Book 1 Chapter 27.4

Book 1 Chapter 27.4 - Miracle

On the road that led to the outskirts of the city, an off-road vehicle was currently moving in a crooked manner and from time to time, it would even suddenly change directions. It often looked like it was traveling in a straight line, but after travelling for a bit, it would move to the side. Then, as if it was making a sudden turn, it would then reach the other side of the road before turning back around with even greater speed. When it reached a point where it was completely beyond its control, it would come to a full stop. Then, with difficulty, its direction would be fixed. With this suddenly fast and suddenly slow manner, it would deviate from a straight path to an S shape, repeating the scene from just now. 

In the off-road vehicle’s driver seat, Su was covered in sweat and breathing heavily. His hands that were latched onto the drivers wheel were extremely rigid. He truly couldn’t understand why driving was so difficult. Someone like him who could control his own body to such a high degree was so deathly nervous while driving, unable to coordinate his hand and feet movements at all. It was as if the moment he touched the steering wheel, every part of his body would start moving on its own....

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