Book 1 Chapter 25.4

Book 1 Chapter 25.4 - Frighten

“The name he registered himself as is Su.” Peperus became rather astonished when she saw Madeline suddenly forgetting herself. However, she carefully concealed her shock, not allowing it to appear on her face. 

“Bring up all of the materials we have on him.”

Peperus immediately selected the materials related to Su. She was already extremely clear on this matter, and while sorting through the material, she explained, “Su was the first graduate of Curtis’ training camp, so based on regulations, he was conferred the rank of second lieutenant. However, because he shot the Fabregas family’s fourth position successor Laiknar dead during the first pursuit mission, this incurred the hatred of the Fabregas family. From our channels of information, we have found that the Fabregas family invested two hundred thousand for Su’s assassination inside the training camp, and then they spent over three million to clear up the way and...

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