Book 1 Chapter 27.4

Book 1 Chapter 27.4 - Miracle

On the road that led to the outskirts of the city, an off-road vehicle was currently moving in a crooked manner and from time to time, it would even suddenly change directions. It often looked like it was traveling in a straight line, but after travelling for a bit, it would move to the side. Then, as if it was making a sudden turn, it would then reach the other side of the road before turning back around with even greater speed. When it reached a point where it was completely beyond its control, it would come to a full stop. Then, with difficulty, its direction would be fixed. With this suddenly fast and suddenly slow manner, it would deviate from a straight path to an S shape, repeating the scene from just now.

In the off-road vehicle’s driver seat, Su was covered in sweat and breathing heavily. His hands that were latched onto the drivers wheel were extremely rigid. He truly couldn’t understand why driving was so difficult. Someone like him who could control his own body to such a high degree was so deathly nervous while driving, unable to coordinate his hand and feet movements at all. It was as if the moment he touched the steering wheel, every part of his body would start moving on its own. Meanwhile, his perception towards space, speed, and distance would show great error. It was unknown whether it was due to excessive nervousness or other reasons.

If this was the olden era, Su would have already smashed into who knew how many cars. However, in the age of turmoil, the flourishing Dragon City’s population didn’t even reach a hundred thousand, so there wouldn’t even be a single car travelling through the highway in the morning. After all, vehicles were things only those with money could play around with.

It was unknown how many circles Su’s off-road vehicle made on the road. Fortunately, this special off-road vehicle’s functionality was quite different from that of the olden era’s. Not only did it have four wheel drive and great power, it also had an adjustable hydraulic suspension system which was able to change the car's distance from the ground between 10 and 100 centimeters. There were also explosion-proof wheels that could freely move 180 degrees, as well as a special crawl mode used while moving on special terrain. These were the distinguishing characteristics of the new era vehicles, as well as what allowed Su to obtain relief again and again.

Regardless, after four hours of bitter struggle, Su was finally able to successfully reach D90 Barracks at the outskirts of the city. If Su had chosen to run this distance instead, it would have only taken him an hour.

D90 Barracks was Captain Curtis’ encampment. There were all types of training facilities here, as well as a machine processing workshop. Apart from these, there didn’t seem to be any living facilities. The disordered and chaotic place seemed almost like a large scale processing building, with all types of mechanical components lying about. Even the standard regulation training area was full of weeds and the barracks that was refurbished from an abandoned house were covered in dust. In the olden era, this place was originally an automobile repair shop, but later on, Captain Curtis became interested in this place, and as such built up his own D90 Barracks. Apart from the training area that was later constructed, the other facilities were all restored to their original functions with crude and simple methods. However, from the drill ground that became covered in weeds, it was clear that the newly constructed facilities didn’t receive much maintenance.

Captain Curtis’ residence was a building with three living rooms. The furnishing inside was extremely simple and crude, and the only place that left others with a deep impression was the room full of alcohol. However, Su didn’t see empty bottles everywhere like he expected, so it seemed like the captain still cared a bit about his own residence’s environment.

Crash! The captain directly crushed the bottleneck of a bottle of whiskey and poured a full glass in front of Su. Then, he filled his own glass before saying, “What a surprise, you actually remembered to come look for me. Come, let’s drink a glass first! Even though you are even prettier than some of those girls, you are still a true man!”

Su looked at the glass full of alcohol in front of him. He clearly felt extremely embarrassed and continuously laughed bitterly.

The room was extremely large, but apart from a bed and a couch with the sponge inside sticking out in various places, there wasn’t anything else. Large chunks of the paint on the walls were falling apart, and as for the chandelier, it was better to discarding all thoughts of lighting it. As the captain sat on the couch, his wide body almost filled up this two-person couch. What Su sat on was an office chair that had been moved over from the living room. The chair only had its metal frame left over. The wine table that rested between the two of them was originally an ammunition chest for storing artillery shells.

The room was still considered clean, and when one considered that it was the captain that personally cleaned it, then it became even more surprising. After all, Captain Curtis only had a single subordinate, and that was an old man who was missing a leg.

Captain Curtis didn’t force Su to drink, and instead, he grabbed the alcohol in front of Su and downed it in one go himself. Then, he stood up and patted Su’s shoulder. “Youngster, come with me. Since you came to see me, then I think I have something that might suit you.”

Su followed the captain to a machinery maintenance room. The captain brought over a chest with all types of components inside in a disorderly manner and started up a multi-purpose precise lathe. In the blink of an eye, the ear-splitting sound of metal being cut filled the entire workshop.

