Book 1 Chapter 24.3

Book 1 Chapte 24.3 - Song of the Bloody Moonlit Night

It had only been a day since Su formed the new ability when he received the invitation of death. He didn’t know whether to consider this lucky or unlucky. He didn’t even have time to completely adjust the changes within his body. Generally speaking, in the few days before the new ability forms, the body’s genetic and tissue composition would undergo great changes. Even abilities one could use would become unstable. 

This battle actually didn’t suit Su’s style, because he didn’t have control over time or the possibilities of the battle. If Su was still in the wilderness, Su would walk away from the fight and then patiently wait for an opportunity. Only when he picked a time and place that he deemed the most suitable would he then face the enemy. However, the Su back then was a lone wolf, while now, the lone wolf could not escape. He had to stay behind within the Black Dragonriders, and as such, he did not have the privilege of choice. 

Su waited patiently here, waiting for dusk. With both infrared sight and long-range sensation, Su felt more comfortable dealing with his opponent’s advances in the darkness. Within the Black Dragonriders’ official ability manual, half of fifth level abilities and most of fourth level standard abilities an officer could come into contact with were recorded, yet Su did not see anything like the long-range sensation he had. It might be a unique ability that he gave birth to himself, or maybe it was one of the Black Dragonriders’ few top secret formulated abilities. 

The sky finally became completely dark. 

After an unknown amount of time, the restroom door was pushed open, and a soldier carefully walked in. Confronted with the pitch-black room, he didn’t try to rub the wall for the switch. Suddenly turning the light on would create a moment of blindness. For a close combat situation, this was extremely deadly. The experienced soldier definitely wouldn’t make such a rudimentary mistake. 

The fighter used the laser from the rifle to sweep through this room that wasn’t that large. After thoroughly inspecting this place, he determined that there was no one hiding here. The fighter then walked out to inspect the next room. Su leapt from the window of the next room to be inspected, shifting horizontally back to the restroom. He sat down and quietly looked down the pitch black corridor. 

The corridors once again sounded with unhurried footsteps. The individual that was walking over was completely different from the careful fighters that did everything they could to lighten their footsteps. He did not seem to be hiding his own traces at all. This wasn’t purposely set up as a trap, but rather a great confidence in his own strength. Once one’s strength reached a certain level, it would change into a trap. 

Su’s left hand held the tri-edge dagger, and in his right hand was the Black Dragonriders’ standard short edge multipurpose knife. The two weapons were made of composite material, so there wasn’t any metal on them or any intelligent components. The new era firearms, especially the rifles from the Black Dragonriders or great families, all had positioning and discerning systems. For Su, these were all simply burdens.

Su’s body slowly rose from the ground. Then, he bent his body at the waist and assumed a stance that was like a wolf ready to pounce on its prey. He had been waiting for this opportunity this entire time. This might be the first, as well as the only chance where he could mount a sneak attack tonight. 

An old man with a medium stature walked past the restroom. His body was held perfectly straight, and his white hair had been meticulously maintained. He looked like he was about to attend a banquet and not a hunt or battle. 

The old man walked past the rooms one after another in an unhurried manner without any intention of checking to see if there were any people to both sides of him. Sure enough, as expected, a few slight and nearly undetectable footsteps sounded. In addition, the air around him was disturbed, proving that someone was currently moving stealthily towards him. 

The mouse finally came out from its hole. The old man sneered, and a small, delicate pen pistol slid down from his wrist down into his palm. The front of this pistol could release a five centimeter long tri-edge stinger, and the other end could even fire two bullets. The bullets were covered in some special and deadly neurotoxin. In a close combat struggle, this small thing often displayed astonishing power. 

The wind behind him became powerful, exceeding the old man’s expectations. This meant that the other party had begun to increase speed, however, the footsteps were still at a level where it couldn’t be heard. If not for the old man’s fourth level strengthening in his hearing, he wouldn’t be able to hear or detect anyone closing in behind him. The old man even began to sigh inwardly in admiration. This Su’s age wasn’t great, yet he possessed the inner qualities of a natural killer and hunter. Killing him now was truly a bit of a waste of talent. 

