Book 1 Chapter 29.2

Book 1 Chapter 29.- Focal Point

Su looked at the youngster carrying the prince gatling gun. The other party met his gaze, and with a shrug of his shoulders, he said, “I am from the the William family. There is originally nothing between us, but these people are my friends, so I am standing on their side.”

Su’s eyes swept over the prince gatling gun in his hands and noticed that there was no cartridge inserted, nor was the safety opened. As such he nodded, and his gaze swept over the two remaining individuals’ bodies before once again looking at the Fabregas family’s children.

Suddenly, almost everyone felt as if the surroundings suddenly became shrouded in a deep chilliness, as if the temperature suddenly lowered over ten degrees. When facing Su, even though he was so pretty that it seemed like a gust of wind could blow him over, there was truly an aura of danger that began to exude outwards from his body. This was something only terrifying creatures in the wilderness would release, a feeling that would make anyone want to immediately flee as far as they could.

The youngster holding the prince gatling gun frowned. Even though he wasn’t a formal dragonrider, he wasn’t some inexperienced hatchling. He himself had already fought on the battlefield. This type of aura was not unfamiliar to him at all. The dragonrider officers of his family that were full of bloodlust, the same individuals who he had regarded as deities all possessed this type of aura. Only after participating in several bitter battles, did he understand that only those that crawled out from a mountain of corpses could possess that type of aura.

He suddenly understood that Su definitely wasn’t like how the youngster’s social circles claimed, how he only relied on his pretty face and his skills in bed with Persephone to muddle his way to his second lieutenant rank. In addition, Fabregas family’s disgusting defeat wasn’t a fluke either, and it definitely wasn’t due to the Cobra King troop being trash, which was what the youngster’s social circles and the Fabregas family’s children universally believed. He instinctively wanted to stop his excessively rude and impetuous companions, but it was already too late.

“I heard that you killed quite a few of my family’s people in the training base!” The two youngsters from the Fabregas family also instinctively felt as if the atmosphere was a bit off. However, these individuals who had never entered the battlefield were too oblivious to this feeling. Moreover, their greater numbers and their new-era firearms that were made of clearly newer technology gave them enough confidence.

It was already common knowledge that Su’s second lieutenant title was obtained by going to bed with the general, right? As for the special nature of Curtis’ training camp, that was something only those that were in the inner circle knew. Of course, they didn’t dare to brazenly kill Su, because murdering a Black Dragonrider second lieutenant was a serious crime. Forget their fathers who weren’t some great figures, not even the clan elder Old Fabregas could protect them. However, provoking him was different. The Black Dragonriders didn’t prohibit challenges and duels. If they could give Su a sound beating, then their family’s status would immediately shoot up. Similarly, everyone knew that Su only had one level in Combat Domain, and he didn’t have any Mental Domain or Magic Domain abilities.

“You all should feel fortunate.” Su spoke indifferently. Then, the alloy gun box by his right groin automatically opened, and the Glock pistol bounced to Su’s right hand. “Because you guys don’t have the qualifications to join the training base assault, that is why you are alive. Now, you all actually dare to provoke a Black Dragonrider second lieutenant, then either we engage in battle, or you let me smash your faces in before crawling away.”

“Damn it! These two idiots! You let him get too close and even let him get into range!” The youngster that was holding the prince gatling gun immediately understood the meaning behind Su’s words and couldn’t help but curse inwardly. When the two sides reached the distance of five meters, the assault rifles couldn’t compare to the Glock pistol at all. Meanwhile, the prince gatling in his hands was even more unfavorable.

The two Fabregas youngsters never expected Su’s movements to be so direct, firm, and precise. Moreover, he strictly stuck to regulations, completely unlike the barbarian that had just walked in from the wilderness that the rumors described him as. Since they were the one that provoked him first, moreover without the identity of dragonriders, then even if they were able to kill Su after this battle, what awaited them was still execution. This wasn’t because Su’s background was strong, but instead because the dignity of the Black Dragonriders couldn’t be challenged. The executions of the Trials Division wouldn’t allow one to easily die. It was a suffering that made one wish they could immediately die.

However, if they didn’t choose to fight, would they just allow him to smash apart their faces before crawling away?

One of the more overbearing youngsters felt like he was put on the spot. Clenching his teeth, he opened his rifle’s safety device.

“Idiot.” Su’s eyes flashed with radiance. He stepped to the side, avoiding the other party’s trajectory. Then, with two steps, he already reached the youngster who had released the safety on his assault rifle, easily seizing the rifle from his hands. With a flip of his hand, he slammed the butt of the rifle heavily on the bridge of the youngster’s nose, making that rather straight nose cave into the face. Following this powerful backlash, the gun in Su’s hand moved again, smashing down on another youngster’s back, immediately smashing him onto the ground. His mouth was open, but he couldn’t release any sounds.

