Book 1 Chapter 25.3

Book 1 Chapter 25.3 - Frighten

During the next few days, Persephone did not appear again. Su was naturally worried about her injury, but then he thought about the Black Dragonriders’ level of medical expertise that far surpassed his expectations. It wouldn’t be that difficult to treat her injury, and based on the Black Dragonriders’ style, all that was needed was to spend some more money. 

Towards the Black Dragonriders’ medical technology, during these past few days, Su was finally able to clearly and directly observe it for himself. Early each morning, there would be someone here to give Su a fully loaded syringe. This syringe was placed within a combination locked chest. Each time, there would be four specialized guards that brought it to Su’s room, and two individuals wearing the Black Dragonriders institute of science would input the secret code together before the case could be opened. There would only be a single needle inside the chest. Within ten seconds, a medical specialist would then inject it into Su’s body. Su noticed with his infrared sight that the temperature inside the chests was always exactly the same. 

If we ignore the effectiveness for now, just the protection, delivery, and personnel used illustrated the...

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