Book 1 Chapter 29.1

Book 1 Chapter 29.1 - Focal Point

When he looked at the surface of the rock several hundred meters out that was as smooth as a mirror, a clear sound suddenly rang within Su’s heart, as if something inside of him ruptured. His heart began to beat faster as well. 

Su frowned. He didn’t like unknown things, and didn’t like unknown feelings even more. He walked towards the damaged reef cliff to carefully inspect the cut. The one who cut open the rock had long left, and the other party was perfectly capable of avoiding his perception. However, since he entered the Black Dragonriders and dealt with the two attacks, Su’s confidence in himself slowly began to rise. He possessed a sharpness that had been refined in the wilderness, and he believed that he would be able to find clues from the slice. 

However, as soon as his left hand tightened, he was pulled back by Persephone. 

“There’s no need to go look. I know who it is.” Persephone...

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