Book 1 Chapter 28.3

Book 1 Chapter 28.3 - With Fall Comes Impending Winter

After she left, the old man’s chair turned towards a different direction and he gazed outside the window. Through the thick clouds full of radiation, fine streaks of sunlight scattered down large amounts of golden radiance onto the great sea and ruins, giving it a warm appearance. Even though the wind that entered through the window possessed a chilliness, reminding him that winter was about to arrive, right now, it was still basked in the warmth of autumn. 

This was the first time Su entered the Black Dragonriders’ general headquarters building on his own. The guards at the gates simply inspected his badge in a routinely manner without saying a single word. However, the guards’ expressions were extremely strange, and their eyes continuously stared at him. 

After walking into the main lobby, Su stopped for several seconds and gazed at the enormous dragon head that hung in front of him. The black dragon head’s amber eyes were looking at Su as well. The eyes that were like running water made Su feel as if they possessed life. 

Under the eyes of the black dragon head, Su slowly ascended a flight of stairs. Right now, almost every Black Dragonrider in the main lobby noticed his entry. They either stopped to look at Su with strange expressions or whispered to each other in twos and threes. Su’s bloody battle in the training base was already a well known event. The Fabregas family lined up a battle plan that should be enough to kill a Black Dragonrider lieutenant commander, yet a mere second lieutenant, Su, whose strength was rumored to not even reach the level of a second lieutenant, killed more than forty people and ultimately broke out from the encirclement. Fabregas family’s well known Cobra King troop also suffered severe losses. Even though the Cobra Kings’ fighting strength was really not all that much compared to other families more adept at military force, it was still a military force nurtured by a great family. The assassins within the organization still more or less possessed the strength of a military officer. 

However, there was no shortage of powerful freaks among the Black Dragonriders, so most of them simply expressed a bit of admiration towards Su’s perseverance. Then, what made all of the Black Dragonriders shocked was that Persephone, for the sake of saving Su, seemed to have gone mad. Not only did she accumulate an astronomical amount of debt, she was constantly on the move like the lowest rank dragonrider private, frantically completing missions to earn money. Even though the missions a general could accept all contained ample rewards, many people noticed that in the missions system, the missions that contained generous rewards have all seemed to disappear without a trace overnight. As such, despite Persephone constantly rushing about, all that she managed to obtain was barely sufficient enough to even out the astronomical debt’s interest. 

Everyone was wondering how the pretty youngster Su, with a breathtaking appearance but average strength, managed to make Persephone willingly pay such a tremendous price? She was the Black Dragonrider’s most forceful and cunning major general, as well as the one that was the hardest to deal with, yet during this period of time, her performance made many people associate her with the words ‘starry-eyed infatuation’. 

At this moment, when they saw Su whose golden hair fluttered about and his green eye as tranquil as water, both men and women couldn’t help but feel jealousy. What was rather strange was that there weren’t only those jealous of Su, but also of Persephone. Some were even jealous of both. 

When he reached the sixth floor, Su entered the serene, dark, and clearly more spacious corridor. The old-fashioned floor was polished until it was extremely bright, and at the center was a thick and soft carpet. Walking on it did not create the slightest sound, making one feel extremely comfortable.

At the two sides were old-fashioned hardwood doors. The decorations on the door were delicate and refined, and the dark red paint gave one a rather historical feeling. Su could feel that behind these slightly opened doors, the male and female assistants which looked like they were buried under work, were in reality secretly propping up their ears and paying attention to Su’s whereabouts and activity. He proceeded forward, making his way past a flight of stairs and reaching Persephone’s office. The sixth floor and seventh floor’s layout was roughly the same. Next to the general’s office would always be an office used by the assistant. 

There were no lights in the corridor, making the lighting rather dim. As soon as Su walked to the head of the stairs, he suddenly felt as if the flow of air was a bit abnormal!

Could it be that he might even be attacked in the Black Dragonrider headquarters?

Su didn’t have time to think though this carefully. His left eye immediately released a faint golden light, and at the same time, all of his abilities in the Perception Domain, including long-rage sensation and overclocking hearing were used to their maximum effect. His body quickly withdrew to the side. However, only when Persephone already appeared in front of him was he able to take a step backwards!

