Book 1 Chapter 27.3

Book 1 Chapter 27.3 - Miracle

Currently, somewhere more than a hundred kilometers away, there was a six floor building that occupied several tens of thousands square meters. Inside the central laboratory, there was an enormous display screen that was twice as large as the one on Helen’s side. What it displayed was similarly the naked body of Su from all angles.

The central laboratory was a ten meter tall enormous space. Doctor Connor’s laboratory was a floor above the central laboratory, and the enormous unilaterally transparency French style window perfectly faced this enormous display. After the silver haired doctor sat down in his office, he crossed his arms and focused his bloodshot eyes on the image of Su’s body. At his side was a display screen, and a sea of data was currently moving about.

This place was different from Helen who was just working alone. Inside Dr. Connor’s laboratory, more than ten assistants were currently working excitedly. They had their own tasks assigned to them, and right now, they were frantically trying to analyze the newest and latest data that emerged. They also watched the experiments taking place within thousands of petri dishes extremely closely, ready to record the slightest changes that might take place.

A pleasant-sounding ringtone sounded within Dr. Connor’s office. After he looked at the picture that appeared on the screen, he immediately pressed down on the table. The office door soundlessly opened, and a middle-aged assistant walked in, saying to the doctor, “An image regarding all of Su’s genes has already been produced. However, before the broken down image appears, I think this is something you need to take a look at.”

The French style window in front of Dr. Connor darkened, blocking out the bustling scene in the central laboratory below and turning into an enormous display screen. The middle-aged man pointed towards the screen, and the brightly-colored mapping of a genome appeared.

The middle-aged man walked in front of the screen and tapped a few times with his fingers. Then, many parts of the gene lit up. He said, “This segment is completely that of an ordinary human’s genes. Of course, this is only if we ignored the genes related to abilities. From a genetic standpoint, all of Su’s abilities were produced by himself without any signs of anything formulated. In addition, his gene structure is extremely stable, far more stable than the indigenous genes of humans. This means that he rarely uses genetic evolution medicine, to the point where he might have never even used it before. All of his evolution points should have been obtained from battles.”

“A natural born fighter.” Dr. Connor nodded and said, “It seems like Fabregas family’s loss wasn’t completely unreasonable.”

“He is also quite smart,” the middle-aged man added. “From the scan of his brain, his memory region is about 30% greater than that of normal people, and his processing speed is 10% higher than the standard. Of course, this is just the norm for smart people, but what is worth noting is that almost every single part of his brain has signs of use, even if the traces are faint. This includes many areas even we don’t know the use of with our current technology.”

The middle-aged man continued to explain, “These things alone still cannot explain Second Lieutenant Su’s exceptional fighting abilities. Regardless of what type of simulations we run, with the abilities he possesses, it should still be impossible for him to have returned alive from the training camp. In addition, his injuries were so severe that not even a powerful mutated creature would have been able to survive after receiving them. Finally, the more H2101 is injected, the greater the side effects would be, so the probability of them breaking out will be higher as well. Based on normal reasoning, after receiving twenty-four H2101 injections, the probability of the human system not undergoing complete collapse is… two to the negative eleventh power.”

After speaking up to this point, the middle-aged man stopped for a moment. Pointing at the the tip of the genome diagram, he then continued, “I believe that all the answers to our questions can be found here.”

He tapped on the screen, and it zoomed in on the tip of the diagram again and again. Finally, what appeared before Dr. Connor’s eyes was a segment of densely packed set of genes that curled up together in an extremely complex manner. Not only did those genes continuously twist about, there were many that directly grew together, bound so tightly that it was several times more concentrated than that of an ordinary gene. Where only two or three ordinary genes could be placed, even with a rough look, one could tell that there were at least hundreds of genes here!

This segment of the genome was just like one of the olden era’s tens of thousands of meters tall skyscrapers, one that would immediately cause others to feel great awe!

Dr. Connor’s face gradually paled. He suddenly stood up, and with his shaking finger, he pointed forward. His lips trembled, and only after a long time did he squeeze out the words, “This… this is…”

The male assistant specialized in the field of genetic sequence and deciphering. It was clear that he was already shocked before when he first saw this, and so he had some immunity towards this scene. However, when his eyes swept over the great diagram, there was still an unsuppressable tremble in his voice. “Dr. Connor, what you said is not wrong. This is precisely the gene lock! One that is greater and of a higher level than the one we have yet to decipher!”

A passionate radiance was released from Dr. Connor’s eyes. He forcefully suppressed the agitation within his mind and slowly sat down. He stared at the mysterious and beautiful gene lock for several minutes before slowly asking, “If we want to decipher this gene lock, how much time do we need?”

This time, it was the male assistant’s time to become silent. He frowned and calculated it with great effort within his mind before speaking with difficulty, “If the data array composed of 1024 comet supercomputing centers is established according to plan, and all of the computing power was used to decipher this gene lock, then if we are lucky, we might be able to complete it after twelve thousand years.”

Dr. Connor’s face became deathly white. He believed his assistant’s words. If this wasn’t the Blood Parliament’s center of biological research and they were in any other genetic laboratory, the middle-aged man in front of him would be qualified to take on the role of a director. Even though the conclusion he came to wasn’t decisive, it wouldn’t be too far from it. The problem lay in the fact that even within the Blood Parliament, there were only 7 comet supercomputing centers. Even if they continued at the speed of constructing two per year, it would still be another several hundred years before such a great data array could be built.

Ding dong! The sound signalling that the doctor received a new message popped up. Persephone’s head emerged, and the image continued to shake.

The doctor put the call through. After a polite exchange of greetings, Persephone directly went to the main topic from the other end of the line. “Has there been any progress in the research of the intruder cell?”

Dr. Connor looked toward the assistant. The assistant immediately said, “My greatest apologies, General Persephone. We were unable to find any intruder cells within Su’s blood. This matter is extremely strange. I believe that we still need more time in order to discern the true source of the intruder cells.”

“Oh? You didn’t find the intruder cells?” Persephone was extremely surprised, but she seemed to have quite a bit of trust in the doctor’s laboratory. She immediately accepted this answer and casually said, “If there isn’t anything, then there isn’t. However, as agreed, the responsibility for not finding the intruder cell is not on me, so the prepayment is not refundable. If there’s nothing else, I’m hanging up.”

“Alright. If there is any other progress in the research, I will immediately notify you.”

After the communications were cut, Dr. Connor looked at the gene lock in front of him. Frowning, he asked, “Why were there no intruder cells found in Su’s blood? Could it be that it is hidden within some organ?”

The assistant shook his head and said, “The possibility is low. However, I have a feeling that the intruder cell is either hidden within the gene lock, or other places like…”

“Just like that thing frozen in the second floor underground?” Dr. Connor’s eyebrows were practically locked together.

“Right, just like that thing…” The air conditioning made the room rather cold, but the assistant actually began to sweat.

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