Book 1 Chapter 25.1

Book 1 Chapter 25.1 - Frighten

Su never thought that he would be able to open his eyes again. 

When his consciousness returned, he immediately encountered a large pile of disordered and messy digits. These were all sent from the various parts of his body, and they were several times that of what he normally received. Meanwhile, the speed at which his consciousness dealt with everything was much slower. After a long period of dizziness, Su finally grabbed onto a bit of information from the endless data, remembering who he was. 

Right now, the concept of time completely eluded him. He could only sense the disorderly mess that was endlessly sent back to him. Data that should have originated from the same source did not seem to link up in any manner, indicating that he already completely lost control over that organ system, to the point where it even lost the ability to coordinate with other systems. From the scale of the data that was sent back to his mind, a large portion of his body had entered some strange state of chaos. Su was a bit distressed. This time’s recovery seemed like it would be a long and difficult one. Even though the genes within his body had already became extremely lively and could evolve a large amount of cells towards a desired evolution, it was clearly not enough to make up for the extensive damage. 

Fortunately, he could still use his eyes.

The ability that had not taken form too long ago, long-range sensation, seemed useable as well, even though its limit seemed to be a few centimeters from his skin. Su couldn’t help but release a sigh. Since he could still use it, then that meant that this ability still existed. In the future, it would slowly recover together with his body. After all, as a fifth level ability, long-range sensation consumed a total of 16 evolutionary points. If he lost this new ability that had not yet completely stabilized in battle, then that would truly be a tremendous loss. For Su, every single evolutionary point was obtained through blood and flames, so they were incredibly precious.

Su noticed that his surrounding environment seemed to be a bit peculiar. He temporarily stopped his exploration of his body and opened his eyes with difficulty. 

As soon as he opened his eyes, what blocked his vision was ash-gray hair that flowed down gently like water; this color was extremely familiar. This wasn’t the hair of the little girl from back then, but instead Persephone’s soft hair. 

Su quietly looked at the long hair that covered a small part of his arm, and his mood became calm. His train of thought slowed down dramatically as well. Only after a long time had passed did he form the question, “Why did she fall asleep here?”

The room was gentle and milky white. The top light scattered down faint yellow light, adding to the warm and comforting feeling of this ward. Su was lying on a large bed. After seeing his utterly broken body, he couldn’t could help but laugh bitterly inside. His body was wrapped up like a mummy. Was this the exclusive binding technique of the Black Dragonriders? His entire body was wrapped up in medical wound plasters, and these twenty centimeter long, five centimeter wide standard wound strips all had the Black Dragonriders symbol on them. As there were injuries covering every inch of his flesh, the medical wound plaster naturally covered his entire body. As the sinister and elegant black dragonheads covered his body, not only did he not have a rather pitiful look, he instead look rather silly like a cartoon character. Only his right arm was sticking out, still perfectly fine from the elbow down. 

On the ground in front of the bed was an extremely large oval shaped cushion. Persephone was kneeling on top of this cushion while leaning towards Su’s side, sleeping like this. This posture made her mini-skirt curl upwards, almost completely revealing her pair of long and snow white legs. As Su was lying on the bed, he naturally couldn’t see these things. If he had the mobility to reach out his head outside the bed, then he would be able to see this rare charming scenery. However, unless he could extend his neck thirty centimeters, his line of sight ended 1.5 centimeters from her long legs. 

These 1.5 centimeters were a bewitching spell. 

Fortunately, Su had not yet reached the point where this spell worked on him. He tried to move his body, but he noticed that apart from his right arm, his entire body was numb, not obeying any of his consciousness’ instructions. 

Su’s heart rate and blood pressure had just started to change, but Persephone immediately noticed these changes. She raised her head and widened her grayish green eyes. A few strands of messy hair hung in front of her face. She had a rather vacant expression when she looked at Su. 

The two people looked at each other for a full minute, and Persephone was the first one to become clear-headed. She suddenly straightened her body and cried out in alarm, “Your eye was fixed?”

“Eye?” Su was a bit baffled, and then he suddenly understood. The long-range sensation told Su that his eye-patch was currently not covering his face. As such, Su smiled and said, “You are talking about the right eye. It looks like it is fine, but in reality, I can’t see anything through it.”

“Strange…” Persephone moved closer to Su and carefully inspected his eye. From her perspective, Su’s right eye and left eye looked the same, flowing with spirituality and radiance. Nothing seemed to be wrong with it. In the depths of the pupil, she could even see a flickering green radiance. However, Su wouldn’t lie to her, so he definitely couldn’t see anything out of his right eye. However, Su’s face, without his eyepatch, seemed to draw even closer to perfection. If his expression was a bit more gentle and beautiful, he might match Persephone. However, after experiencing so many life and death experiences, no matter how pretty Su’s face was, he still gave others a calm and desolate feeling like that of an iceberg in the middle of the sea. 

Persephone was like a little girl. While propping up her lower jaw, she stared at Su in a daze and asked, “Why do you wear an eye-patch then? You look much better like this.”

With so little distance between them, Su was already wrapped within a faint fragrance. This should be the natural scent her body produced, because there wasn’t the slightest trace of an  artificial scent. During the period of time he stayed together with her, Su would smell this scent from time to time. However, back then, he was always on his guard and ready for battle at any time, so how could he appreciate her alluring and faint scent?

Persephone was just as beautiful as she was before, but she seemed a bit more fatigued compared to the past, making her appearance look even more moving. Around the tip of her brows and the corner of her eyes were a tiredness and haggardness that could not be covered up. The weakness she had never shown before was abundant right now, battering against Su’s closed heart. Even Su felt that this weak and helpless Persephone was much more moving than the steel-like general. Perhaps it was the fundamental masculine instinct to protect once food and water were ensured. Those living in the wilderness had a different esthetic conception, and that was that in the eyes of most of them, a vigorous and energetic woman was a beautiful woman. 

Su’s intuition told him that this time, Persephone was not fooling him. She was truly exhausted. 

What could make a Black Dragonrider general like this? Su didn’t know, but he had a feeling that it most likely had to do with himself. 

“Don’t wear that eye-patch in the future, okay?” Persephone spoke again. 

Su reluctantly shook his head and said, “I cannot. Even though my right eye can’t see anything, when there is light, it will still feel extremely uncomfortable, as if it’s being burned.”

“How did it become like this?” Persephone asked. 

Su frowned slightly and began to think back. “It has been like this for as long as I could remember. However, that kind of feeling is extremely weird. I can clearly feel light, but I can’t see anything out of it, as if there’s a barrier blocking my vision. I feel like this door can be opened, but I can’t figure out how.”

En, alright. I’ll make you a new eyepatch then, just like the ones that olden era pirates used.” Persephone stuck out her tongue mischievously like a little girl and smiled. 

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