Persephone was smiling like a cat that was eating stolen fish. She had just descended from upstairs and was heading towards her office when she noticed that someone was blocking the path. With her style of doing things, she naturally wouldn’t slow down, to the point where she didn’t even feel like slightly moving to the side. When she suddenly noticed that the dragonrider whose sidestepping and perception ability wasn’t bad was actually Su, Persephone immediately stopped her footsteps and turned around and reached Su’s side with a single step. With her hands on her back, she leaned forward slightly. When she was just about to say something, she suddenly realized that there was a strange red glow being released from Su’s left eye. 

Infrared sight! Persephone immediately noticed what it was. In addition, from the red light’s lustre and level of illumination within the depths of the pupil, she could tell that Su’s infrared sight far surpassed the effectiveness of any similar prescribed effect, whether it be clarity or sensitivity. In addition, the depths of Su’s left eye continuously flickered with other types of radiance, indicating that glimmer sight, sight strengthening, and other capabilities were all activated to their maximum effect as well. The combination of these various sight enhancements formed an ability that was far greater than any individual vision strengthening ability. 

In addition, there was a numbing feeling around the surface of her body, indicating that Su was currently using some unknown ability to probe her body. Persephone sneered inwardly. Long-range sensation was indeed marked as a rare ability, but it wasn’t completely unique. For example, she herself also had this ability, and the range at which she could activate it would only be greater than Su’s. 

However, when she saw Su’s expression freeze and momentarily become absent-minded, she suddenly changed her thoughts. Only after purposely stopping for a bit did she say, “I believe you are a bit early?”

Only now did Su react. He hurriedly restrained all of his special sight abilities and then carefully withdrew his long-range sensation. Only now did he release a long pent up breath. 

However, her seemingly naked figure continued to flutter back and forth before his eyes! Su never would have thought that his consciousness would automatically piece together the images created by several sights together with long-range perception and produce an image that made his heart seemingly pound unendingly even until now! If she was wearing her general uniform, then Su’s sight naturally wouldn’t have been able to penetrate it, but today, she was simply wearing an office outfit that didn’t possess any special characteristics. 

In the wilderness, Su and other hunters were the same, not unfamiliar with alcohol, blood, and women. However, no one had ever caused his heart to batter about so violently like Persephone did for him. Su noticed that his heart had yet to calm, and all of the muscle fibers in his body were still nervously trembling, indicating his tense state. Su had never been so nervous even between life and death. Perhaps the impression Persephone gave him was too powerful and too unpredictable, as if nothing was a problem in her hands. Even though Persephone had showed him a myriad of appearances and a figure that was incredibly alluring, Su fundamentally never saw her as a sex object. That was why Su became so utterly shocked when he suddenly saw her practically naked body, to the point where he even forgot to reply to Persephone’s question. 

Persephone seemed as if she was completely oblivious to what had just happened. She straightened her body and restored the cold and dignified appearance of a general before saying to Su, “Why don’t we go outside for a walk.”

Then, Persephone overtook Su and walked towards the central staircase. Su followed quietly behind her. At this time, a room on the other end of the hall suddenly opened. A young female assistant ran over while hugging a document. When she saw Persephone, she was immediately frightened. Standing up straight and giving her a salute, she gave her a greeting in a meek voice, “General!”

Persephone gave her a light sound of approval and brought Su downstairs. This female assistant’s acting skills weren’t bad either, but it couldn’t be compared to Persephone’s. Even Su could tell that the female assistant was acting a bit artificially, but he somewhat admired her courage. Inside the training camp as well as the training base, Su heard all types of rumors about Persephone. Almost everyone thought of this general as the combination of both an angel and a devil, as well as someone who carried great grudges. She was a figure that definitely could not be provoked. This female assistant actually had the courage to pry around. It was likely that she had already gotten herself on Persephone’s list. 

As Su followed Persephone out from general headquarters, he still didn’t know what happened to the last fellow who tried to use infrared sight against Persephone. 

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