Book 1 Chapter 27.2

Book 1 Chapter 27.2 - Miracle

No matter how great the number was, it still couldn’t conceal this lingering question. Su took a deep breath and calmed himself with difficulty before asking, “How many H2101 haven’t been used?”

“Let me see…” The nurse searched through the computer’s records skillfully and then said, “If we included today’s injection, then there are still six injections of the thirty that haven’t been used.”

“Inform the doctor to cancel the purchase for these six H2101. I have no use for them already. Also, where are my things? I want to be discharged,” Su said.

“Discharge? That’s not possible!” The nurse cried out in fear.

Su looked at the time displayed on the computer and said, “It is still morning right now. I hope that I can leave this place before noon.”

“You cannot leave the hospital!” A clear and cold voice suddenly sounded. “Even though I don’t know how you were able to get up, Doctor Connor had just inspected your body yesterday. He said that from your body’s current state, even if the remaining H2101 were completely used up, he still might not necessarily be able to save you. It’s best if you lie back down on your bed for me. I am going to do a comprehensive inspection of your body. After spending such an enormous sum of money on your body, I do not wish for Persephone to only receive a gravestone in return!”

The one that spoke was a female doctor. She was quite beautiful, her spacious white Chinese-style gown was unable to hide her exquisite and curvy body in the slightest. However, the expression on her face was cold to an uncomfortable degree. Persephone possessed the cold arrogance of a iceberg, but underneath the coldness was a vague temptation. Meanwhile, the female doctor’s indifferent gaze was the same as if she was looking at something dead. One could imagine just how many corpses were laid out before her and slowly dissected. This was a type of chilliness that would make anyone tremble.

“I’ve already completely recovered. I do not require any more treatment!” Su emphasized.

“Whether or not you have fully recovered is not for you to say, but instead me! Only when I say you have fully recovered can you be discharged!” The female doctor did not seem to be swayed in the slightest.

The one with the final say on the matter was a comprehensive physical exam.

The inspection device was extremely complex. At first, this female doctor seemed extremely nervous, as if she was in disbelief that Su already healed completely. She would rather believe that it was a type of dying flash. Su’s body was rather miraculous, not leaving a single scar after suffering so many injuries, and this alone was enough to make all women jealous. However, Su’s problem lay in the multiple times when his organs failed without any signs. From her perspective, this was a sign of the genome’s collapse. There were many cases like this in the thick medical archives. Those that had overdosed on gene evolution medicine without exception all passed away due to the body suddenly experiencing organ failure.

H2101 was actually a gene repairing medicine, and the purpose of its research was for the sake of rescuing one from genetic collapse. Those extremely wealthy individuals all used genetic evolution to slow their aging process, so their deaths all resulted in their bodies’ genes collapsing. The development of H2101 was actually for the sake of solving this problem. However, after twenty years of research, this gene repairing medication was still stuck at the laboratory stage. Even though a fixed result emerged in clinical testing, the adverse effects that it caused far exceeded its therapeutic effect. Despite this being the case, the powerful individuals were still willing to gamble one more time when their lives were about to come to a close. If their gamble paid off, then they would obtain five years of returning to youth. Of course, if their gamble failed, it would be nothing more than a swift conclusion to a life full of suffering.

The demand for the H2101 couldn’t be considered great, but it was a stable amount, and as such, the little H2101 supply rose to an unimaginable level. In fact, the development costs, manufacturing costs, and resources required were all shockingly high. However, due to it receiving almost every single great individual’s continued support, the research for H2101 had never halted during these 20 years. Due to its existence, it was unknown just how many research projects that were more important, more urgent, and with more widespread benefits were cut off due to a lack of funding.

The examination took up an entire four hours. Finally, the female doctor who already no longer trusted the medical instruments personally rubbed Su’s bone structure, only to discover that the bones that were still covered in dark traces yesterday had miraculously completely recovered. She then reluctantly signed her name on Su’s discharge papers.

When he obtained the discharge report, Su finally revealed a smile. Even though the doctor could be considered a beauty, her eyes that seemed to be looking at a corpse and those hands that had touched who knew how many corpses left Su feeling waves of chilliness. The signature on the report was beautiful, and the name Helen wasn’t bad either, but compared to her original temperament, it was just too different.

Since she had already determined that nothing was wrong with Su, Helen carried out her tasks in a direct and efficient manner. She sent a message to Persephone and then searched for a few people to bring Su back to his living quarters. Then, Su was sent out.

After Su left, Helen’s eyebrows locked together. She returned to her own work area. Correct, in Persephone’s private hospital, she had an office, data processing area, laboratory, surgery room, freezer room, prison, and a place to keep corpses. The extensive area that was under her control seemed to occupy half of this underground hospital.

Inside of her office, Helen stood in front of a two meter tall and five meter wide enormous screen. With her hand propping up her chin, she frowned while she thought hard to herself.

The enormous screen had several images of varying sizes. In between them were the front and rear image of Su’s naked body, and the ten smaller images were special shots of various organ systems within Su’s body. Many images were rotating about, revealing three dimensional views of the organ systems and perfectly displaying the activity and circumstances inside Su’s body.

It seemed like Su’s situation was good to the point where it couldn’t get any better. This was the result that all of the examination instruments told her, as well as the conclusion she came to after examining him with her own hands.

However, when all of these extremely normal scenes were placed together, it gave Helen an extremely strange feeling. How could someone who experienced multiple organ system failures recover completely within 24 hours? Perhaps the only word that could explain this situation was the world miracle.

“Do you believe in miracles?” Helen sent a message to Persephone whose current whereabouts were unknown.

“I would believe it if someone wired 30 million to my account.” Several minutes later, this was the message Persephone sent back. It seemed like the battle situation on her side was quite intense.

“Drop dead!” Helen gave her a direct reply.

Haha! It seems I won’t die yet. It might be because I owe too much and they are all praying for me to come back!” It seemed like Persephone had just taken the advantage.

Helen released a light sigh.

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