Book 1 Chapter 28.2

Book 1 Chapter 28.2 - With Fall Comes Impending Winter

Su, who had explored the grassland before, knew that there were many indigenous mutated creatures there, and among them, there were quite a few that the Black Dragonriders’ database didn’t record. Samples of these creatures could sell for quite a bit, from the initial price of 3000 to tens of thousands. The research value might even somewhat increase. Practically no dragonriders would care about this small amount of money, but for Su, this was already a huge sum. 

From a certain perspective, Su was currently richer than many other dragonriders, because his body still had 27 evolution points. Moreover, his body’s foundational essence improved about thirty percent. If one purely measured based on strength without any help of external force, Su could initially bench press 150...

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