howled and swarmed towards the door!

A strange and sharp cry suddenly reverberated through the air. The iron pole that the living corpse used had already flown into the main hall at an inconceivable speed and pierced through three living corpses in succession before it finally exhausted its force. With a dang  sound, it fell onto the ground and bounced about a few times. 

Even the instinctively ferocious living corpses couldn’t help but stare blankly for a moment. An intrinsic fear began to dampen the atmosphere. They began to hesitate, and some had already moved away from the door. 

Within the darkness outside the door, another bloody object flew into the center of the great hall. It was formed in the shape of a small crown. 

Roar!! An uproar immediately erupted among the living corpses. Their longing for the fresh blood overwhelmed the fear in their hearts, and they began to rush out from the great hall to outdo each other. They then began to chase into the passage depths. 

They didn’t know, however, that the world of darkness belonged to Su. 

The oppressive and heavy gunshots rang out from time to time along the winding tunnel. The sound waves travelled far into the distance. 

Ten minutes later, Su slowly walked into the great hall. It seemed like the great hall that the living corpses occupied was originally the lounge of a subway station. Of course, it would never again receive another subway train, and there was no longer anyone that would board a train from this station. Su walked towards the large bed in the middle and stopped temporarily. He picked up a magazine that he found on top and casually flipped through it. It was a 1997 May issue of ‘Fashion’, and it seemed like it had been preserved rather carefully. 

Su lowered the magazine and walked next to the body of the living corpse queen. He stroked his hand softly across her face. The scarlet radiance in the living corpse queen’s eyes gradually faded, and the luster within them also disappeared. Su retrieved a ten centimeter long fine aluminum case and carefully opened it. He brought out a surgical blade and removed the living corpse queen’s eyes. He then stored them inside the case. 

The genes within her two eyes had already been obtained by Su. 

Infrared sight was always the next ability Su wanted to obtain, and the living corpse queen’s ability on this aspect was clearly far stronger than that of an ordinary living corpse’s, so it fitted Su’s needs perfectly. As long as he accumulated eight evolution points, Su could rely on the gene specimen of the living corpse queen and the structure of the eye to bring about the infrared sight. 

Su followed the great hall up a flight of stairs until he was eventually stopped by a door obstructed by wire netting. He moved aside the junk blocking the door and blasted apart the iron lock that had long rusted. Only then did he push through the iron netted door. 

He then walked up another ten meters. Su’s green eyes immediately narrowed slightly. A streak of bright sunlight immediately illuminated his face. After moving around in the darkness for so long, this streak of sunlight was a bit uncomfortable for his eyes. 

After adjusting slightly, Su walked to the surface. The ‘METRO’ sign at the stair entrance was extremely distinct. It did not become completely indistinct over the passage of endless years. 

Su looked about, but the only thing he saw was a boundless wilderness. To the east, there were countless tall buildings obscured within a fog. It seemed like this was a subway station that was located in the outskirts of a city. The surroundings didn’t really have any excessively dangerous mutated creatures. The area around this subway should all be a part of the hunting grounds of the living corpses from the great hall, as there probably weren’t any other creatures that would try to fight them for this territory. Even though living corpses dreaded the sunlight and would only rarely roam about on the surface, the night was their world. At times of great hunger, they would also roam through this city under the cover of night. 

Su pulled out his map and made a few markings on the subway station location, indicating that it was safe. At the same time, within Su’s memory, an accurate and precise map emerged. The corresponding areas on the map gradually lit up, and following a sweep of Su’s eyes, the outlines of a major city gradually appeared as well. 

Right now, Base N11’s mission was finally completed. 

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