Book 1 Chapter 24.6

Book 1 Chapter 24.6 - Song of the Bloody Moonlit Night

Su became clear-headed. His arms grabbed the keratinous shell of the scorpion stinger, and with an abrupt and and unprecedented power, a string of ka ka cha cha sounds rang out, filling the scorpion tail’s stinger with cracks. Roughly ten thin streaks of thick white liquid spewed out from the cracks. 

The scorpion tail was actually her most sensitive point, and after it was crushed by Su, Poison Scorpion immediately released a miserable cry. She instinctively used all of her power to pull back the scorpion tail, yet she never thought that it would bring Su over as well!

The two individuals immediately tangled together. Poison Scorpion madly clawed out with her fingernails and bit with her teeth, but Su’s arms still grabbed the scorpion stinger tightly, not allowing it to return to her belly. Seeing Poison Scorpion’s twisted expression, Su smiled coldly. His arms once again exerted force, tearing the scorpion stinger straight off!

Poison Scorpion’s entire body immediately went rigid, and she released an unending blood-curdling screech! She continuously breathed in, and then used all of her strength to scream. Her arms grabbed onto Su’s clothes, not daring to touch the wound at her belly!

The two individuals fell from the third floor and heavily landed onto the ground. Su turned his body around and pushed Poison Scorpion’s body below him. With a slash of the short blade, her throat was sliced open, silencing her cries. 

The place where the two landed was the edge of the training base’s central plaza. A hundred meters away were the training base’s gates. The gates were tightly secured, and all of the lights within the training base had been turned off. The world outside the great gates and institution walls was brightly lit, while the base was shrouded in darkness.

Messy and fierce footsteps rang through the plaza. Fully armed soldiers continuously poured out from the central building’s two side doors. They carried rifles and slowly headed towards the two individuals that weren’t moving. The lieutenant commander, Cobra King, and Iron Bear appeared within this plaza. The three of them stood side by side, silently watching Su and Poison Scorpion that were tangled together. They were extremely clear on the fact that Su’s vitality was completely exhausted to the point where the life detector wouldn’t even be able to detect his existence. The wounds on Su’s body were severe enough to kill him several times already, yet he was still alive. What was it that allowed him to persevere all the way until now and even kill Poison Scorpion? Stamina, special abilities, and body composition couldn’t explain this at all. 

At almost the same time, the three individuals developed a thought, and that was that they had to kill Su no matter what!

The fighters slowly closed in while breathing heavily. Sweat poured down profusely from their necks, and their fingers that hovered over the trigger continuously trembled, as if they would fire accidentally at any time. 

Under these pairs of nervous eyes, a dark figure suddenly stood up!

Si si si! More than ten assault rifles fired at the same time, causing that figure to continuously dance about. Several seconds later, over a hundred bullets had entered that dark figure. Only when the dark figure fell onto the ground did someone turn on the tactical light, and only then did the soldiers notice that they had only hit Poison Scorpion. 

Where was Su?

The fighters had just thought of this when one of them suddenly felt his body go soft and fell onto the ground with a plop sound. Su rushed out from behind that fighter’s back like a demon and pounced towards another fighter. The utter terror this fighter experienced made his mind collapse. He released a hysterical shriek, but because of his outstanding tactical skills he still pointed the muzzle of his weapon at Su’s figure before pulling the trigger!

The familiar si si sounds rang out again as the assault rifle continuously fired. The soldier seemed to notice Su’s movements were a bit slower, and several shots pierced through his left arm. 

The target was hit! An unrestrainable ecstasy immediately entered his mind! Not even the fact that he hit two of his companions with friendly fire could contain this ecstasy. 

However, Su actually didn’t fall! He dragged his tattered body and rushed towards the soldier’s side, and his right hand that could still move removed the military knife from the fighter’s waist. Holding it horizontally, he thrusted it into the fighter’s waist!

Su no longer paid this fighter any attention before leaping behind the nearest soldier. He used his shoulder to disrupt his center of gravity and then sliced apart his neck with the military knife. Another rain of bullets poured outwards, and this time, the shooters did not take their companions into consideration any longer. Most of them entered the fighter’s body, and two of them entered Su’s right leg. Su didn’t say a single word, and instead flung out the military knife, nailing it straight into the shooter’s throat! He casually removed the military knife from the waist of the soldier in front of him. With a hop from his left leg, he rushed towards his next destination. 

Seeing Su’s flashing figure that killed one target after another, always returning a shot with a slice from the blade in his hand, the lieutenant commander, Cobra King, and Iron bear all began to emit layers of cold sweat. Their throats felt especially dry, as if they were filled with sand. No words came out from their mouths. 

Right at that moment, the three individuals heard an order that was given in an unquestionable tone from their earpieces. Regardless of whether it was the individual who gave the order or those involved in the mission, they were to not hesitate in obeying this order. 

“Withdraw your men, we are leaving!” When Cobra King said these words, he already turned around. 

The lieutenant commander’s face suddenly distorted, and he hatefully glared at the battlefield before coldly saying, “No, let them die. Who knows, if they just deliver one more attack, he might stop moving. 

The Cobra King and Iron Bear gave the lieutenant commander an astonished look, but none of them said anything. 

Su himself didn’t even know how he got rid of the last opponent. He only remembered how when the raised his blade to look around, he couldn’t find a single other person. With the little strength he had left in his left leg, he dragged his mostly paralyzed body towards the training base’s entrance. Behind him dragged a long streak of blood. 

When the entrance was slowly opened, a brightly lit and splendid world emerged in front of Su. The lightning was so blinding that Su had to narrow his eyes. Apart from all types of light, he practically couldn’t see anything. However, Su knew that behind this splendid light of civilization rested countless enemies who wanted to tear him apart. The number of enemies was just like these lights, numerous and unending. 

Not only could he not hear anything, he couldn’t see anything either. However, Su knew that behind him, there was a road paved with blood. There was his blood, and even more blood from his enemies. 

Facing all of Dragon City’s brilliant light, Su tightened his grip on the military knife, and with his final bit of energy, he released his final roar into the skies like a prideful lone wolf!

The clouds separated, revealing a blood red crescent suspended in the night sky. 

In the last moment before falling unconscious, Su seemed to see a seductive figure walk towards him from within the radiance. 

It was Persephone. 

Even though he couldn’t make out a face, Su still knew. 

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