Book 1 Chapter 24.1

Book 1 Chapter 24.1 - Song of the Bloody Moonlit Night

Su’s footsteps maintained a constant speed all the way until he arrived in front of the training base’s main building. He felt several pairs of eyes landing on his body, and even more killing intent vaguely aimed at him. Towards the latter, regardless of whether it was their ability to conceal themselves or their strength, they were all greater. However, what alarmed Su was still those individuals that gave him a vague sense of pressure. 

Moreover, were there still others even Su couldn’t sense? There definitely were. This was what his intuition told him. 

Almost the instant he entered through the doors, Su’s figure suddenly shifted to the side, leaning his back against the wall. Then, like a gecko, he quickly crawled to the ceiling. He then followed the ceiling to the second floor before suddenly increasing his strength, making his way out from the corridor’s window. After stepping on the window’s edge, his body unrealistically shot up, and his arms were already grabbed onto the outside wall. The training base’s outer wall was made from an old style dark red brick, and its uneven surface already provided him with enough force. In just a few seconds, Su had already reached the fourth floor by crawling along the outer wall. His body flipped over as he entered through an open window. 

This was a small classroom, and the door perfectly faced the fourth floor corridor. At the entrance sat a fighter wearing a tight black combat suit and holding a new type assault rifle produced by Kevlar Company. This type of rifle’s size was small, yet its firing speed was fast and powerful. It could even adjust many shooting parameters to fit the shooter's body. It was a rifle that had a reputation of having custom orders. This fighter sat on a chair, the individual’s eyes staring fixedly at the flight of stairs. The rifle was already in a position that was ready to fire at any time. By his combat clothes’ arm was a symbol of two snakes. This was precisely the crest of the Fabregas family’s military insignia. 

He seemed to be sitting a bit absent-mindedly, but in reality, all of the muscles in his body had already been tightened. As long as there was the slightest change, he would immediately fire. The assault rifle’s fifty round magazine would cover an area in a few seconds. On his ear was an earphone with microphone capabilities that would allow him to communicate with his team, so there was no chances of their whereabouts being exposed. 

In the post-war politics section, each great family’s insignia made up an important chapter. It obviously recorded the Fabregas family’s twin-headed snake insignia. 

Su soundlessly dropped onto the ground and crawled to the back of the fighter. After he pinched the nape of his neck, the fighter didn’t have the time to make any movements before going unconscious. Su removed the earpiece and placed it onto his own ear. A strict and slightly anxious voice sounded. “Target disappeared from the second floor. All members stay vigilant! Once again…”

Su then took the assault rifle and removed the magazine to look inside. The magazine was full of highly explosive bullets, and Su who had already studied new era weaponry knew that this was specially used to deal with large-scale highly dangerous mutated creatures. Even if an elephant from the olden era was struck by one of these bullets, a ten centimeter sized hole would appear on his body. Perhaps for someone like Su with only a single level of defensive ability, it would be fatal no matter where he was hit. 

When he saw these bullets, Su didn’t need any more evidence. These bullets alone were enough to prove that the other party was trying to kill him. 

Su used a minute to place a small trap before leaving the room. He followed the ceiling to the other end and disappeared into a storage room. 

The previously fainted soldier slowly fell, gradually increasing in speed until he ultimately fell heavily onto the ground. When his head slammed into a corner, he released a scream. However, he only remained conscious momentarily before going unconscious from this attack he was completely unprepared for. A string was wrapped around his waist that winded around the door frame and linked up with the trigger of the assault rifle. When the fighter fell down, the assault rifle that was already in suppress fire mode suddenly roared, and the gunshots’ vibrations travelled through several floors! Fifty rounds of extremely powerful bullets flew everywhere, and a few just so happened to land on the unfortunate fighter’s body, immediately blasting open several large holes on his well-built body, to the point where his body was even blown apart into several pieces! The splashing blood and flesh seemed to dye the entire face of the wall red, and quite a few large splashes of blood landed on the ceiling. 

The sound of violent gunshots shattered the silence, as well as the peacefulness of the entire training base. The sound in the headphones immediately became louder, continuously issuing orders for the fighter to close in on the source. Disordered footsteps quickly gathered towards the fourth floor, and several fully armed fighters rushed past Su whose body was hidden within the storage room, reaching the classroom where the gunshots rang out with just a few strides. 

When they saw the room full of blood and the rifle dangling from the door frame, the fighters were immediately stunned and at a loss for what to do. Among them, there was a fighter with a protective lens over his right eye, and these lenses could not only provide all types of sight enhancement capabilities, it could transmit the present scene to the battle commander. The commander was clearly also a bit stunned by the bitter scene. The tactical earpiece remained silent for a while before the order to scatter and search was given. 

These soldiers hurried over here urgently, so they didn’t notice the slight sounds that came from within the storage room they rushed past. 

Several experienced fighters searched everywhere, but they didn’t find any traces of Su. The life detector also did not produce any reactions. After their initial quick search, these fighters then began to carefully search every room and corner. These war-scarred veterans with much experience all understood that individuals that could escape the life detector were all troublesome fellows. If they met this individual face to face, they might even be the ones to die. 

pop sound rang out. The slight sound that sounded below the fighter’s foot caught his attention. He slowly tilted his head downwards and saw that his military boots had stepped within a puddle of blood. 

The blood was warm, and it hadn’t stopped flowing. 

The corner of the fighter’s eye twitched. He followed his gaze towards where the blood originated from and noticed that it came from a storeroom a meter out. The blood continuously flowed out from beneath the storeroom.  This was a rather experienced veteran. When his eyes landed on the storage room, the muzzle of the assault rifle in his hand also pointed towards its door. 

This type of frail door obviously couldn’t stop the firepower of this assault rifle. 

This veteran did not recall having people from his troops assigned here, but if it was an ability user acting under their family, then it wouldn’t be unusual. Ability users weren’t people they could command, and even the relay of information was one-directional. The ability users were fully aware of their actions, while these fighters had no idea what they were doing. 

When the veteran grabbed the door handle, he felt as if his palm was covered in sweat. The waterproof and ventilated military boots didn’t allow any of the blood he stepped in to get inside, yet he felt as if warm blood had already completely surrounded his feet, making his chest feel suffocated. He had killed many people before, and even though he didn’t know the exact number, it definitely wasn’t less than a hundred. However, never before had he been so tense on a killing mission. 

The door to the storeroom was slowly opened. 

The veteran trembled a bit. Even though the muzzle was already aimed at what lay behind the door, he still felt an illusion as if someone would jump out and slice open his neck with a knife just like how he often times did to his victims in the past. Also, if this person pounced over, the veteran was strangely confident that he definitely wouldn’t be able to protect himself or even move out of the way. He would only be able to watch as his neck was sliced apart. 

When the door was completely opened, none of the veteran’s delusions became reality. There was only a ten square meter room with nothing inside. Lying on the ground was a young woman who couldn’t be considered beautiful, but wasn’t ugly either. Her eyes were opened extremely wide, lifelessly staring at the ceiling. The experienced veteran could tell from the unfocused pupils that this girl was definitely dead. 

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