Book 1 Chapter 22.2

Book 1 Chapter 22.2 - Wait

Persephone stood up in a somewhat unwilling manner, and due to her reluctance, she pulled Su’s arm and firmly rubbed it a few times before saying, “This time, your performance in the training camp is still considered passable. However, there are quite a few areas you can still improve on. The most important of which is that you are still not showing enough ruthlessness and dominance. If I were you, after cutting down Cook, I would have found his subordinates that very night instead of waiting for them to come to you.”

Su laughed bitterly and said, “But those are eight lives.”

“Those are eight lives that had to end.” Persephone corrected him. “Here, power is everything. All provocation must be paid with blood, or else endless trouble will appear. By not killing those eight, there might be eighty later. That is why you still have to show off a bit more and strike down those that are looking for trouble. Don’t be scared of provoking trouble, because I am here. I can promise you that there will be at the very least a relatively impartial battle situation.”

When sounds of footsteps approached the door, Persephone immediately changed into an ice-cold arrogance. She gave Su a rather profound look before turning around and walking towards the medical ward’s door. 

The room to the door gently opened, and a rather seductively charming blonde nurse walked in. From the light makeup on her face, it was clear that she put quite a bit of care into her appearance. In her hands was a light silver metal tray. On top of it was a syringe, as well as several towels and wound supplies for sealing up his injuries. When she entered, what she saw wasn’t only the handsome man that was already conscious, but also the similarly attractive and ice-cold Persephone!

Persephone’s dark black uniform, the light golden coat of arms on her collar, as well as her body that was as straight as a blade immediately made the gorgeous smile she revealed freeze on her face. 

As the only female general in the Black Dragonriders within the city, it was hard to find even a single person who didn’t know who Persephone was. Even though the blonde nurse had never met Persephone, due to her work within a hospital that was attached to the Black Dragonriders, she still recognized their military ranks. 

Persephone’s eyes were like two streams of ice. When they passed over the nurse’s body and looked at the towel at the center of the tray, she seemed to have thought of something. Reaching out her hand, she unfastened the buttons on the blonde nurse’s upper garment one after another and pulled her clothes apart. She looked at the well developed chest that was covered in a sexy black bra, and with a cold snort, she waved her hand and pushed back the nurse that was blocking her way before turning around and leaving abruptly. Only when Persephone’s figure had disappeared from the corridor for a long time did the sharp, clear, and ice-cold sound of heels striking the ground vanish from the blonde nurse’s ears. 

She managed to recover from her stupor with difficulty. She lightly closed the door to the room, and only when she walked next to Su’s bed did she remember that she had forgotten to button up her clothes. In fact, she purposely switched to sexier underwear today for Su to take a good look at, and it would be even better if he touched her. However, after seeing Persephone, she only wanted to cover herself as properly as possible. 

Su had already lain back on the bed. He calmly gazed at the ceiling, seemingly lost in his thoughts. He didn’t notice the seductive underwear the nurse painstakingly selected or her plentiful chest at all. His body was almost completely wrapped up by special wound sealing medical plasters, and one could imagine just how many wounds there were under them. 

Su was currently doing a careful and comprehensive evaluation of his body’s situation. What was somewhat unexpected was that his current condition wasn’t all that terrible and instead unexpectedly excellent. Apart from a large amount of wounds that weren’t completely healed, he couldn’t find any irrecoverable wounds inside of him. Moreover, Su could feel that every cell in his body contained a strange amount of vitality, and they were currently moving about with a speed that was several times that of what they were previously capable of. There was even a portion that was evolving. Su noticed that this strange type of vitality wouldn’t last for a long time, because the activity of a few of these cells was already slowing down, gradually restoring to normal levels of activity. The source of this activity seemed to be some type of hormone that was also similar to some unknown gene medicine. He quickly made a calculation of what his body would be like after the irregular levels of activity disappeared. The fundamental qualities of his body should have increased slightly, with an average improvement of 5% across each area. 

Medicines that could improve one’s fundamental qualities, regardless of how great the scope of their activity was, Su had never heard of such things before. Even though his understanding of his own body hadn’t reached the cellular level, he could still clearly grasp the movements of every muscle fiber. Before losing consciousness, Su clearly recalled there being over ten irreparable injuries. It was likely that only by using up evolution points to completely overhaul his internal system could he treat the injuries. However, when he woke up, these wounds had completely disappeared. 

What exactly happened? Su frowned. He tried his best to remember, but he couldn’t think of anything. It was likely that the only way to find out was to ask the captain after being discharged from the hospital. 

The stinging pain from his arm woke him from his thoughts. Su leaned his head around, just in time to see the nurse’s somewhat resentful, somewhat frustrated and fearful eyes. Su’s didn’t pay much attention to the blonde nurse’s emotions. Compared to those struggling for survival in the wilderness, her life was much, much better. Within his mind, his struggle with Mad Dog continuously replayed. He also thought about the siege from all sides by the natives, as well as each detail of the life-and-death battle against them. He carefully searched through each movement to search for places where he could have done things differently and even thought about the natives’ freakish movements. 

The blonde nurse slowly injected the medicinal liquid before saying with a soft sigh. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were the general’s male pet… Ah, I meant lover.”

While lost in his thoughts, when Su heard this sentence, he was immediately stunned. His body’s muscles involuntarily tightened, and with a clear ka sound, the syringe point in the nurse’s hand immediately broke into two pieces. 

