Book 1 Chapter 25.6

Book 1 Chapter 25.6 - Frighten

When his teeth closed, what he felt wasn’t the satiny and supple sensation he expected, and instead a steel-like rigidness that brought him unimaginable pain. The male assistant couldn’t help but cry out miserably, and only now did he see that what he was hugging was Persephone’s chair, and what he thought was her face was actually the incomparably hard back of the chair. His teeth were about to fall out, but there wasn’t even a teeth mark on it.

Persephone stood while leaning against the office table, her pencil numbly dancing about between her fingers. She looked at the assistant that had waited patiently for a long time beside her and said calmly, “I am someone who gives others second chances. You should go. We’ll pretend that the matter just now hadn’t taken place. However, you need to remember that if I truly was going to sell myself, I believe that there are already enough people lined up before you, and the price is not something that your family can afford to pay. In the future, don’t do something so stupid, because I do not like idiots.”

The male assistant held his mouth that was dripping with blood. Suppressing his confusion and hatred, he quickly left Persephone’s office.

She sat behind the office table and looked at Su’s image on the screen. The raging fury and tremendous humiliation couldn’t be suppressed any longer. When did these men who were like ants and maggots climb on top of her head?! All of this was for the sake of that man. Was it worth it?!

During these past few days, this was the first time she thought of this problem. In the past, she had always hurriedly made money without thinking much about the payment, which led to today where she encountered the end of the line.

Was it worth it? She stared at the photograph of the man with the old-fashioned sniper rifle on his back as he walked on a road with no end or beginning. She didn’t know when it began, but her heart was no longer so cold and rigid.

“These sons of bitches! Forcing me into such a desperate state that I’m willing to do almost anything!” Persephone’s eyes released raging green flames. She fiercely cursed all those that were related to this matter. As she opened the computer, she continuously thought about how she was going to slaughter everyone inside Larven forest manor, the place that the Fabregas family occupied, if Su wasn’t able to obtain the injection. She pictured herself tearing Old Fabregas into shreds in front of all of his family members and then taking them down in mutual destruction.

This was already not just for Su, and instead, a large portion of it was for the humiliation she received herself. Persephone swore inwardly once again how she definitely wouldn’t become like Bloody Mary who ended up being the plaything of men. Just like how Old Fabregas spoke, this type of humiliation could only be wiped clean by blood!

Her ten fingers moved extremely quickly, and different windows immediately rained down on her computer screen. In just half a minute, she found that General Morgan’s account was still active. Without taking the time to even think before making the decision, she only used ten seconds to easily break into his account. Then, many options that should not fall within the limit of her authority popped up on her computer screen.

Persephone’s ten fingers danced about numbly, and the interface that the Black Dragonriders military personnel used popped up. Then, the military expenditures that originally should have gone through financial audits and were currently awaiting distribution found a new place to go. They all pointed directly at Persephone’s account.

On the seventh floor, the old man held a cup of coffee that was brewed with the utmost care and was currently calmly looking at Base 958 on his screen. The base had already been swept completely clean, and after the third floor was rearranged by Su and Persephone, there was a bit more warmth and signs of human activity. He enthusiastically looked at one image after another, appreciating and admiring each image. This had already become a routine for him to relax himself.

The old man had just drank a cup of coffee when he noticed a red alert symbol flashing at the corner of his screen. Then, the screen automatically brought up one window after another. Seeing this flurry of images that appeared on his screen, without even thinking too much, the old man already knew that this was definitely Persephone’s doing. The military sums were shifted in front of his eyes one batch after another, and the old man’s expression couldn’t help but become more and more strange. He knew that Persephone had sunk into a financial crisis, but from his perspective, the situation shouldn’t be terrible to the point where she had to move military expenditures. In addition, what left him somewhat speechless was that if she only wanted money, just in this building alone, Persephone clearly still had two other choices, so why did she have to choose him? You have to understand that today, he was within the office, and she definitely knew that he was there.

From the old man’s perspective, the funds that were being moved bit after bit were like black pots that brazenly smashed down on his head. Even though Persephone obviously purposely did this, it wasn’t that he couldn’t help her this time and take the responsibility for these black pots. Of course, the interest obviously wouldn’t be low, but there should still be a limit, right? Seeing the numbers that continuously jumped accumulate to a number that made him even sweat a bit, the old man became speechless. He questioned himself whether or not he was becoming old, to the point where he could even be bullied by a little girl.

