Book 1 Chapter 29.4

Book 1 Chapter 29.4 - Focal Point

The middle-age man suddenly felt an ice-cold chill that seeped into his bones. He stood there in the open space in a stupefied manner, almost forgetting that he was still in a life and death situation. He understood clearly that this type of technique, where the first bullet was just to make the target evade and the second bullet was the true killing art, was something that only those talented sniping specialists that had reached the fifth level could accomplish. Didn’t the information provided say that Su didn’t possess any abilities in the Mental Domain?

It seemed like the information was unreliable. Even the information the Fabregas family obtained from inner parts of the parliament was as such. The middle-aged captain didn’t have time to curse and suddenly snapped back to reality. He saw a spark of fiery light on the opposing mountain ridge, but he still couldn’t lock down Su’s position. With a loud roar, he first fired a string of bullets at Su’s approximate position, then, after suddenly bending his body at the waist, he suddenly shot towards the approximate location where Su was sniping from while borrowing the cover of all types of buildings and obstacles. He was going to close the 1500 meter distance! He needed close to a minute’s worth of time. However, as long as he could close the distance to 500 meters, he had confidence in suppressing Su’s firepower. In other words, death was looming at his side for the next 1000 meters.

The middle-aged captain quickly leapt forward, using all types of freakish tactical movements to close the distance between Su and himself. Su continuously fired again and again, and bullets whizzed past the captain’s body one after another. However, not only was he unable to ascertain these bullets’ deviations of trajectory, his heart became more and more sunken. Miserable shouts continuously sounded behind him. It was clear that Su’s target wasn’t him, but rather the subordinates that were hiding inside the small town. The walls and roofs couldn’t block Su’s bullets at all. As for the targets hiding behind obstacles, the shots were incredibly accurate. A burst bullet would first open the way, and then an explosive bullet would take the life of the target. The frequency and rate at which sniping modes were switched exceeded all concepts he understood about sniping.

When the captain reached roughly 800 meters from Su, apart from the two cowards that fled into basements, the captain’s subordinates had all died under Su’s gun.

The captain saw that as Su squatted in a half kneeling position, he didn’t cover his own figure at all. When he encountered the captain, he pulled the trigger for a final time! The flames this shot released were especially dazzling.

A particularly miserable sound rang out from the small town. This was the voice of the captain’s younger cousin!

The middle-aged captain was overwhelmed with shock. He watched as a large hole was blown into the small building his younger cousin was hiding in. The youngster was crawling on the ground and howling miserably. His entire buttocks was dyed red with blood. When Su’s last bullet broke through the wall, whether it was for the sake of avoiding the next bullet or changing directions to leave through the doorway, at this moment, Su shot an explosive bullet that seemed to brush past his body, blasting his buttocks rotten.

Su turned his gun around and pointed it at the middle-aged captain, forcing him to make several evasive movements, and only after he fled behind a nearby boulder did he relax.

“Su! You are making the William family your enemy!” Behind the rock, the middle-aged captain shouted in a stern voice. He hated Su to the bone. Just now, he had lost practically all of his subordinates in the battle, turning his ten years of meticulous work into nothing. His total strength declined by more than eighty percent.

“Someone like you can represent the William family?” Su’s voice was a bit cold, and it also carried a hint of disdain.

The middle-aged captain was at a loss for words. This was indeed a private operation and unrelated to the William family. However, when this type of close quarter situation happened, how often would the other party, after being fully aware of his identity not make any effort to negotiate and instead undertake such decisive actions? Su’s actions were a clear and undisguised form of contempt towards the William family. Perhaps under the parliament’s court of law, the middle-aged captain might not be able to prove the legitimacy of his operation, but inside his family’s inner conference, he had confidence that he could prove how Su damaged the reputation of the William family.

The unending gunshots finally came to an end. Su had long withdrawn from the battlefield, his whereabouts unknown.

The middle-aged captain returned to the small town and completed some simple first aid for his younger cousin before bringing him towards Dragon City. Fortunately, this place was quite close to Dragon City, and even though the youngster lost quite a bit of blood, it still wasn’t life threatening. Moreover, with the Black Dragonriders’ medical expertise, there was hope of restoring his buttocks to how it was before. Of course, the cost would be a huge expense, and he would have to remain in bed for at least three months before his buttocks would be completely fixed.

Su ran along the wilderness in a manner that was neither fast nor slow, maintaining a uniform speed of roughly thirty kilometers an hour. This type of speed allowed him to continuously run for several hours. Only now did he truly leave Dragon City. He believed that after that last attack, the number of individuals that chased after him would be much less. The prospects of those great families’ youngsters were still quite great, and their lives were also wonderful enough. There wouldn’t be many that would play around with their own lives. In this era, they were definitely people at the top of the pyramid.

Inside of Su’s field combat clothes, the dragonriders badge continuously sent his whereabouts back to headquarters. This allowed headquarters to know the whereabouts of every single dragonrider, especially when dragonriders encountered danger in the wilderness in order to quickly send support. Even though the location of dragonriders was considered top secret, to the point where not even generals had the authority to examine it, Su believed that if a few great figures or families felt the need, for example the Fabregas family or William family, they could definitely obtain this information and grasp his whereabouts from this..

If that was before he entered the Black Dragonriders, Su definitely would have killed that middle-aged captain from the William family and even steal everything on them. However, he wouldn’t do that now. Killing all of the captain’s subordinates was already a severe enough warning and punishment. If he killed that captain and youngster, then it would be difficult to resolve the blood feud. These were the regulations of the dragonriders.

For Black Dragonriders, subordinates were their greatest assets, but they were still only assets. There was no difference between them and women or weapons.

Striking back against those that challenged him before leaving Dragon City, as well as the destructive counterattack against those on his pursuit after leaving Dragon City, and even exposing his whereabouts right now was all for the sake of infuriating the enemy and drawing the eyes of all known and unknown hostile parties onto himself. Through this method, Su hoped to share some of the burden Persephone carried, as well as intimidate the enemies that remained hidden.

Persephone was already weak to a dangerous level, so Su’s methods were getting fiercer by the day. His kindness would never be used on enemies, and in the wilderness, Su was without fear.

While moving, Su suddenly felt a vague chilliness, as if something was using a method that he did not know of to observe him. In addition, this type of probe was extremely detailed and meticulous, to the point where Su felt as if he was completely naked before it. This type of strange feeling wasn’t completely foreign to him. In the past few days, Su felt these feelings intermittently, sensing that it was more than one party that was observing him. Sometimes, there would even be a feeling that a group of things was watching him.

The moment the chilliness attacked his body, the vitality of Su's entire body would vanish, decreasing to an almost completely hibernating state. The speed at which he moved at would also decrease to ten kilometers an hour.

He didn’t know if doing this had any use, but he still did everything he could to puzzle those hiding in the dark.

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