Book 1 Chapter 24.5

Book 1 Chapter 24.5 - Song of the Bloody Moonlit Night

“What kind of weapon is he using?” Poison Scorpion asked. She wasn’t that knowledgeable about weapons, so there was no way she could determine what type of weapon it was just based on its sound. She could only ask the firearms expert Iron Bear. Even though she had been in a rather disagreeable state with Iron Bear not too long ago, when suddenly faced with Su, she still wanted to obtain as much information as possible. 

“It sounds like it should be a Barrett. There seems to be a Magnum as well.” Iron Bear spoke. When he saw Poison Scorpion’s expression, he felt he had to add another sentence. “They are all old-era guns, obsolete toys.”

Poison Scorpion’s confidence was immediately restored. She leapt out from the window, and with her head facing down and her legs aimed upwards, she quickly climbed along the wall. She was truly like a nimble scorpion. 

Iron Bear shook his head before proceeding down the stairs. Poison Scorpion clearly misunderstood his words, but he didn’t have the time or the obligation to explain further. The term old-era obsolete toys did not mean that they didn’t posses killing power. If Poison Scorpion underestimated these old firearms’ power, then they could easily blow apart several large holes in her body. When he reached the third floor, Iron Bear finally brought out his own specialized weapon, an elaborate small pistol. It was a terrifying item that could immediately shoot out ten needles. 

Bang! Bang! Two more rough and heavy sounding gunshots rang out. 

A soldier that was leaning closely against the wall suddenly realized that the wall began to cave in. Then, with a crashing sound, cement crashed down like rain, and a bullet immediately tore through, blasting almost half of his thick waist apart!

The lieutenant commander was just standing behind this soldier. These two gunshots happened too suddenly, so he didn’t have the time to save his subordinate at all. Seeing the holes that suddenly appeared in the wall, as well as his subordinate that was still struggling within a pool of blood, he momentarily didn’t know how he was supposed to react. In the end, he still relied on his abilities to reach his current position of lieutenant commander, not like Ricardo who immersed himself in the flames of battle for two years.

However, no matter how lacking the lieutenant commander was in experience, he still wouldn’t stick his head over and look through the hole, because another bullet was likely waiting for him. After hearing that shockingly loud gunshot, he had already cursed himself several times. He actually didn’t send people to protect the training base’s weapon display room. Even though they were all outdated old weapons, they were still things that could kill!

On the other side of the wall, Su held the Barrett calmly. The muzzle was originally pointed at the cavity in the wall, but now, it was slowly moving horizontally, precisely at the lieutenant commander’s position. His sight didn’t rest on that hole, but instead around a corridor to the right. The Magnum in his right hand was pointed there. Two fully armed soldiers had just made their way around the corner when the roaring Magnum unloaded five bullets into their bodies.

The bullets in the Magnum weren’t the new era armor-penetrating bullets, so they couldn’t pierce through these fighter’s bulletproof vests and metal helmets. However, the enormous force could still cause internal damage, and if they just happened to land on their face or unprotected areas like their thighs, then it would be even more deadly. 

Before the Magnum’s roars even ended, the Barrett fired again, sending the final bullet through the wall. They tyrannically tore through the already softened wall, seeming to brush past the lieutenant commander’s lower back as it flew past. Even though the bullet had already lost much of its momentum after piercing through the wall, the lieutenant commander still felt as if there was a scorching pain digging into his back. His reaction speed wasn’t slow either, and he had already leapt forward. If his movements were slightly slower, this bullet would have taken his life. 

The Black Dragonrider lieutenant commander was clearly different from normal soldiers. As soon as he dodged, with a wave of his hands, two fragmentation grenades were accurately flung out through the holes in the wall. 

Su’s pupils rapidly shrunk. These two grenades were attacks outside his prediction! It was too late to think deeply, so he moved the Barrett in his hand forward to block a few of the shrapnel that flew out before they exploded and to give himself a small gap. At the same time, he borrowed the force to quickly back up and break free from the grenade’s effective range. 