The muscles on the old man’s arm squirmed about, pushing the pen pistol towards his palm. When there was still a few centimeters left, the pen pistol’s sharp point began to eject. 

However, the old man suddenly heard a wave of minute pi pa sounds. The many years of experience immediately told him that this was the sound of the air slightly rupturing! This could only mean one thing, and it was that the attacker behind him had a speed that completely exceeded his expectations!

The wind pressure suddenly became stronger, blowing the old man’s silver hair all over the place! The old man had just decided to shift his body when the corners of his eyes erupted with a powerful blast of light that was simply impossible to look at. He immediately remained vigilant against the soundless flash bang. If he turned around now, then under the situation where he had no defenses, his eyes might even be blinded by the powerful light!

Even without his sight, the old man could still sense the general position and movements of the attacker. His body suddenly fell down towards the left side like a large tree that had collapsed. His right hand extended upwards, and the pen blade held backwards in his hand thrusted outwards ferociously! The old man’s string of movements was as fast as lightning, and his entire body gave people a type of strange sensation, a feeling of possessing no weight. It was as if just lightly touching him would cause him to fly out. 

This was actually the case. The pen’s sharp edge was aimed at Su’s abdomen. As long as Su tried to defend himself in the slightest, he would experience the old man’s sixth level flexibility. 

However, Su didn’t reduce his speed in the slightest, nor did he have any intention of blocking. With shocking speed, he directly ran into the elder’s body. His left knee even fiercely smashed into the elder’s waist, blasting the elder flying like a dry leaf. Su didn’t pay any attention to the pen’s blade that completely entered his abdomen and continued to rush forward at full force, pushing the old man into the opposing wall. Their bodies both smashed forward!

The tremendous reactive force caused both the old man and Su to bounce backwards. When the sturdy wall suffered this attack, cracks immediately filled its surface. 

When Su landed on the ground, he had to take two steps back before he was able to stabilize. His abdomen had two deep, bloody holes. As soon as they collided, the old man had extracted the pen blade. Borrowing the force of Su’s momentum, he then pierced it again into Su’s abdomen. Being able to make this type of decision under such a short time truly demonstrated how much of a master he was at the art of assassination. Only, after being smashed into by Su at full force, ka ka cha cha sounds continuously rang out as his bones shattered, so his injuries were much more severe than Su’s. 

Su’s legs once again released force. He rushed towards the old man without any regard for the old man’s blade that was pointed towards his ribs. His arms lashed out, the tri-edge blade entering the back of the old man, while the short blade in his right hand deeply penetrated the old man’s abdomen!

A light pu sounded, and the blade accurately passed through two of Su’s ribs. However, before the handle made contact, it struck out again, this time with the angle tilted slightly upwards. When it was thrusted out again, Su didn’t move away once again, allowing it to enter his body. Su’s green eye was as calm as water as his hands flew about again and again. The edged stinger and the blade ferociously hacked down on the old man’s body, each time drawing large amounts of blood! Right now, the two individuals were like hoodlums engaging in a street fight, with absolutely no techniques or abilities to speak of. They were just madly hacking at each other, using their instinctive reactions to strike at their opponent’s vital points. It was a battle to see whose endurance would collapse first. 

The old man suddenly twitched. His right hand was raised in midair, but it no longer hacked down. He looked at the edge of his own five centimeter long pen blade and then looked at the edged stinger and short blade that were over thirty centimeters in length. His throat murmured something as if he wanted to say something, but large amounts of bloody suds surged out from his mouth, preventing any syllables from coming out. As he fell, the old man’s eyes were full of anger and unwillingness. 

Su reached out and tore off the twin-headed snake insignia before nailing it onto the wall with the pen blade. Then, he calmly walked to a restroom nearby and closed the door. During this ten second struggle, Su received four wounds, but he returned almost twenty to the old man, practically tearing his entire chest into a bloody mush. 

Su knew that from here on out, all ambushes would come to an end. From here on out, it would be an endless pursuit and moving warfare.

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