Book 1 Chapter 26.1

Book 1 Chapter 26.1 - Crazy

Larven forest manor was located in the southwestern part of Dragon City. This was an area that housed an industry that occupied tens of square kilometers. Just like the name of the manor stated, this place was surrounded by an enormous forest. There was a small mountain, a river that was positioned between it, a castle, as well as several scattered manors. 

Unlike many of the new families’ style of doing things, the Fabregas family preserved the ancient tradition. The castle and manor both possessed ancient appeal, and many of the decorations and accessories that had been gathered from various ruins were genuine olden era goods. The manor’s food and drinks were no exception, using the olden era methods to marinate fragrant meat and brew red wine. 

The little river that running through their territory was drawn into a man-made lake, and it was also led into a river that surrounded the ancient castle. In the new era, this naturally didn’t possess any defensive meaning, but was rather done so as a type of decoration. 

Not much of this new era’s technology could be seen in Larven forest district, making it seem just like the rustic life of the eighteenth century. Time seemed to have stopped within the trees and rivers,...

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