Book 1 Chapter 24.4

Book 1 Chapter 24.4 - Song of the Bloody Moonlit Night

Several seconds later, four individuals stood next to the old man’s corpse, one of them being the Cobra Kings commander. Footsteps were still coming from all directions, belonging to the soldiers that would always be a step slower. 

“Silver Fox has died as well.” A middle-aged woman woman with half her face covered by a metal mask spoke. Not only did her voice not carry the slightest bit of sympathy, she clearly seemed rather happy to see disaster fall on this individual. 

Another individual who was two meters tall frowned and spoke in a rather discontent voice. “Poison Scorpion, Silver Fox has already died, so why are you still so hung about that matter from back then? When you were young, haven’t you been forced on over a hundred times? Silver Fox was the most formidable one among us. His death means that our mission will become more difficult.

The woman named Poison Scorpion released a vicious look. She stared ferociously at the robust male and said, “You weren’t able to force yourself on me yet, right? Should I give you an opportunity?”

The robust male laughed coldly and said, “I am not a beggar who can’t be a chooser like Silver Fox.”

“Iron Bear, are you trying to provoke me?” Poison Scorpion took a few steps back, and her legs slightly separated. Her hands fell to her side, but her fingers clearly adopted an offensive posture. 

“Just by yourself?” The robust male called Iron Bear crossed his arms in front of his chest and shot Poison Scorpion a look before saying, “Be careful or you might just lose the other half of your face!”

“All of you better shut the fuck up!” The commander roared angrily, and only then did Iron Bear and Poison Scorpion somewhat restrain themselves. 

“Hey, leader, this fellow’s blood is quite sweet! After we catch him, I wanted half of his blood!” A male shorter than a meter and a half stood by the wall and excitedly turned around and muttered. His face was abnormally pale, and his eyes were extremely large. Two large and fierce teeth extended from the corners of his mouth. 

This short and small male was nicknamed Leech. His two teeth were hollow, and the insides of them were full of paralyzing venom that also had anticoagulant properties. It was unknown what type of circumstances made him become like this. What Leech loved the most was human blood, especially pure-blooded humans. From his taste buds, pure blooded humans’ blood was sweet to the point that he would shudder. However, inside of Dragon City, almost every single pure-blooded human was either a great figure or had ties with great people. As a result, he normally wouldn't be able to drink even a moutful of sweet blood each year. Now that he had this rare opportunity, he naturally wouldn’t let it go. 

Leech’s fingers were full of the blood leftover on the pen blade. He continuously licked his lips. 

“Shut up!” The commander’s nickname was Cobra King, and this was every commander’s fixed cold name. After his violent outburst he stared at the reluctant Leech and roared, “Every part of that fellow’s body has already been reserved by the technology institution in advance. If you botch things up, I will personally tear your legs apart!”

“Fine, fine! I know, it’s none of my business…” Leech immediately became dispirited, but he still continued to lick the blood on his fingers. 

Su who was running along a different passage suddenly developed a strange sense of disgust, as if he had been locked on by a housefly. He immediately surged with a wave of killing intent, dispelling this wave of nauseating feeling. 

Cobra King ordered towards the soldiers that hurried over. “Watch this place and don’t let anyone move his corpse. You three, immediately search separately for Su! His injuries aren’t light so he definitely couldn’t have run far!”

Iron Bear, Poison Scorpion, and Leech expressed their acknowledgment and separately headed in three different directions. When Leech had just taken two steps outwards, his face suddenly changed. He opened his mouth, and with a wa sound, a streak of yellow green liquid full of rotting stench came out. He didn’t know what he ate today that would cause him to spew out this type of stuff. 

The yellow green liquid seemed to pour out from Leech’s mouth like a waterfall. In a flash, the outpour ended, and it seemed like everything Leech could throw up was already released. However, he was still bent at the waist, and his scarlet tongue hung outside his mouth as he continuously retched. It looked like he might just spew out all of his inner organs. However, it was clear that there was nothing left in his stomach that he could still spit out. His face quickly turned red, and he couldn’t help but fiercely beat down on his chest to relieve himself of the stifling feeling. 

“Leech, what’s going on with you?” Cobra King immediately noticed that Leech’s behavior was odd. It seemed like Leech had been poisoned, but members of the Cobra Kings were experts at using poison, so they were rather adept at defending against poison as well. Moreover, with Leech’s special characteristics, most poisons were completely ineffective against him. 

“I… I…” Leech barely made out these two words before his tongue suddenly inflated. In the blink of an eye, it swelled to the point where it completely blocked Leeches’ mouth! The tip of the tongue was extremely red, as if it would leak out blood at any moment. 

Leech’s eyes released a terrified expression. He could already see his own tongue that was sticking straight out! The swelled tongue completely blocked his throat, and Leech who couldn’t breath continuously clutched his throat. His nostrils continuously opened and closed, but it was useless. 

There weren’t only these three individuals from the Cobra Kings. There were seven or eight other fighters in the surroundings, and when they saw this strange scene, they all couldn’t help but step backwards to create a bit more room between themselves and Leech who was undergoing terrifying transformations. From their knowledge and experiences, this strange transformation signified great danger.