The Black Dragonriders’ general headquarters that was located at the northeastern coast had been renovated for the most part. When sunlight scattered down, this place appeared calm, peaceful, and full of an ancient feeling just like in the olden era. After several dozen years of murderous expeditions, the Black Dragonriders established power as their number one principle. Fairness became what each person believed in, with scheming and conspiracy being looked down upon. Of course, the principle of fairness was only used towards internal struggles. When dealing with external wars, almost every single general could be considered a master of conspiracy. 

Roughly a hundred kilometers from this enormous and ancient city that was full of charm rested a relatively small town. Unlike the coastal region that would at times see sunlight, the small town’s skies were covered by heavy clouds year round. Even though it was summertime, it was dark like night. Regardless of what season it was, seventeen or eighteen hours of the hours in a day belonged to the darkness. 

The constructs within the small town for the most part carried post-war scars. They appeared ruined and desolate, not undergoing any renovations. Weeds grew on top of the streets, and at the head of the town was a half collapsed sign. On it was the name of this small town: Town of Trials. 

It wasn’t just limited to this small town. Even the atmosphere of the surrounding region was spiritless without any activity from mutated existences. Then, a mournful cry tore through the peace of this small town from an unknown direction, indication that this wasn’t a completely dead place. 

At the center of the small town was an old building with four floors and a pointed top. This was the highest construct within the small town, and from its style, it seemed like an abandoned church. Two tall and thick doors were partly opened. The inside was pitch-black without anything visible. The stained glass at both sides of the church was also in bits and pieces, with not a single one that was perfectly intact. 

Inside of the church were still benches that believers had sat upon many years ago. Only, after the endless passage of time, they had all become damaged, rotten, and unsteady. However, the names of the patrons that were left on the walls and the families whose names were recorded on stone tiles were still in decent shape, likely due to the material that was used. The cross at the end of the church had long slanted to the side. On the platform that was only slightly higher than the ground, it was unknown where the preaching stand had been tossed to, and what rested in its place was an old-style high back armchair. Dull light scattered in from the holes in the windows, barely lighting up the platform. 

The entire church was dark to the point where it was hard to make out the outlines of anything. One could just barely see that a single person sat on the high back armchair. Under this type of lighting, this individual’s appearance couldn’t be seen at all. Only the heavy and sinister looking armor that reflected the dusky light could be seen on her body. The dark black armor’s outline was extremely elegant, but its outline was crude and uneven without any luster. At the edge of the armor, as well as at the joints and the shoulder places, long and sharp needles extended out. The sharp thorns seemed to smile sinisterly within the silence. 

She calmly sat within the spacious church without moving. The silence of the empty and lofty church was broken by a new wind. This was her breathing. 

Creak! The side door of the church released a rough groan as it slowly opened. A young man wearing a dark black uniform walked over. When he walked three meters outwards, he suddenly stopped and deeply bent his body. In a cautious and respectful manner, he asked, “What is your distinguished self’s command?”

This male was rather handsome, to the point where he looked almost a bit feminine. His blonde hair’s color was extremely faint, giving him an extremely striking appearance. Even though the base of his uniform was similar to that of the Black Dragonriders, his entire left arm was covered in a sinister-looking dark red. If the Black Dragonriders’ light golden patterns carried a stifling pressure, than the dark red signified blood and deep terror. 

The Blood Parliament’s House of Judgment was a place that people weren’t even willing to talk about. The arbitration officials of the House of Judgment were like devils that crawled out from the underworld. They were like snakes hiding within the darkness, ready to jump out and attack at any time. They would then use deadly poison to slowly torment their enemies, but they normally wouldn’t allow their prey to die so easily. Death, in their eyes, was a type of mercy for their enemies. In the eyes of these individuals who were like a mix between a devil and a poisonous snake, most of their enemies were actually within their own organization. 

The female on the platform didn’t make any movements. There was only a downcast and slightly rough sounding voice that sounded from an unknown origin. “When will my sword be repaired?”

The young arbitration official looked at his watch and replied, “There is still thirty one minutes and fifty-five seconds, your distinguished self.”

“In forty minutes, send it to me. In forty five minutes, we will depart. Leave and make the preparations. Apart from that, call Peperus here.”

Her voice was dull and without any emotion, as if it was a mechanical voice. However, her voice did not contain any leeway for refute or doubt. 

The young arbitration official respectfully accepted the orders and quietly left through the side door. A minute later, a short, red-haired young lady with an ice cold face entered. She looked extremely young, perhaps under twenty years of age. However, she also wore the uniform of an arbitration official. The multi-function lens around her right eye that could display various information, carry out calculations, and other various tasks was rather eye-catching as well. She walked all the way to the edge of the sermon platform before stopping. It was clear that her status was much higher than that of the young male that appeared just now. 

The red-haired young lady paid her respects and said, “Peperus has waited for your esteemed self’s orders.”

After a few minutes of silence, the woman on the sermon platform returned from her contemplation. “Pepe, are there any movements from the Black Dragonriders’ side?”

Regardless of whether it was from the name that was used or her tone, it seemed like the relationship between Peperus and herself wasn’t normal. Peperus said, “There is a bit of difference within the innermost files of the Black Dragonriders, but nothing much can be seen on the surface. In addition, the Fabregas family and a small family seem to have had dealings with a small family, secretly transferring military and arms. Even though the scale isn’t large, it still isn’t normal. In addition, the Arthur family will have some changes in the future. O’Brien will replace his older sister Persephone in taking control over the family’s forces and command.”

“This means that…”

Peperus thought for a moment before saying, “I believe that they are keeping some information from us.”

“Get to the bottom of this.”

“Understood!” Peperus gave a short and powerful reply. 

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