Su already used his fastest speed to turn around the corner, but his back, buttocks, and thighs sent back a wave of pain, and his body suddenly became much heavier. 22 fragments; Su immediately knew how many fragments entered his body. He leaned against the wall and loaded the final five rounds into the Magnum. Then, he dropped the bullets of the already useless Barrett onto the ground. 

His forehead suddenly released small beads of sweat. The pain that was comparable to getting struck by the captain’s rod immediately made his handsome face twist into a rather sinister expression. The muscles on Su’s back squirmed about on their own, and the fragments that were in his wounds were sent out one after another, dropping onto the ground. The entire process took a few dozen seconds. 18 fragments were expelled, but there were still 4 pieces that entered deep into his flesh, to the point where they were embedded into his bones. Su didn’t have more time, so he could only leave them along before proceeding. 

Su took a deep breath, and dragging his body that was already somewhat rigid, he disappeared into the emergency passage. 

Half a minute later, the lieutenant commander squatted at the corner. He looked at the grenade fragments on the ground, and his face developed an extremely ugly expression. After collecting all of the information he had from the images sent back by the fighters, he decided that Su should have received six blade wounds,  four bullet wounds, and had even been blasted by a grenade. However, just like this, he could still flee and fight?

The lieutenant commander didn’t dare imagine what would it be like if he himself suffered these injuries. He quickly reviewed the information he had about Su, and details that he had completely neglected in the past surfaced in the lieutenant commander’s mind: Punishment record, received six strikes by Captain Curtis. Six strikes, Captain Curtis’ six rod strikes, was a terrifying number, but it still wasn’t enough to make one shocked. At this time, the lieutenant commander felt that the answer to this problem should lie in these six rod strikes. 

“He’s over here!” Following the shouting sounds was also concentrated gunfire. Then, when the Magnum roared, it ended the endless noise of the assault rifles. 

“The fifth shot…” The lieutenant commander silently mouthed this inwardly while speeding towards the place where this gunshot sounded. 

The Magnum then sounded two more times, and the miserable screams of two fighters sounded. This signified that Su had already escaped their encirclement. However, the lieutenant commander quickly gave new orders, instructing the remaining soldiers to form another encirclement around Su’s back. At Su’s left and right were Iron Bear and Poison Scorpion. Meanwhile, in front of him waited a Cobra King. 

The lieutenant commander stopped where Su broke past the encirclement. The bloodstain on the ground confirmed his previous suspicions, and that was that Su should have suffered at least another bullet wound. From all of the bullet wounds he received, Su’s movement ability should have already suffered greatly.

Su’s body burned furiously, as if every single drop of blood within his blood vessels was surging. The hot blood made his mind a bit dizzy. Not only did the reaction speed of his heavy body gradually slow, the speed at which his consciousness reacted also gradually slowed. The information that was sent to his mind from various parts of his body, in addition to pain, was only more pain. 

A blankness appeared in Su’s mind. Right now, he was like a dying wolf that was moving solely based on his survival instincts. He feared that if he could still reason properly, he would find a peaceful place to sleep, never to wake again.

He somewhat awkwardly jumped out of the window. His arms struggled to grasp onto the wall, but only after powerlessly falling for a meter did he stop his fall. Su suddenly heard a sharp whistling. Before he could even react, his waist felt like it was struck by a metal hammer. Then, a wave of coldness began to extend to his entire body. 

Su lowered his head and looked at his own waist. After taking almost twice as long as he normally needed to react did he see that stuck on his waist was a scorpion stinger that was a bit abnormally shaped. When he followed the scorpion tail, Su saw Poison Scorpion who was standing two meters away. The half of her face that was revealed was currently laughing maliciously. 

“This woman… is truly fucking shameful!” Su suddenly thought this in a daze. Deep down inside, a strange type of arrogance and boundless furious suddenly erupted, completely shattering his normally cool-headedness. Su had never thought that he wouldn’t die. If fact, he had always patiently waited for death to come. He also didn’t know why he would suddenly develop this strange change in mood, but this was a feeling that had already accompanied him since more than ten years ago.

Su didn’t believe he would leave the training base alive, but he definitely wouldn’t die under this woman’s hands!

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