Book 1 Chapter 25.5

Book 1 Chapter 25.5 - Frighten

It was already late into the night, but the Black Dragonriders’ headquarters was not yet completely asleep. However, the lights that were still lit were primarily those on the sixth and seventh floor. 

A small crack was opened between the door leading into Persephone’s office. A forty something year old middle aged individual wearing a well-ironed suit walked out. His outer appearance seemed shrewd and experienced. He gracefully bowed and shook Persephone’s hand within the doors. In an enthusiastic voice that was full of emotion, he said, “Respectful General Persephone, my conditions should already be quite favorable, so I hope will carefully consider it! You just need to speak the word, and my resources from my connections will do all they can to serve upon you!”

His words were passionate and enthusiastic, yet his hand gripped onto Persephone’s without any intention of letting go. With this, there was already no respect to speak of. Moreover, his well-fitted trousers had a slight bulge in the middle,...

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