Leech’s attention was completely fixated on his own tongue that had blown up like a balloon, unaware that his eyeballs had already completely left their eye-sockets. The deathly white eyeballs were surrounded by expanded muscle fibers, and they looked like they were spinning around in midair. His entire face swelled up, and it was at least twice as big as it was normally. In addition, his stomach was quickly expanding as well, as if someone was blowing into it with all their might!

In the blink of an eye, Leech who was originally as skinny as a monkey suddenly swelled up like a sphere of flesh! The clothes on his body had long burst, so under the near transparent skin, the mix of blood, minced flesh, and inner organ fragments that formed an indescribable paste could be seen. 

The paste already wasn’t completely red. Within the faint redness, there was a rich yellow and dark purple. 


Just as the surrounding people were so terrified that they forgot to breathe, Leech’s body finally exploded. The disheveled and rich paste exploded more than ten meters outwards!

Iron Bear and Poison Scorpion respectively backed up a few steps, avoiding this terrifying paste. Meanwhile, the soldiers nearby didn’t have this type of skill. They were so shocked that they forgot to move. They stood there just like that, covered from head to toe in this paste! 

The clumps of paste divided into ten lumps, and as if they possessed their own life and consciousness, they continuously moved about in search of new targets to devour. These ten clumps of paste were fast to a terrifying degree. They seemed just like desperate mice!

The soldiers that had just been splashed onto by the paste only had enough time to release a few screams before the paste entered their bodies through their mouth and nose. The ones that were a bit more unfortunate with more of the paste on them suddenly divided into several lumps! Among them, the lump that landed on a man’s chest, after discovering that it was unable to find an entrance, directly transformed into a sharp mouth to drill through his military uniform, skin, and forcibly penetrating his chest! The miserable scream of this soldier immediately rang through this entire building, completely suppressing the concentrated gunfire that sounded below!

The bodies of these soldiers began to swell just like Leech and then exploded, and as a result, even more of the strange and strong smelling paste covered the ground, walls, and even ceiling!

Iron Bear and Poison Scorpion’s faces became pale. They ran a few more steps backwards, avoiding the paste that was scuttling frantically about on the ground.However, their backs were already against the wall, so where were they supposed to hide now?

Cobra King’s face became downcast. He squatted down and reached out his arm to press down on the ground. A faint green chilliness immediately extended five meters outwards. The paste that was affected by the coldness turned into ice in under a second, unable to move a step further. They struggled about and even released sharp zhi zhi sounds, but they became more and more sluggish before finally becoming silent one after another. 

Cobra King’s arms quickly made a few circular motions. Cold air gathered towards the center of his palms, forming an ice sphere. At the center of the sphere, there was still some moving liquid. After the sphere of ice formed, it left his arm, blasted apart the area in front of Iron Bear and formed a sphere of cold air with a circumference of ten meters. As soon as the cold air made contact with the paste that was frantically rushing towards Iron Bear, they were frozen into strange chunks. 

Then, another sphere of ice smashed apart in front of Poison Scorpion. The cold air quickly proliferated, freezing a lump of paste that had already leaped towards her body in midair!

The half of Poison Scorpion’s face that was revealed became gloomy and seemed to have completely lost color. She suddenly released a hysterical screech, and a dark streak of light flew out from her belly, shattering that frozen chunk of paste! The dark radiance continuously flickered, and only after it shattered the surrounding paste that had been frozen one after another did it retract. It was actually formed from links of keratinous chunks, and at the head was a sharp and strange apparatus that was somewhat like resembling tail of a scorpion. However, this stinger grew from Poison Scorpion’s lower belly. 

“Poison Scorpion! Calm down, there isn’t anything to be scared of. This is just some fundamental level mutated creature,” said Cobra King. He was still continuously releasing ice spheres everywhere, firing more than ten in succession before all of the moving paste stopped. The paste that had reached relatively further away, quickly lost vitality due to a lack of food and turned into a clump of dense fluid. From beginning to end, they only persisted for about a minute. 

Just like Iron Bear and Poison Scorpion, Cobra King’s face was exceptionally pale, but he wasn’t scared but rather fatigued and feeling weak. The cold air and ice spheres didn’t expend that much energy, so a third or fourth level magic ability user like Cobra King could easily toss out thirty or forty of them. However, the green fluid within the ice spheres was extremely precious, because this was the poison he produced himself. This type of ice spheres that carried poison were large scale weapons, as well as the specially formulated ability of the Cobra King. However, the Cobra King assigned to this mission didn’t possess extraordinary talent in the Magic Domain, so he didn’t focus on training the cold system ability. As such, he had no way of fully utilizing this sixth level ability. 

A snake that had completely emptied their poison reserves, even if it was the Cobra King, would feel a deep exhaustion. 

Bang! Bang!

Thick and heavy gunshots suppressed the light sounds of the new age bullets. This was clearly not the firearms that the Fabregas family subordinates or the Cobra Kings’ special forces used. 

“It’s Su. He is on the first floor!” The Cobra King straightened his aching body and walked with large steps towards the lower floor. Iron Bear and Poison Scorpion quickly adjusted their moods and took a different path to outflank their opponent. At the head of the stairs, Iron Bear chose to take the stairs, so Poison Scorpion should leave by the window to travel down to the first floor and cut off Su’s path of retreat. 

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