Book 1 Chapter 25.6

Book 1 Chapter 25.6 - Frighten

When his teeth closed, what he felt wasn’t the satiny and supple sensation he expected, and instead a steel-like rigidness that brought him unimaginable pain. The male assistant couldn’t help but cry out miserably, and only now did he see that what he was hugging was Persephone’s chair, and what he thought was her face was actually the incomparably hard back of the chair. His teeth were about to fall out, but there wasn’t even a teeth mark on it. 

Persephone stood while leaning against the office table, her pencil numbly dancing about between her fingers. She looked at the assistant that had waited patiently for a long time beside her and said calmly, “I am someone who gives others second chances. You should go. We’ll pretend that the matter just now hadn’t taken place. However, you need to remember that if I truly was going to sell myself, I believe that there are already enough people lined up before you, and the price is not something that your family can afford to pay. In the future, don’t do something so stupid, because I do not like idiots.”

The male assistant held his mouth that was dripping with blood. Suppressing...

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