Book 1 Chapter 25.4

Book 1 Chapter 25.4 - Frighten

“The name he registered himself as is Su.” Peperus became rather astonished when she saw Madeline suddenly forgetting herself. However, she carefully concealed her shock, not allowing it to appear on her face.

“Bring up all of the materials we have on him.”

Peperus immediately selected the materials related to Su. She was already extremely clear on this matter, and while sorting through the material, she explained, “Su was the first graduate of Curtis’ training camp, so based on regulations, he was conferred the rank of second lieutenant. However, because he shot the Fabregas family’s fourth position successor Laiknar dead during the first pursuit mission, this incurred the hatred of the Fabregas family. From our channels of information, we have found that the Fabregas family invested two hundred thousand for Su’s assassination inside the training camp, and then they spent over three million to clear up the way and set up a trap to kill Su within the training base. Old Fabregas has already publically declared that blood must be paid to wash away the family’s humiliation, and all of the other families, including Persephone’s Arthur family have maintained their neutrality on the matter. However, the results of the training base fight exceeded everyone’s expectations. When Persephone, who is basically Su’s protector, broke through the blockade and reached the training base, Su had already killed three veteran assassins from the Cobra King troops alone, as well as forty-three elite fighters. Based on the known analysis, any one of these three fighters should have been enough to deal with Su. This is the image our people took when Second Lieutenant Su walked out from the training base, as well as his newest photo.”

An image was immediately brought up on the computer. Su’s entire body was soaked in blood, and it was hard to tell just how many injuries he had on his body, many of which his bones could even be seen. His left hand had been broken in multiple areas, and only a small bit of muscle and and flesh joined it together. Su was currently roaring towards the skies, his green left eye releasing a coarse and wild radiance! In the night sky, the waning moon was as red as blood as it coldly illuminated his body.

Peperus suddenly felt as if the surrounding air had frozen and several tons of pressure was added to her body, making even breathing difficult! She then heard the zhi zhi ya ya sounds of metal rubbing against each other. From the corner of her eyes, she saw Madeline’s slender and long fingers had subconsciously grasped firmly into the armrest. The armrest slowly deformed, turning into a spiral shape.

Peperus felt as if her throat was a bit dry. She knew that the paint on the chair’s surface made it look like wood, but it was formed from an extremely sturdy alloy that was several times stronger than that of ordinary steel. Otherwise, how could an ordinary wooden seat bear the weight of Madeline’s heavy armor?

“Is it Fabregas that is trying to kill him?” Madeline’s voice was extremely cold, seemingly no different from how it was in the past.

“Correct. Old Fabregas was quite fond of Laiknar, but I believe that this is mainly because Persephone brought back the one that killed Laiknar and publicly declared for him to become a Black Dragonrider. This made Old Fabregas feel as if his entire family was humiliated, thus leading to such an oppressive response. They even spent a large amount of money for General Rudolph from the Williams family to deal with Persephone.”

Madeline’s eyes were focused on this image. She obviously knew what the wounds on his body signified. As she silently calculated the damage, the armrest on her chair became more and more distorted.

“He…” Madeline’s voice lost its coldness and became somewhat dry and rough. After a pause, she then continued, “ he still alive?”

“Currently, Second Lieutenant Su is within General Persephone’s private hospital. We can only confirm that he is alive, and nothing else is clear. The general’s private subsidiary is not something that we can easily investigate. However, I heard some other information that during Persephone’s recent missions, there were some problems. The parliament bank has already refused her request for lending money.”

Information fluttered quickly across the screen, proving Peperus’s words.

Madeline loosened her hand and moved her fingers that had slightly discolored and asked, “How much funds do we still have?”

Peperus quickly sorted through the computer applications. “Let me take a look. It has already been ten days since the last time the funds were checked…”

“No matter how much there is, give all of it to Persephone. Hurry!” Madeline cut her off. She then slowly got up before walking towards the church gates.

“But…” Peperus was shocked. She chased after Madeline and said, “Apart from the arbitration officers, no one else’s salaries have been issued!”

“Let them go hungry.” Madeline’s reply was just as concise as before.

Peperus temporarily didn’t know what to say. She immediately heard another order that made her mind go completely blank. “Those that don’t want to go hungry, they can go to ghost street and become prostitutes.”

The large church doors automatically opened before Madeline. A mournful alarm sound immediately rang throughout all of the town of trials. Hundreds of searchlights simultaneously lit up, making the town of trials look as bright as day. Countless figures appeared from all different corners, and they all rushed over with the highest speed they could muster to carry out the work they were assigned. The order came too sudden, and everyone felt as if they were going to go mad from the heavy pressure of completing their movements under the time limit given. Even the amount of breathing they could do had to be calculated. Fortunately, the plan of action had already been made, and it was so precise that every gallon of gasoline added and every screw’s movement had already been accounted for. As long as everyone did everything they could to complete their share, then it would be enough.

Madeline didn’t say a single word and quickly sped forward. Two male servants rushed up, one from the right and one from the left. They held in their hands the battle gloves that had just been half washed and brought them to Madeline’s side. She casually reached out, and her snow white hands were inserted into the sinister looking gloves. Her fingers that were covered in pieces of armor moved about a few times, and with a single ka cha sound, the gloves were already connected to the armor.

The male servants that delivered the gloves quickly withdrew, and four more male servants raised the enormous sword to her, bringing ‘Death Prison’ to her hands. It was just a short distance, yet the four young and robust men were already so tired that sweat poured out like rain. The edge of Death Prison was actually split into three segments, and in the middle, there were two oval components that joined it together. Embedded within the center of the oval components was a blood-colored crystal, and around it was engraved a circle of inscriptions that was difficult to decipher. Right now, Death Prison’s crystal was full of blood energy, not like the azure color of the olden era seas when it had just been restored.

Madeline dragged Death Prison in her hands, and with a few steps, she already almost walked out from the town of trials. At both sides of the town, engines madly roared and smoke filled the air. Two wheel model war tanks rushed out at suicidal speed, and when they were about to collide into each other, they made a close turn. The tanks that were almost fifty tons in weight made a dangerous drifting motion on the ground, and when they stopped, the two vehicles perfectly came to a stop with less than fifty centimeters between each other. Being able to operate these war tanks as if they were small cars proved the exquisite skills of the drivers. Even if these were new era war tanks, their flexibility was still just as bad as olden-era tanks.

Madeline suddenly leapt into the air while carrying the ridiculously heavy Death Prison with her. She travelled over thirty meters before landing on the roofs of the two tanks, one foot on each. When she stepped on them, the war tanks’ tires seemed to sink a few centimeters into the earth.

Shua shua shua! The four headlights in front of the war tank turned on one after another. Eight streaks of light tore through the darkness and lit up the road ahead.

“To Larven forest manor.” Madeline ordered.

The war tank trembled and rumbled. The engines had already been pushed to their limit. They slowly began to move, and the speed gradually increased. Eight arbitration officials were split among four off-road vehicles, and they closely followed Madeline’s tank.

When the ash-gray long hair that fluttered about in the wind completely disappeared into the darkness, an engine sounded within the town of trials. Peperus started a dark-colored bike and followed closely behind the vehicle fleet.

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