Book 1 Chapter 28.4

Book 1 Chapter 28.4 - With Fall Comes Impending Winter

Ocean waves took form from the far-reaching ocean and lazily moved onto the shore. It battered against the damaged embankment, creating layers after layers of green suds on its surface. After being battered against for tens of years, the concrete embankment had become largely damaged, intertwining with the rugged ocean reef below. However, there was still a path one could walk through that was peaceful and desolate. While walking on this road, to the right was a dark blue sea that stretched into the horizon. On the left were ruins, and from the half scorched ancient constructs, one could vaguely see the style of the olden era’s 19th century. The steel bars that extended outwards were like the exposed ribs of an enormous beast corpse, struggling to maintain signs of times past on its...

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