Book 1 Chapter 23.2

Book 1 Chapter 23.2 - Lonely Dragonrider

The faces of the five youngsters that were still standing went pale. From their point of view, the difference between a sergeant first class’ strength and a second lieutenant’s was just a fine line, yet who could have expected that the strongest among them would be sent flying and knocked unconscious by only a single one of Su’s fists?! This just explained once again that every single individual that emerged from Curtis’ training camp and also received the special insignia was a hundred percent monster. 

“Second lieutenant, your actions are a bit unreasonable.” The youngster that called out to Su first summoned up the courage to speak. 

“Since you all can’t defeat me, then anything I do is reasonable.” Su gave the Black Dragonriders’ model reply. 

The five youngsters no longer dared to say anything. They carried their unconscious companion and hurriedly left this place. 

Su did not look at Sally who had jumped off the table and put on her clothes. Instead, he turned around and looked at Ricardo who had appeared unknowingly at the entrance to the classroom. 

He was leaning against the doorframe while smoking a cigarette. From the angle Su was looking at, the glaring no smoking sign seemed to perfectly cover Ricardo Fabregas. 

“Youngster, I originally came here to break your legs, but your fist actually made me feel quite good, so I decided to let you walk for another seven days. In seven days, I’ll come looking for you again.”

“Then I’ll be waiting.” Su did did not treat him with any fear. 

Ricardo gave Su’s green eye a deep look and then tossed the cigarette he had finished smoking onto the ground before straightening his body. Before leaving, he left behind a sentence. “You can’t help that little girl, so you are better off thinking more about your own matters!”

Sally silently put on her clothes. Her movements were extremely natural and flowing, with no intent of first covering up her sensitive portions during the entire process. It was as if Su wasn’t even a member of the opposite sex. The style of her clothes wasn’t bad, but it was clear with just a look that it was clothing from the wilderness, only washed extremely cleanly. It was completely different from the synthesized materials of the new era. After putting on her clothes, she picked up all of the money scattered on the ground, but she left all of the money those men left behind in a hurry untouched. After completing these tasks, she then turned towards Su, and with a smile, she said, “Aren’t you going to treat me to a meal?”

This enormous city obviously didn’t lack bars, to the point where there were even quite a few coffee shops. However, the meals Sally meant were real meals, not including other contents. The place she dragged Su to was the training base’s dining hall. The meals that were supplied here were extremely inexpensive, and the amount was sufficient. It was unknown if it was because the commanding officer felt bad for charging so many fees. 

Sally ordered a large pile of food, and it was all nutrient filled, energy rich, and sufficiently cheap items. She ate slowly and firmly, cleaning every single plate. Opposite from her, Su only ordered a plate of food, and he ate extremely slowly, but he ate even more cleanly than Sally. Those that were born in the wilderness would never waste food. 

When she was working on the final plate of food, Sally finally had the time to speak. “They were correct, I wasn’t forced. I am quite good at dancing, and if you wanted even more enjoyment, you will find that you won’t be mistaken by selecting me. If you want, I can dance for you and even spend the night with you free of charge. Moreover, if it was towards you, I don’t think that I will cry. However, this seems to be the reason why many people want to see me dance, so I don’t know if not crying will leave you disappointed.”

“Why do you cry?” Su asked from the side while gathering the last bit of food at the edge of the plate to scoop it up. Within the wilderness, he could use his tongue to deal with this problem, but he couldn’t here. Su already understood that many times, proper etiquette and attitude were more important than wasting food. 

Sally shook her head and said, “I don’t know why either. Every time I dance for them and accompany them to bed, I would always try my best to smile, but tears would always fall. Later on, many people found me because they liked this, so I no longer controlled myself.”

“Those that can come here, regardless of whether they are part of the Black Dragonriders or not, they shouldn’t lack money right? What about you?”” Su’s tone wasn’t incredibly sure, because he himself was an exception, as he was deep in debt. 

“I am not a Black Dragonrider, and I am just a girl that grew up in the wilderness. However I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to train here for a year. Uncle would send me money every month through the Black Dragonriders’ system. Of course, the company’s money and the Black Dragonriders’ is different, but it can still be converted. I know that this is pretty much all the money he has, because he wishes for me to spend my days a bit better.” As Sally spoke, there was a bit of sorrow within her voice. However, she had long buried her distress at the bottom of her heart. She then continued, “However, uncle doesn’t know how expensive the stuff here is, and how all of his money is barely enough for me to live. If I want to learn things other than the basic course, then I will have to find my own way of gathering the tuition. 

She struggled to display a charming smile before saying, “If a girl wants to earn money, then there is only a single method. The lessons here are so expensive for each session, and I want to learn everything, so I need a lot of money.”

“Why do you need to learn all of this then?” From Su’s perspective, Sally’s talent could only be considered ordinary. No matter how she trained, it would still be hard for her to reach the lowest requirement of the Black Dragonriders. As such, most of the things she studied here were completely useless.

“Because there is opportunity.” Sally’s smile was extremely sweet, and it was extremely hard for people to see through her mask. “One will never be able to learn these things in the wilderness. I grew up within an inhabited region, and when I was five, my father died while fighting against a violent rat in a mob. Mother followed another man that was able to feed her, and I was kicked to the side. I was very fortunate to meet uncle who raised me. Uncle has helped many, many people, and later on, he entered Roxland Company. Do you know Roxland? That is a large company! He worked there for many years, but he was never able to save much money. He would often use his own money to purchase food to feed the starving children.”

Speaking up to this point, Sally’s little face revealed an unquestionable sincerity and resoluteness. “That is why I have to earn money. I want to learn everything I can learn, so that in the future, I can bring this knowledge back to the wilderness. I want to change the wilderness, allowing those living there to have enough to eat and no longer be treated like wild beasts by the people here. I don’t want my children in the future to repeat my childhood, and I don’t want them who haven’t even grown up yet to have to use their bodies to exchange for a piece of bread or rotting flesh.”

Su looked at this serious girl, this girl that used her young body to exchange for her ideal, and didn’t know what to say. Perhaps due to the disparity in age, experiences, and intelligence between them, after similarly experiencing the training course, Su had a vague feeling that Sally’s dream was impossible to achieve. However, in this world, wasn’t there a thing called miracles?

“Roxland? What is your uncle called?” This was a company Su was extremely familiar with. 

“He’s called Li Gaolei.” Sally pushed away the pale that had already been thoroughly cleaned and sighed in satisfaction before saying, “You don’t mind paying for this food, right? Also, if you want me, you can find me anytime, the first time free of charge. If you truly want to help me, then look for me more!”

Sally stood up and walked towards the dining hall doors. After walking a few steps, she suddenly turned around and said somewhat expectedly, “You won’t willingly provide for me, right?”

When Su looked at Sally, he suddenly felt as if it was a bit hard to return her expecting gaze. 

Sally only displayed an extremely brief moment of disappointment before putting her radiant smile back on her face and saying in a happy tone. “Of course you won’t. No one will truly like a girl with mutated tissues on them. Thank you for the meal. I’ve eaten well.”

With light and quick steps, she left the dining hall, almost as if she was dancing. 

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