Book 1 Chapter 29.3

Book 1 Chapter 29.3 - Focal Point

Su smiled. His smile was full of brightness and gratitude. He gave the girl a huge thumbs up before turning around and walking towards the ruins and wilderness. 

Only when Su’s figure disappeared did Madeline slowly turn around. Her figure leapt into the air and disappeared towards the direction of the town of trials. 

The wind became colder and colder. It was already winter. 

“Wait for me. I will protect you.” She knew what Su’s final gesture meant. However, what she wished for might not just be protection. 

Su supported himself against an ice cold rock as he gazed into the small town below that had already turned into ruins. Wind continuously blew past his body, forcefully infusing wisps of chilliness into his clothes. Su’s body temperature had already lowered to the point where it was completely the same as his environment, so the wind wouldn’t cause him to feel cold. However, Su still didn’t like the cold because it made him uncomfortable. A lower temperature made his blood flow slower, as if both him, as well as even the world seemed to be slowly freezing. 

Ten or so people appeared in Su’s field of view. The two that walked at the very front were clearly experienced hunters. Their eyes were like an...

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