Book 1 Chapter 29.1

Book 1 Chapter 29.1 - Focal Point

When he looked at the surface of the rock several hundred meters out that was as smooth as a mirror, a clear sound suddenly rang within Su’s heart, as if something inside of him ruptured. His heart began to beat faster as well.

Su frowned. He didn’t like unknown things, and didn’t like unknown feelings even more. He walked towards the damaged reef cliff to carefully inspect the cut. The one who cut open the rock had long left, and the other party was perfectly capable of avoiding his perception. However, since he entered the Black Dragonriders and dealt with the two attacks, Su’s confidence in himself slowly began to rise. He possessed a sharpness that had been refined in the wilderness, and he believed that he would be able to find clues from the slice.

However, as soon as his left hand tightened, he was pulled back by Persephone.

“There’s no need to go look. I know who it is.” Persephone said. Her expression was extremely complicated, and her face remained somewhat pale.

Su carefully looked at Persephone, and then he nodded. Regardless of who it was that was hiding, that person seemed to have a close connection with Persephone. Even if she wasn’t willing to say who it was, Su didn’t plan to force her to. From Su’s perspective, everyone should have a part that belongs only to themselves, a place for their spirit to rest and feel safe.

Persephone’s mood seemed to have dropped a bit. She gently pulled her right hand away from Su’s. After retrieving a card, she placed it into Su’s pockets. Then, she softly pressed it against Su’s chest and said, “This is the reward from my most recent mission. The mission was a simple one so the money inside isn’t great. Use it to purchase a field combat suit, and then select a close-range weapon. I recommend an enhanced firepower close range glock pistol. Also, you have to purchase at least one set of medical and food supplies. Lastly, remember to bring some more bullets. I don’t like it when you are always fighting for your life with just a knife.”

Towards Persephone, who was being extremely detailed and almost a bit long-winded, Su didn’t know what kind of feeling he was experiencing. He really wanted to hug her, but right now was perhaps not a suitable time. Moreover, her mood wasn’t that great, and Su didn’t have the authority to comfort her.

“Alright, I should go back too. I wish you success on your first mission.” As she looked at Su, her dark gray hair continuously danced about in the sea breeze.

Su nodded, not refusing Persephone’s money. As a master in the art of combat, Persephone’s suggested list of equipment would undoubtedly be greatly beneficial to Su’s fighting strength. This way, when Su went out on missions, it would make her feel a bit more at ease. Even though the mission Su accepted this time was of the simplest and lowest reward variety, who knew what type of unpredictable things could happen in the wilderness?

After a simple goodbye, Su walked towards the Black Dragonriders’ special ordnance center. Equipment like the standard field combat suit of the Black Dragonriders could only be purchased there, and only official Black Dragonriders could purchase it themselves. The ordnance center’s medical and food set’s quality and technology was far greater than the goods of the surrounding companies. However, for things like close range firearms and standard bullets, the small companies around Dragon City could supply products of both good quality and cheaper prices. After all, everything the Black Dragonriders offered their members was widely known to be costly.

This was an unavoidable action. If they couldn’t receive large amounts of resources and profits from their members, then the Black Dragonriders headquarters research and military installations would not be backed by enough funds. They wouldn’t be able to maintain and advance their core technology. As such, the Black Dragonriders’ forceful expansion would also become much slower, and the ability for members to obtain resources would decline. This was a vicious cycle that was clear and easy to see.

The ammunition the Black Dragonriders supplied were mostly 7.62 or 5.56, just like the olden era standard calibers. As such, the new era firearms the dragonriders used could also use the olden era ammunition. After all, in the wilderness, it was practically impossible to restock on new era ammunition. The new era bullets looked the same as the olden era bullets on the outside, but the design of the gunpowder and bullethead were different. The power of the new era bullets was greater, and their uses were more extensive. Of course, these bullets were even more so equipped with the Black Dragonriders’ prices.

Near the dragonrider governed ordnance center, there were forty or fifty loosely scattered arms shops. They couldn’t compete against the dragonrider government in terms of firearms, vehicles, and all types of large scale machinery, but their tools were all of unique characteristics. For example, there were all types of special bullets that would leave even Su shocked.

After two hours of selection and purchasing, Su left the munitions region, Su’s knapsack was filled with almost a hundred and fifty rounds of rifle bullets and fifty rounds of handgun bullets. Even though he felt that he wouldn’t even be able to use up all of these bullets, when he thought about how Persephone warned against him again and again, he unknowingly bought a bit more. However, Su still chose to purchase a multi-purpose military knife. With this, he felt much more at ease.

Su was at the edge of Dragon City. As soon as he left this region, he would enter the ruins. After walking another few kilometers, he would reach the desolate and bleak wilderness.

Between the military region and the ruins, there was a two meter tall wire netting. Every hundred meters, there would be a sentry tower created from steel, and at the top of the sentry were two 12.7mm automatic machine guns. The complex image system on the gun tower coldly observed the activity within the ruins below. If any creatures without identification walked into area of alert, they would immediately be blasted to pieces by the scorching rain of bullets.

Su walked onto the military region’s central road and proceeded towards the gate that led into the ruins a kilometer away. At this time, four or five lively youngsters walked out from a station. They carried all types of firearm bullets on them, and they could be said to be fully armed. The most eye-catching person was a youngster that carried a prince gatling gun in his hands. This huge thing was roughly 30 kilograms in weight, and together with its ammunition, the weight reached 60 kilograms. It wasn’t an infantry weapon at all, and should instead be supported by an off-road vehicle for support or suppression fire. Seeing this robust and handsome youngster carry it in a carefree manner in one arm, it was clear that he planned to use this enormous thing with his bare hands. Even though the prince gatling gun couldn’t be compared to a gatling cannon, using it with only his arms was not something an ordinary person could do.

The youngster walked over to Su, and one of them released a shout of surprise before asking  his companions, “Look you guys, isn’t that person Su?”

These youngster simultaneously looked towards Su’s direction, and they all recognized Su who was now a sensational figure. Among them, two individuals immediately revealed hostility, walking onto the center of the road to block Su’s path. They raised their heads and gave Su a look of disdain. The muzzle of their guns pointed at Su’s chest.

Su’s expression was calm. He continued to advance, and only when he was four or five meters in front of these youngsters did he finally stop his footsteps. He had long seen that these youngsters should be backed by rather well-off families, because not everyone in Dragon City could casually purchase unconventional firearms. For their age, these youngsters’ skills were quite excellent, especially the youngster who carried the prince gatling gun, who possessed the strength of a private.

However, it was quite obvious that even if these youngsters belonged to a certain great family, they still most likely just belonged to some unimportant branch. Those that truly had resources wouldn’t flaunt things like firearms that were relatively less precious. Unless it was a special situation, non-standard firearms weren’t all that useful in a battle in the wilderness, because resupply often became a huge problem. With the skill level of these youngsters in front of him, there didn’t really seem to be a need for so many non-standard firearms.

“Our family name is the honorable Fabregas!” The two prideful youngsters spoke. This immediately allowed Su to understand where their hostility originated from.

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