Book 1 Chapter 25.3

Book 1 Chapter 25.3 - Frighten

During the next few days, Persephone did not appear again. Su was naturally worried about her injury, but then he thought about the Black Dragonriders’ level of medical expertise that far surpassed his expectations. It wouldn’t be that difficult to treat her injury, and based on the Black Dragonriders’ style, all that was needed was to spend some more money.

Towards the Black Dragonriders’ medical technology, during these past few days, Su was finally able to clearly and directly observe it for himself. Early each morning, there would be someone here to give Su a fully loaded syringe. This syringe was placed within a combination locked chest. Each time, there would be four specialized guards that brought it to Su’s room, and two individuals wearing the Black Dragonriders institute of science would input the secret code together before the case could be opened. There would only be a single needle inside the chest. Within ten seconds, a medical specialist would then inject it into Su’s body. Su noticed with his infrared sight that the temperature inside the chests was always exactly the same.

If we ignore the effectiveness for now, just the protection, delivery, and personnel used illustrated the price of this syringe. It seemed like even when he was in a stupor, Su also received this type of shot each day.

There was once when Su suddenly recalled the price of this syringe and then associated it with the amount of debt he owed Persephone. Even though there were no reference points, when he saw the long string of digits appear before him, Su immediately decided to first forget about this matter. He would think about it after he recovered.

Each time he received an injection, Su would always feel as if countless little life forms entered his body. They carried extremely lively genes, and they searched for the parts of Su’s body that were no longer in his control or had already lost their organization. Then, they would excite those near death cells’ vitality or stimulate cell division for new cells to replace the old ones. In some crucial areas, they would even directly split themselves up to generate the cells Su’s body needed. Meanwhile, the genes they carried could actually completely duplicate Su’s original genome, and the duplicated genes had large amounts of empty space for new genes to be inserted. This meant that each time he received an injection, Su could obtain two or more evolution points. Of course, Su’s injuries were nowhere near as light as they appeared on the surface. The new evolution points were automatically used by his body to stimulate cell evolution and give birth to new systems. Only a small portion was left behind for Su to freely use.

Su lay their peacefully, his body undergoing chaotic transformations each day. Since he didn’t have anything else to do anyway, within his mind, Silver Fox, Poison Scorpion, Dry Leaf Butterfly, and even the techniques of the ordinary fighters continuously appeared. He began to think about the areas where his combat was lacking. Apart from that, he began to count the evolution points within his body out of boredom. 17, 19, 21, 20, 18… it changed every day.

It wasn’t that he was truly bored, but during this peaceful time, his thoughts would always involuntarily drift towards Persephone.  He thought of the rough and fierce nibbling she did before leaving that was just like a kitten tearing at a pillow.

However, there were still issues that these special needles could not deal with. The specialized doctors would then operate a few times on Su, extracting a hundred or more extremely fine tissues. Once these tissues were removed, under the assistance of the needles, Su quickly generated new tissues.

Towards the Black Dragonriders’ medical treatment, Su was truly speechless. No wonder the Black Dragonriders looked down on all types of mutated systems. If this type of technology was used extensively in the wilderness, how many lives could then be saved?

However, Su who had learned economics knew that this was not realistic. Any activity that exceeded the amount of production would be difficult to maintain. The price to carry out this surgery might be enough to purchase an entire inhabited area’s worth of lives.

The main operator on Su was a white-haired slender elder. There wasn’t the slightest trace of emotion on his face that was full of wrinkles. When the surgery was completed, he gave Su a rather meaningful look and said in a soft voice ‘what a fortunate fellow’ before leaving the operation room with a few vials of Su’s blood.

Su quietly reclined on the bed. Only a few hours later when the estimated numbing of the anesthetic wore off did the nurse come in to change the cloth wrapped around him. She was somewhat startled to find that there were beats of sweat on Su’s forehead. However, the nurse didn’t know that just ten minutes after the surgery, the numbing had already lost effectiveness. Also, Su was going to let his wounds slowly close and not rely on evolutionary points to close them.


Regardless of whether it was day or night, there would always be abrupt, long-drawn, and miserable cries sounding from the the town of trials. If it was the first time one came to the town of trials, they might be so terrified they would find it hard to sleep at night. However, no unrelated people would appear in the town of trials.

The great clock above the church was already pointed towards ten in the morning, yet the town of trials was still covered in ashy darkness, as if it wasn’t much brighter than that of night. This place looked just like that of small towns in the extreme north during afternoon winters.