At this moment, the office door opened. The female assistant with her ice cold expression and fiery hot body leaned through the door and asked, “It is your esteemed self that transferred the military funds?”

She saw that the old man’s expression was a bit ugly and couldn’t help but feel anxious.

The old man looked at the number that was rapidly climbing, and his admiration for Persephone’s bravery already became astonishment towards her madness. When he heard the female assistant’s question, he forced a laugh with difficulty and said, “I was adjusting the projects a bit, so you can leave.”

Even though the female assistant was still doubtful inwardly, she couldn’t speak about it out of confidentiality. As such, she still withdrew from the office door.

A minute, in just a minute, Persephone had already gathered all of the money she could sink her claws into in one place. As long as she lightly pressed down with her finger, this money would converge into the account she designated. Meanwhile, tomorrow, most of the Black Dragonriders organization would find their functionality paralyzed due to all types of missing funds.

At this moment, she still hesitated.

Suddenly, a ding sounded. On a screen on Persephone’s side, the red digits that described her financial affairs suddenly shrunk, and then when it reached the lowest amount, her account balance began to rapidly climb. When the delightful green digits stopped moving, even though Persephone still owed a large amount of debt, the amount of money she could use was already enough to continue five days of treatment for Su.

The currently stunned Persephone quickly pressed a few times on the screen. The source of this money clearly came from the town of trials, and the one that signed and officially issued this amount of money was Madeline. The lines drew out a devil with countless blades skewering it.

Seeing Madeline’s well-known sinister and terrifying signature, Persephone lightly sighed. It was difficult to tell whether it was happiness or discomfort.

At this moment, in another distant room, O’Brien was standing upright in front of a table, staring at the computer screen in front of him. His finger rested above a button, ready to press down at any time. By his left hand was a little screen that indicated the time, and with blood red numbers, it represented a countdown timer. With each passing second, it would release a sharp di sound.

On the screen in front of O’Brien, there were only two extremely striking numbers. One of Persephone’s current debt, and the other was a sum that wasn’t particularly large, but enough to save her from her situation. As long as he lightly pressed down, it would immediately be sent into her account.

The room was extremely cold, but sweat continuously poured down from O’Brien’s forehead. This money was the most he could use, as well as the amount that he had accumulated over the years. He was originally planning to use it as funds to expand his private subordinates, so it was completely unrelated to the Arthur family.

Just when he was about to strike down on the screen, the number representing Persephone’s account moved. It began to rapidly decline, and at the same time, the amount of funds that she could use quickly climbed as well.

O’Brien finally leaned back into the high back chair. As he stared at the screen in front of him, his expression became extremely complicated. His arms rigidly rested on the two armrests, and his hands were crossed in front of his chest. The ten fingers were tightly interlocked, and veins jumped on the back of his hands.

Due to courtesy, the Arthur family shouldn’t be able to investigate a Black Dragonrider general’s source of expenditures, especially since the amount of money that was moving was military expenditures. However, news of other families’ accounts was quite easy to trace, because there were only seven or eight families. If it was given to a computer to deal with, then it needed less than a minute of time to complete.

However, he really did not want to see the name of any family on the other end that was offering the money.

Within the Black Dragonriders headquarters, the old man was stunned at first, but after investigating the source of the money, color quickly returned to his previously ashy pale face. He downed the coffee with a gulp and felt as if it wasn’t enough, so he pressed down on the call button.

The female assistant leaned her body in, and only after choosing the angle that would best display her impressive chest did she ask the old man if he had any orders.

“Another coffee, if you would.”

It was a simple order; this was what the female assistant thought. However, she felt a bit strange. The old man’s current mood seemed extremely good, completely different from what he was like just now.

Right when she was about to leave, the old man suddenly said, “Oh, right, you are quite pretty today. The feeling of youth is truly not bad!”

The female assistant that underwent many years of rigorous training maintained her icy coldness. She gave an indifferent word of gratitude and then closed the office door. Then, she leaned against the door and heavily breathed in and out. Her heart was beating as heavily as the drums that rock ‘n’ roll drummers played on.

She lowered her head and looked at her cleavage that seemed to have no end. She decided that tomorrow, she would change clothes and wear her collar a bit lower.

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