Book 1 Chapter 28.1

Book 1 Chapter 28.1 - With Fall Comes Impending Winter

After leaving D90 Barracks, Su finally understood the purpose of subordinates for the Black Dragonriders. 

As the primary external military organization of the Blood Parliament, the strength of the Black Dragonriders was actually each individual dragonrider together with all of the subordinates. If one had enough subordinates and the subordinates’ skillsets were reasonable, the Black Dragonrider’s strength alone no longer became that important. Of course, this was just for most dragonriders. If the dragonrider’s individual strength exceeded a certain level, to the point where it reached a high level officer or even general, then the number of subordinates became insignificant. 

In fact, every single Black Dragonrider was an independent troop. The loose connection they had with the organization would at most guarantee them freedom of action, primarily guaranteeing that they would receive the least amount of restriction while establishing an army and plundering resources. A Black Dragonrider’s main income came from plundering and completing missions from the parliament of headquarters. Meanwhile, most of these missions were related to plundering and extermination as well. 

The loose infrastructure...

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