The three youngsters only felt as if a flash appeared before their eyes, and then they saw their two companions already lying on the ground, unable to crawl back up.

Su didn’t have any intentions of stopping here. He first flipped these two youngsters around, then he fiercely slammed the butt of the rifle downwards, completely smashing one’s nose rotten. Then, he walked to the youngster that walked up earlier and heavily kicked him in the groin!

All of this was methodically planned and done in an unhurried manner, to the point where he even had a charming smile on his face, as if he was an experienced individual dealing with some trifling matters. The three spectators could see every single movement extremely clearly, and when the final kick was given, the three youngsters felt as if the thing between their legs were also throbbing with pain, as if they were also kicked by Su.

Su tossed the rifle that was already somewhat deformed onto the ground, but the Glock had never left his hand. He patiently waited until the two youngsters finally managed to endure the suffering and struggled once again to their feet.

“Who allowed you guys to stand up again?” Su smiled. When he spoke, there was also a sweet-sounding magnetism. Then, the contents left everyone trembling with fear. “I recall that what I said just now was to crawl back. You all better get on the ground and crawl obediently. Otherwise, I might think that you guys want to fight. I believe that this pistol can completely blast your asses rotten.”

Not only were the faces of the two youngsters from the Fabregas family deathly pale, the faces of the three youngsters on the side carried similar expressions, as if they couldn’t endure this type of humiliation. However, when the youngster carrying the prince gatling saw that the monitoring cameras at both sides long since pointed this way, he sighed inwardly and gave up all plans of taking action. In reality, he knew that from Su’s freakish speed just now, before they could even aim at him, Su’s bullets might already have shattered their brains.

The recoil of the Glock pistol that had undergone strengthening was perhaps even greater than that of a sniper rifle. These pistols were actually specially designed to be hidden inside the empty spaces of various buildings. Moreover, only some freakish characters would use them. Its power could easily blast through tens of centimeters thick brick walls and blast the enemy hiding behind it into pieces. In order to use it, not only did one have to possess simple weapon proficiency, they also needed heavy weapon proficiency.

Faced with choosing either life or dignity, the Fabregas family’s two young members chose life. They groaned as they crawled on the ground towards the back of the station on the side.

Before they completely disappeared from his sight, he already returned the Glock back into the alloy gun case, continuing to walk along the central road towards the military region’s large gates. A youngster just happened to stand in Su’s path, but seeing his blank and fearful expression, it seemed like it probably wasn’t on purpose.

Su didn’t seem to have any intention of adjusting his path. He simply gave the youngster a look before saying, “Step aside.”

The youngster was immediately like a frightened rabbit. He took a few steps back in panic and almost fell onto the ground! Apart from the youngster that held the prince gatling gun, the others were all rookies that had never entered the battlefield. For them, the rank of second lieutenant was simply their life objective. Only now did they realize that wanting to challenge a Black Dragonrider second lieutenant was the same as throwing away their lives.

Su didn’t even give them a look as he walked through the large gates into the distance. Behind him, the rifle gifted by the captain seemed especially crude and bleak, matching Su’s temperament quite well.

“Su!” The face of the youngster carrying the prince gatling suddenly flushed red. He roared towards Su’s retreating figure, “Once you leave Dragon City, you better be careful! I will return double the humiliation from today!”

Su didn’t even turn around, nor did he have any intention of slowing his footsteps. He simply pointed towards the ground and said, “If you have guts, then come look for me in the wilderness. However, remember, before you come, make sure to wipe your ass clean.”

The youngster’s face reddened with shame as if blood was going to come out. However, he was quite clear on the fact that if he made a move against Su at this time and place, it was the same as throwing his life away, moreover completely pointlessly. The regulations of the Black Dragonriders were sacred and unchallengeable. At the very least, he couldn’t publicly challenge them.

Su didn’t hear the sound of the prince gatling gun’s bullets being loaded even as he walked through the great gates. He was a bit disappointed, but he suddenly felt a type of feeling that was difficult to describe. As such, he abruptly turned around!

At the very top of a tall building stood a graceful figure. Even in the remote distance, the sinister and heavy armor couldn’t hide her charm. Her long, dark gray hair that danced about seemed to have completely merged with the low hanging clouds full of radiance. Even though there was such a huge distance separating them, Su could clearly see that pair of azure eyes. They were just like the exquisite and crystalline eyes from seven years ago that knew no depths.

It’s her… Su knew from just the first glance that this was the little girl he had no choice but to let go of seven years ago. Only, he never thought that she would have already grown so big, her height almost reaching his, and she now possessed shocking power. Lanaxis was right; only at her side could the girl’s talents be completely brought out.

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