Book 1 Chapter 25.2

Book 1 Chapter 25.2 - Frighten

Su also smiled. He tried to sit up, but his body only moved slightly. The amount of muscles that responded to his order was pitifully few, far from enough to complete this movement. Of Su’s entire body, only his right hand’s movements could be considered natural. However, his right hand was currently being pressed down on by Persephone, not only by her hands, but her chest was also covering his arm without any restraint. It was different from when they first saw each other. Right now, Su could use the new ability long-range sensation. Before he could even react, his consciousness already formed the outline of her chest that could make anyone’s blood pressure go up. 

However, this time, Su felt rather relaxed and enjoyed this moment. He didn’t immediately restrain anything. With Persephone at his side, Su felt a strange sense of peace, as if he didn’t need to think more about anything. Back then when he was together with the little girl, Su’s mind was also calm. However, he clearly remembered that that calmness was from knowing exactly what he had to do, so it was different from this feeling he had right now.

Persephone sensed the current changes to Su’s body, and as a result, she developed a rather evil smile, completely shattering her pure image just now. At that moment, she abruptly stood up, making it so that Su couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed and frustrated. 

“How can your body move right now? Look, these were obtained from your body.” Persephone lifted a glass dish into Su’s view. Inside was a gray metal bullet. Most of the bullets had already completely deformed, and one could tell with just a look that these were soft-point bullets that were used to greatly injure organisms and destroy their flesh systems. He saw that there were at least a dozen bullets, as well as some killing fragments of alloy metal. When he saw these, even Su found it a bit hard to believed that they all came from his own body. 

Su only now thought of the most important question: How was he still alive?

Persephone lightly sighed. She placed the glass dish on a table on the side before saying, “You really are a freak, not even dying after all of this.”

“How long have I been sleeping for?” Su asked. The speed of his consciousness had already improved greatly, and he began to inspect his body’s condition. He clearly remembered that before he lost consciousness, all of his body’s core functions had long been destroyed without any hope of self-recovery. In other words, he already died, because all of the science and technology he knew about right now could not save him. 

“It has already been 15 days. However, you still finally woke up.” Persephone said. 

Su tilted his head and carefully looked at Persephone. After entering the Black Dragonriders, this was already his second time he thought that he would undoubtedly be dead. Each time he woke up, there would always be this unpredictable, extremely powerful female general protecting him by his side. If he ignored the last time, then at least this time, she definitely pulled Su back from the boundary between life and death. 

Su gave Persephone a look. Regardless of what angle you looked at her from, she was always just as beautiful. As long as he saw that figure with the deep gray hair, he would always feel at ease. 

Su raised his right hand and slowly reached out before grabbing Persephone’s hand. 

Even though his right hand could still obey his consciousness’ instructions, even with all of Su’s strength, its movement was slow and sluggish. In fact, even if his body completely recovered and used the fastest speed to grab her hand, Persephone could still easily move out of the way. 

However, upon seeing this extremely slow movement, Persephone actually forgot to move out of the way. Her fine, cold, and soft left hand was grabbed in Su’s hand. 

No one knew if this was the result Persephone had always been waiting for, however, when it truly happened, she clearly didn’t expect it. Within Persephone’s dark gray eyes with strands of green color appeared a brief moment of absent-mindedness.

She suddenly retracted her hand, as if she had been touched by a scorching hot piece of wood and backed up several steps. Only when her back was against the wall did she stop. Even though the expression on her face had completely froze, making her look like a block of ice, her chest that was rapidly rising and falling broke her mask. 

Su’s hand stopped in mid-air, stunned at her extreme reaction. However, the fragrance around his palm and fingers did not disperse. Persephone realized that her reaction was over the top, especially when she was still teasing and seducing Su just now, taking joy in seeing his reactions.

Her face was serious and cold, and a chilly aura appeared around her as she walked towards Su’s bed, using an undefiable aura to look down on Su. If a general of the Black Dragonrider truly became angry, just her aura alone would cause ordinary people to be scared out of their wits. However, Persephone’s imposing appearance was aimed towards Su who couldn’t even move half his body in the slightest. If one carefully thought about this, this might explain her lack in confidence?

A person as smart as Su should have been able to see through the bitterness behind this cold demeanor, but he didn’t smile and instead looked at his own right hand, as if he was preoccupied with something. Su raised his head and looked at Persephone who was earnestly releasing her ice-cold aura and said, “Your injuries are extremely severe.”

A person as smart as Su, did not choose to ask why she was injured. Those that could make Persephone suffer such a great injury were not people Su should meddle with right now. Su did not enjoy putting up a vain struggle against things that lay outside of his ability, yet this event, he would always remember in his heart. 

“Just a small wound, it’ll heal soon.” Persephone released a snort, not asking how Su noticed her carefully concealed injury. She slapped Su’s right hand that was still in midair down and said, “You can only barely move a finger, yet you want to take advantage of me. You really are getting more and more brave! Heng! Let me tell you honestly. It has always been me that forced others, and never before has anyone ever taken advantage of me!”

After speaking, as if to prove that her words weren’t empty, Persephone grabbed Su’s right hand that could still move. She forcefully grabbed the top of Su’s head, and her right hand grabbed Su’s lower jaw, creating an extremely accurate forceful position before fiercely kissing down on Su’s lips a few times. It might be more accurate to describe that forceful and fierce position with the word ‘nibbling’. However, the only thing was that Su’s body couldn’t move in the slightest, so he couldn’t really struggle, making this great general feel better. 

After her forceful attack was done successfully, Persephone immediately stood up. She raised her head towards the sky, and after laughing loudly, she turned and left abruptly. 

Persephone’s sharp and clear sounds of joy sounded like dropped jade plates. However, no matter how you looked at Su, he didn’t look frightened in the slightest. 

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