Book 1 Chapter 29.4

Book 1 Chapter 29.4 - Focal Point

The middle-age man suddenly felt an ice-cold chill that seeped into his bones. He stood there in the open space in a stupefied manner, almost forgetting that he was still in a life and death situation. He understood clearly that this type of technique, where the first bullet was just to make the target evade and the second bullet was the true killing art, was something that only those talented sniping specialists that had reached the fifth level could accomplish. Didn’t the information provided say that Su didn’t possess any abilities in the Mental Domain?

It seemed like the information was unreliable. Even the information the Fabregas family obtained from inner parts of the parliament was as such. The middle-aged captain didn’t have time to curse and suddenly snapped back to reality. He saw a spark of fiery light on the opposing mountain ridge, but he still couldn’t...

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