“Youngster, I heard that you were supposed to stay inside the hospital for a few more days. How were you able to get out already?” No matter how loud the noise was, it still couldn’t cover the captain’s voice.

“My injuries are already cured. In addition, I can’t stay inside the hospital any longer, because that would cost much more money. I already owe Persephone too much.” Su watched as the captain skillfully processed one component after another.

The captain burst into loud laughter again. “There’s no need to worry! That woman isn’t like me, she has more than enough money! You just use as much as you need! Look, besides alcohol, I don’t have anything else worth money.”

Su laughed and said, “I want to find out how to make money. Right now, this is what I really need to know.”

The captain became slightly more serious. “Seems rather serious. How much do you owe her exactly?”

“36.51 milion.” Su was extremely clear on his own debt.

Crunch! Following a ear-piercing sound, the part the captain’s hands were working on was scrapped.

Curtis stopped the work he was doing and looked at Su seriously. Suddenly, a crack appeared between his lips, revealing a row of snow white teeth. “You really are something! You could actually get that woman to cough up that much money! Back then, she wouldn’t even give me a bit of money to buy some drinks. To reach your level of being a man is also a type of accomplishment.”

Su forced a smile, but he didn’t mind the captain’s mocking that much. The captain saved his life before, so he could feel a type of true goodwill.

“I need money.” Su emphasized once again.

“Alright, youngster. Money! How does a Black Dragonrider earn money? The manual you were given should have explained it quite clearly. Undertake missions, catch mutated creatures, gather resources. The other line that wasn’t written in the manual, is to ask your family for money. Of course, it seems like you don’t have the backing of a family. You probably can’t get anything more from your future leader, that woman Persephone. You might want to consider going to ghost street and being a male prostitute. With your appearance, you might even be able to take on a leading role there. Those older women would go crazy over you, and they would definitely pay a thousand per night. If you tell them that you killed more than 40 men from the Fabregas family, they might even add another two hundred. Look, if you just do this for ten years, you can return this amount of money.” Under the roaring sounds ofthe lathe, the captain talked non-stop about ways to make money while processing parts of various sizes one after another.

Su listened quietly. He didn’t correct the captain’s error of being one decimal point off.

“Of course, this is all full of shit! If you use these methods to make money, then you can forget about paying back your debt in this life. If you want to earn money, then you have to first look at those that are truly rich, for example those families, and where their money comes from. The best way to make money, is war! You have to establish your own territory and explore the vast and unknown world! Then, you use the resources and women you plundered to acquire even more resources for war and occupy even more territories. Finally, this is the true method to earn a fortune: consolidate your foundation and exploit the resources yourself. If your domain is large enough and you have enough resources, then you would have earned yourself the qualifications to establish a family of your own. Of course, a lone wolf cannot complete these tasks. You must find companions, then look for your own subordinates, and finally establish an army of your own. Finally, you can use this army to accomplish the things you wish to accomplish!”

The captain finished saying these things in one stretch, and then he fetched a piece of a gun frame from the metal rack next to him. He wiped the oil with a piece of cloth, and then he pressed the disorderly components into the gun frame one after another with ka ka cha cha sounds. As his ten fingers that were as crude as steel drills assembled and installed the firearm, they were incredibly nimble and possessed a type of pleasant rhythm.

It didn’t even take a minute from start to finish. The captain assembled and installed a rough and sinister-looking rifle, and from the outside shape, it seemed a bit like a Barrett. He tossed the rifle to Su and said, “Youngster, take it. This thing should suit you quite well. Of course, its function can’t be compared to the new era stuff, but the greatest benefit of this fellow is that it doesn’t require money.”

As Su gently caressed the rifle in his hand, the thick and calm gun made him feel extremely comfortable. Just from a few glances, Su already knew that this rifle’s front sight was exceptionally accurate, to the point where he didn’t notice any bit of inaccuracy. The captain didn’t use any blueprints, nor did he use any special tools. Just by processing a few components with this old-fashioned lathe that wasn’t exceptionally precise, he was actually able to make a gun like this. Just by relying on this level of craftsmanship alone, the captain should be several times more well off than he appeared to be right now.

However, when he looked at the captain whose hair was like steel needles, Su knew that the captain’s temper was just like his appearance, dark and stiff. Regardless of who it was, it was unlikely for them to persuade the captain into making a gun for them. Moreover, in the current era, there weren’t many Black Dragonriders that would use this type of firearm that was purely mechanical in structure.

The captain then rummaged a bit through a large chest next to him and tossed two ammunition cases towards Su before saying, “You can consider these as a gift. Alright, you can go, youngster. I’m going to find a sexy girl to drink with while talking about life and ideals. Remember, in the outside wilderness, only a pack of wolves can bring about a miracle.”

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