Book 1 Chapter 28.2

Book 1 Chapter 28.2 - With Fall Comes Impending Winter

Su, who had explored the grassland before, knew that there were many indigenous mutated creatures there, and among them, there were quite a few that the Black Dragonriders’ database didn’t record. Samples of these creatures could sell for quite a bit, from the initial price of 3000 to tens of thousands. The research value might even somewhat increase. Practically no dragonriders would care about this small amount of money, but for Su, this was already a huge sum.

From a certain perspective, Su was currently richer than many other dragonriders, because his body still had 27 evolution points. Moreover, his body’s foundational essence improved about thirty percent. If one purely measured based on strength without any help of external force, Su could initially bench press 150 kilograms, but now, he could handle at least 220 kilograms.

Su decided to pay N958 a visit first and gather some mutated creature specimens along the way. For N958 to be situated within a black area made it an area of considerate value. Last time, Su merely understood a bit of the operation theory and basic function, but this time, he planned to carefully study the base’s uses, all of its functions, as well as the lowest amount of resources required to operate it.

Su decided to leave tonight. Through the introductory course, he now understood this thing called interest. No matter what level of interest it was, when placed on an astronomical figure like his debt, it would become a suffocating number. That was why time was equal to money.

The only thing that was a bit regretful was that he wasn’t able to see Persephone again before leaving Dragon City. This made it a bit harder for Su to assess the state of his lender.

Just when Su was about to leave, a message suddenly flickered on the screen: Please come to my office in ten minutes. The one that sent this message was Persephone.

Joy began to emerge within Su’s heart, as if the normally calm ocean surface began to have small bubbles. He brought out the dragonrider insignia with a built in identifying chip and tapped it on the screen to log out from his account. Then, he sat in his original spot for a while before leaving the mission center for the general headquarters building.

At this moment, Persephone wasn’t in her office and was instead sitting in General Morgan’s office on the seventh floor. Her posture was dignified and graceful, and her bearing was perfect. She gently swayed the cup of coffee in her hands, allowing the rich liquid that shone with wisps of light to form a small vortex. Her face seemed to reveal a faintly discernible dimple.

The old man behind the office table lowered the coffee cup in his hand, and after a sigh of satisfaction, his body that was leaning against the back of the chair completely relaxed. When he looked at Persephone, his hawk-like expression had a rather unnatural looking gentle smile. “If you wanted to apologize for the matters of my account being invaded, it doesn’t seem like you are showing enough sincerity.”

Persephone raised her head. The smile on her face seemed a bit evil, and then she put up a shocked expression, and with a high pitch voice that was comparable to a little girl’s, she said, “Ah! Your esteemed self’s account was hacked into? This is terrible! That fellow’s skills seems to be quite formidable. I didn’t know that someone had hacked into our system this whole time!”

General Morgan was stunned at first. He helplessly loosened his shoulders and laughed bitterly. It wasn’t like he didn’t predict that Persephone would pretend like she didn’t know about it, in fact, she definitely would have. The problem lay in the fact that during her act of innocence, she also clearly carried a rotten smile on her face, one that belonged to a clearly disrespectful actress. The elder was extremely clear on the fact that Persephone was a master of acting.

This could only mean that Persephone didn’t have the slightest bit of respect towards him.

The old man felt as if he had a headache. In front of Persephone who acted completely shamelessly, all of his follow-up extortion plans couldn’t be carried out. The old man actually enjoyed his current lifestyle quite a bit. He didn’t have to think too hard, and all he had to do was enjoy coffee and the occasional sunlight. He would also find some programs of interest to observe. Recently, matters that he found interesting increased a bit, so right now, he felt like life was truly full of joy. However, a life too comfortable wasn’t good either, and that was why the old man didn’t prepare any back-up plans. As such, he momentarily didn't know how to deal with Persephone. Of course, she was known for being troublesome to deal with.

The old man still didn’t want to admit defeat. He slightly narrowed his hawk-like eyes as he looked at Persephone who was quietly sitting across from him, searching for a weakness to exploit.

Persephone sat there in a calm and steady manner as she looked back at the old man without losing any ground. She even smiled sweetly, which blended together with her dignified and elegant bearing. Compared to her graceful bearing, the old man’s assistant might as well be those heavy radiated clouds.

As the old man watched her, he noticed that Persephone’s body was currently experiencing great fatigue, and her vitality was extremely low, indicating that the injuries she was concealing were still worsening. Moreover, the old man was quite clear about her current financial state, and also knew that her private hospital was on the edge of shutting down due to lack of funding. However, the current her seemed even more beautiful than she had ever been in the past, as if she was glowing with health and vigor. In addition, there was a faint layer of radiance covering her face. Each time Persephone smiled, it all came from an innermost happiness.

The old man adjusted his posture into a more comfortable position. With a smile, he said, “Recently, you’ve become even more beautiful. It really makes one praise the miracles of God.”

Persephone revealed another charming smile, then she responded somewhat shamelessly, “When hadn’t I been beautiful?”

A beam of light suddenly entered through the window, landing on Persephone’s body. Faint layers of golden color dyed the edges of her ash gray hair. When it swept past her right hand, there was a flash of reflective light, and only after seeing this did the old man notice that on the right hand that was steadily holding onto a cup of coffee, there was an extremely familiar looking ring.

“It seems like you’ve gotten a new ring.” The old man smiled and said.

Persephone immediately lowered the the coffee cup onto the tray in her left hand. Her right hand opened and continuously displayed it in several different postures. It could also be said that it was to allow the old man to see it clearly from every angle rather than showing off her perfect right hand.

“This is the greatest gift I’ve received!” Persephone’s appearance seemed just like a little girl who was showing off her doll. “What do you think? It’s not bad right?”

Persephone’s immediate change in facial expression was enough to make anyone who was looking at her seriously to immediately feel a headache. The old man was no exception.

“Alright, it’s not bad.” The old man responded rather helplessly. If she didn’t receive a satisfactory response, it was hard to say whether or not those five beautiful fingers would move towards the tip of his nose.

The perfectly satisfied Persephone stood up, and with a smile, she said, “I still have to meet another person, and it is almost time.”

“Persephone!” When she was leaving the office, the old man called after her and said seriously, “This gift is truly quite excellent.”

Persephone revealed a brilliant smile. After showing the old man a graceful act of courtesy, she turned around and left.

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