Book 1 Chapter 26.4

Book 1 Chapter 26.4 - Crazy

Of course, these youngsters had never considered whether or not the three great families would accept this saying of ‘four great families’.

The people immediately broke out into numerous discussions. Even though these voices were soft, if even Old Fabregas could hear them, how could Madeline not?

Cold sweat appeared on Old Fabregas’ back once again. He instinctively sensed danger. It was for no other reason other than the fact that he knew Madeline was definitely going to take action just now. This girl that came from the darkness never had any intention of putting up a bluff.

The contents of the discussions naturally wouldn’t hold Madeline in a positive light, and there were even quite a few filthy and vulgar contents. For example, there were these conversations included things like “Isn’t Su the male pet of that woman from the Arthur family? This little girl seems to have matured quite well, so why does she even want that type of man? It really makes me rather uncomfortable, why don’t you come look for me instead…”

“All of you, shut up!” Old Fabregas released a powerful roar!

He suddenly felt as if the way he controlled these clansmen was a bit too loose, and the trials he put them through were too few. Under the protection of the family, these youngsters had lost the basic instinct of danger towards wild beasts. They could challenge the three great families, and could challenged the top brass of the Black Dragonriders, but they cannot challenge the Trial Division. What was the result of provoking Madeline?

Madeline’s left hand reached out and clawed towards the distant Old Fabregas. As soon as Peperus’ shoulder and Madeline’s left arm made contact, her entire body flew out without any resistance, outside of the tanks’ range.

Seeing Madeline suddenly take action, several tens of people that had gathered in front of the castle gates released miserable cries. Even Old Fabregas was caught up in the crowd, leaving him overwhelmed with horror. At this moment, under the heavy reeking of blood that pervaded the air, everyone seemed to have been captured by fear. They felt as if they had been locked on as the targets of a lightning strike!

With a hu sound, a luxuriously dressed twenty or so years old youngster flew outwards. His body was helplessly sucked towards Madeline, and as he flew over fifty meters, he began to scream hysterically. Despite all of his struggling, he couldn’t escape the formless binding around him at all as he was pulled towards Madeline!

All of the fighters here watched with dumbstruck expressions. They completely forgot to open fire. However, even if they did think about doing such a thing, they still wouldn’t dare fire. This youngster was Old Fabregas’ grandson, as well as the family’s third rank successor. He was also the one to state that if Madeline was lacking men, she should have looked for him.

‘Death Prison’ silently tore apart the air, forming a dark black cross in this dark world. Old Fabregas’ grandson had not yet stopped shouting, and his body was still struggling as he remained in midair for a full second. Then he abruptly split apart into four pieces that fell towards separate locations!

Blood poured down like rain onto Madeline’s head. When the droplets of blood landed on her gray satin like hair, it continued to fall, not stopping in the slightest.

The blood formed a puddle under her. Then, when the night wind blew again, Madeline’s dark gray hair gently swayed about, shining with silver light. It was as if a world of fantasy was being painted in this underworld.

Everyone felt like it was difficult to breath, but no one dared to open fire either. The bloody scene had already greatly intimidated everyone present.

Madeline shot Old Fabregas who was hiding within the crowd a cold look, and then she used Death Prison to lightly tap the tanks below her feet. The tanks’ engines roared once again, and with great skill, the tanks drew out a semi circle, slowly bringing Madeline out from Larven Forest Manor.

Unknowingly when, another individual appeared outside the manor’s destroyed great gates, a youngster who seemed rather frivolous. The untrimmed beard that grew everywhere and disguised his true age, as well as the cigarette butt that flickered between bright and dark seemed to sharply contrast with family members that didn’t have a single hair out of place. This male was precisely Old Fabregas’ grandson, the first rank successor Ricardo Fabregas.

Leaning against the remains of the doorpost, he stared deathly at Madeline who slowly drew closer. The azure eyes of Madeline, who was standing on top of the tanks, gazed into the distant darkness. ‘Death Prison’ leaned against the side of the tank, its square-like tip almost touching the ground.

Ricardo knew that Madeline didn’t even see him. It wasn’t that she didn’t notice his presence, but rather that he was simply insignificant in her eyes, so she held him in complete disregard.

Facing Madeline who was like a death god, fear began to pour down in torrents into the depth of Ricardo’s heart. However, his eyes began to burn with a flame that burned with even greater ferocity! Just as the tank passed the great gates, Ricardo heavily threw the cigarette butt onto the ground. With a leap, he at reached Madeline’s height and seemed to be able to go a bit higher.

He shouted at the top of his lungs, “Hey, girl…!”

Ricardo had just shouted these words when Death Prison suddenly appeared near his head like a nightmare, slamming down diagonally! When fear had just flashed past Ricardo’s eyes, he already flew out at a speed several times that of when he leapt up. Like a bullet, he ferociously smashed into the solid ground!

Huh?” Madeline was somewhat startled. She never expected that a casual slap from her didn’t kill someone who was so close to her. However, she didn’t have any intention of adding another strike. From her perspective, not killing a housefly with a single slap wasn’t that big of a deal. There was no point in expending more energy, because even if it didn’t die, it would still be pretty close.

Ricardo’s vitality seemed to have completely exceeded her expectations. He actually supported his body again, and towards Madeline who was gradually disappearing, he roared, “You are really cool!”

Then, Ricardo began to cough violently. Large amounts of blood began to surge from his mouth, and the great pain that came from seven or eight different places caused his face to greatly pale. He muttered, “Fuck, so many bones are broken. Things are going to be rough.”

Off-road vehicles passed by Ricardo one after another, and the dust that flew everywhere covered him from head to toe. The off-road vehicles contained the arbitration officials that followed Madeline, and the last one had one extra Peperus on it.

Ricardo cracked a grin towards Peperus, welcoming her expression that seemed like she was looking at an idiot.

By the castle gates, Old Fabregas tightly clenched his chest. Even his young and robust heart found it a bit difficult to endure the frantic pounding of his chest. His lips were pale, and his fingers were starting to turn blue from the excessive strength that was being used. Meanwhile, his body was trembling with even greater force, as if it was on the verge of collapse.

His grandson had offended Madeline and deserved punishment, but it was far from the point where he needed to pay for it with his life. However, Madeline used just this small excuse to slaughter him high up in the sky in front of everyone’s faces!

The meaning behind the last look Madeline gave Old Fabregas was extremely clear: The one I killed was the third rank inheritor. If you still want to use the family’s honor as a reason to kill Su, then please find me first.

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