Book 1 Chapter 27.1

Book 1 Chapter 27.1 - Miracle

Su, who had just obtained the ability to walk around a bit, did not know that so many changes were taking place in the outside world. He had focused all of his attention on the inside of his body during the past few days. Right now, there were battles taking place throughout his body. The new genes were fighting ferociously against his body’s original genome, fighting to be the leader in guiding his cells’ evolution. At times, the new genes would win, but under most circumstances, Su’s original genes were victorious.

After each injection, countless cells or viruses would be found throughout Su’s body, searching for places they could recover. As they carried out the recovery process, they would also accept Su’s genes and open up many spaces, allowing the cells to evolve. Then, when every part of his body that could be restored was completely fixed, the newly entered medication would start a great war against his body. The battle at the level of genes left even Su powerless. He could only watch as they continuously fought, controlled countless cells, and reproduced at an inconceivable speed. Then, they would destroy the new cells before giving birth to even stronger cells or cells with more focused relevance.

As a result, Su’s body that was about recovered was then riddled with gaping wounds again. In addition, these wounds were all at the cellular level, so they couldn’t be detected by normal methods. The medical personnel would always see Su’s organs that had momentarily regained their function suddenly collapse again without any signs. Apart from the H2101, there already weren’t any other methods of treatment. The only advice the medical team could suggest was to complete the remaining treatment of nine H2101 injections.

What Su was somewhat grateful for was that after the conflict in his body persisted for a period of time, he was slowly able to use his own consciousness to somewhat affect the direction of the battle between the new and old genes. When there was a precise order from his consciousness, the struggle of the genes would mostly evolve in the direction Su wished. In addition, Su noticed that the effects on the Mysterious Fields Domain were even more powerful.

The first time the war broke out in his body, Su laid on his bed for an entire day, his entire body’s functions paralyzed. Meanwhile, counting backwards, after the ninth injection was made, Su, who had learned through the previous experience eliminated all of the internal struggles within 23 hours and used the last hour to repair his body’s functions. When the eighth H2101 injection was made, Su used 15 hours to end the conflict within his body, so a small portion of his body’s functions was restored. At the very least, before the seventh injection, Su could move his body slightly.

After the seventh injection was give to Su, all of the the doctors and nurses left the ward, allowing Su to quietly rest.

Su had already become the hero of their hearts. When Su was first sent to the hospital, everyone thought that he was already a dead person. They never thought that he would actually be able to create a miracle and live. Of course, if there wasn’t the H2101, then Su’s chances of survival would be remote. However, the newest success of the Blood Parliament biochemistry laboratory, H2101, was definitely no all-purpose medication. Apart from being extremely expensive, even in clinical use, it had a mortality rate as high as 60 %. The overwhelming majority reason for death was due to the body not being able to handle the intense recovery and improvement process. The lesser cause of death was due to the body being unable to endure the pain and suffering of the transformation process. Those that were able to survive definitely wouldn’t be willing to have another H2101 injection. However, Su had over ten injections, yet he took it as if nothing bad had happened.

Within the special monitoring system, the index of pain had remained far above what humans could tolerate from start to finish, yet Su never released the slightest sound of pain.

A curious and well-informed nursed asked around and found out that Su obtained his injuries after defeating an entire squadron of Fabregas family’s soldiers. Moreover, after eliminating several dozen people, he successfully killed his way out of the base. After news of this spread, Su seemed to have even more so become the ideal guardian for these young women. Unfortunately, this was Persephone’s private hospital, and Su, was rumored to be the general’s newest male toy.

After completing the seventh injection, Su dealt with his body’s inner conflicts in just four hours. Then, he would use every second he had to dispatch hundreds of data bits to various parts of his body to mend his broken body. When the clock on the wall pointed at seven in the morning, Su had already recovered his body’s fundamental mobility.

Since obtaining these injuries, it was the first time he could get out of bed on his own.

He slowly moved in front of the room’s door, and as if he was dragging weights, he slowly pulled open the door. Outside was a spacious, bright, and clean hallway, and all of the lighting came from the gentle background lighting between the ceiling and walls. No windows could be seen, and despite the fact that there was not the slightest bit of dampness, Su could still sense that he was currently more than ten meters underneath the ground.