However, a wave of sonorous and powerful footsteps broke the peace of the town of trials, and occasionally, a wave of metal striking against earth and stone sounded. Within the dense fog, Madeline walked out in an unhurried manner. The sinister and crude plate armor covered her body, unknowingly revealing an uncoverable, bone-penetrating, and chilly elegance. In her right hand dragged the enormous sword ‘Death Prison’, while her left hand was currently holding a head that still maintained its previous expression.

Within the darkness, there was only a pair of blue pupils that were bright like morning stars. Ashy gray hair danced about in the wind, scattering down an endless amount of stellar radiance.

Hundreds of figures appeared from every corner of the town of trials, all of them respectfully kneeling at both sides of Madeline’s path as they awaited her return. The ones that welcomed her were all young, tall, and handsome men. However, few people wore the uniform color of arbitration officials.

Madeline casually tossed the head in her hands towards a chamberlain, and then she flung the enormous sword in her hands towards the right. Four arbitration officials immediately rushed forward. One of them grabbed the hilt, and three of them propped up the sword, their actions practiced and proficient. However, when ‘Death Prison’ entered their hands, the four arbitration officials’ faces immediately changed slightly. The knees of the weakest one among them even went soft and he almost sunk to the ground.

She didn’t pay the arbitration officials that propped up the sword any attention and headed towards the church at the center of the town of trials without consulting anyone. The hundred young and good-looking chamberlains followed behind her like a hoard of ants. They all remained completely silent, and only large amounts of footsteps could be heard within the town of trials.

When Madeline walked into the church, only then did these men scatter like ghosts, hiding again into their respective corners.

When she sat down on the preaching platform’s chair, the sound of water ripples could be heard within the deathly silent church. Two men used all of their joint strength to bring a fully filled copper basin in front of her.

With hua la sound, two heavy chainmail gloves were tossed onto the ground, and then a pair of perfect hands entered the fresh water. In just a few seconds, the water turned scarlet red! However, those arms were as white as snow from start to finish.

A moment later, the pair of hands that were difficult to describe with words left the water surface. The men lowered the basin, and one of them raised a snow white towel. Madeline casually wiped her hands before throwing the towel down. The towel that was originally pure white like snow now had a large patch of glaring redness!

The male attendants all had their heads lowered. Almost every person had some delusions towards the distant and aloof Madeline, but no one dared to reveal any of it. They didn’t dare raise their heads. If they looked at what they shouldn’t have looked at, the lightest punishment they would get away with was having their eyes gouged out. They had previously heard that this great figure that entered the town of trials less than two years ago might not even be twenty years of age yet. However, so what? Madeline’s terrifying regime completely outdid her predecessor. Despite this being the case, these young men who would be outstanding figures elsewhere gathered in the town of trials like ants in hopes of becoming an arbitration member. Moreover, a rumor that came from unknowingly where said that Madeline would chose her own guardian from among her male servants or arbitration members. If we used the olden method of speech, then that individual would be called a husband. When the latter came to the town of trials and saw that their peers were all young and handsome men, they felt a crisis and hence believed this rumor as the truth.

The male servants gathered the armor, gloves, and used towel before raising the water basin and leaving from the side door. A minute later, they brought in a new tub of water, and just like that, they continuously exchanged four or five basins before the water finally no longer became a bloody color.

When the male servants backed off, the red-haired Peperus walked in. She carried a thin handbag and arrived at Madeline’s side, bowing and saying, “Your distinguished self, there is information regarding the Black Dragonrider matter.”

En.” Madeline used a white towel to carefully wipe her long fingers that would make people’s mouths and tongues dry while indicating her approval. Her hand was as white as snow, but each time they were wiped, there would always be some faint traces of blood.

Peperus opened the handbag and fetched a rectangular, thin plate computer that wasn’t thicker than a few millimeters before pressing down on the switch. The computer immediately produced an image, and all of the documents related to Su that the Black Dragonriders had emerged.

“I investigated all of the abnormal events within the Black Dragonriders and noticed that most of it had to do with the newest hunt on a mutated lifeform. In reality, what they wanted to capture was just a single person, and what is strange is that the pursuit has failed twice, and during the third time, for some reason, the third plan’s operation was continuously rejected by General Persephone and General Morgan for some reason. Finally, General Persephone personally took action and captured the target. She even used her own authority to send him into Captain Curtis’ training camp. Right now, this target, uh, has registered his name as Su and is already a second lieutenant of the Black Dragonriders.”

Hearing Persephone and Morgan’s names, the originally indifferent Madeline seemed to have developed some interest and began to carefully listen to Peperus’s report. However, her eyes still remained on her fingers and she didn’t look at the computer in Peperus’ hands. When she heard the name Su, the heavy armor on her body suddenly trembled, releasing interweaving clanking sounds.

“Just now, what did you say he was called?” Madeline’s eyes were as bright as the stars of dawn as she slowly asked.

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