Outside the room was a nurse station. Perhaps out of great fatigue, an extremely young looking nurse was currently asleep on the bed, unaware of the information on the screen that indicated that the patient had gotten off of the bed and was moving about.

Su stood at the nurse’s side. He reached out his hand and by tapping on the screen, he brought up the information about his medical record, test results, and medication use one after another. Towards the medications and pathology diagnosis, it could be said that Su didn’t understand a word. However, he understood his own body extremely well. What he knew was far more detailed than what the advanced instruments could detect.

Su casually flipped through the materials regarding the H2101, but doing so didn’t provide him with any results. He had already guessed that during these few days, the injection that constantly had him hovering between life and death was this H2101. As for the medication’s use, Su naturally knew more from experience than any other person, to the point where he might be even more clear on it than the researchers that developed this type of medication.

The nurse that was in a daze felt that there was something strange by her side. As such, she straightened her body and rubbed her eyes. When she clearly saw that the one standing at her side was Su, she was immediately given a fright. She immediately stood up and cried out in alarm, “How were you able to come out?”

Su looked at her, and with a smile, he pointed towards the H2101 on the screen before asking for the circumstances of this medication. Based on Su’s impressions, any type of medicine that relied on activated genes was exceedingly expensive, easily the price of tens or hundreds of Barretts. He was looking at the list of medications that included over 20 H2101 injections with a smile, but he was actually trembling slightly inside.

For Su who was already familiar with the Blood Parliament’s system of currency, he naturally had his own guesses as to the price of this medication. He reckoned that his debt towards Persephone would have two more zeros attached to the end at the very least. At least for several years, he should forget about paying back this money.

Su wasn’t scared about owing debt, nor was he worried whether or not he had the ability to pay it back. What he was thinking about was how even for a general like Persephone, this amount of money would still be an extremely great burden. In any era, money implied resources, and by using such a great amount of resources on Su, what could Su even give her in return? In the age of turmoil, most geniuses fell like falling stars, and no one could guarantee that one could safely live for another year. At least right now, in this business deal, Persephone had already suffered an insurmountable deficiency.

Su was starting to get the feeling that the nature of this business deal had already somewhat changed in flavor.

The nurse saw H2101, and her eyes lit up with vague golden-bright and dazzling radiance. With a rare gentle and soft tone, she said, “Ah, your esteemed self is asking about this! I have only heard that this is the parliament laboratory’s newest product, something that those great figures would only use to save their lives. However, I never expected that for your sake, the general would actually order thirty of them! Heavens, a single one of these little things is already 1.5 million! I would have to work as a nurse for 500 years just to have a chance of buying a single one.”

Su felt as if claps of thunder struck down on his heart one after another. All of his calm-headedness was completely shattered!

Su, who was quite adept at numbers, obviously knew what 45 million meant. Using what he knew about economics and the Blood Parliament’s currency system from the introductory course, Su had previously made a simple estimation of how much assets a Black Dragonrider general had. According to his calculations, as the youngest general, Persephone who had only served as a general for two years would have at the most 10 million. Su’s intuition told him that the accuracy of this guess was at least 51%.

Despite the fact that his mind was currently like a roaring sea, Su’s face was still as calm as water. He lightly closed his own medical page and asked the nurse with a smile, “When is General Persephone returning?”

Seeing Su’s flawless face so close to her own, the nurse couldn’t help but become a bit excited, but at the same time slightly uncomfortable. Lowering her head, she said, “I heard that the general has been extremely busy recently and has always been doing missions. She already hasn’t returned for many days. But, as you know, I am just a lowly nurse, so there is no way I can truly know of the general’s whereabouts.”

Always doing missions? Su’s mind immediately tightened. He still remembered that the moment he first awakened, the face of Persephone he saw was extremely tired. She was even injured, and not just lightly. Normally speaking, she should have been resting and recovering during this period of time.

Why did she have to take on missions while being injured?

In reality, the answer to this question as well as many other related problems could all be found by looking at the 45 million. This was something Su understood clearly. The so-called intruder cells would be worth at most 1 million; this was the evaluation the Black Dragonriders’ biochemistry laboratory gave. After becoming a Black Dragonrider second lieutenant, Persephone had given Su the related files to look at so that he could understand exactly how much he was worth. Back then, her words stated that Su had to understand that he was currently mortgaged property.

She… why did she have to keep taking missions while injured?

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