Book 1 Chapter 21.4

Book 1 Chapter 21.4 - Natives

The natives’ leader hiding within the trees still didn’t dare move. Instead, another female that was sitting on a throne stood up and pointed at Su before shouting something. Ten natives that were more daring carefully surrounded him, and one of them pierced his spear several centimeters into Su’s leg. Su’s body only instinctively shook a bit. He didn’t wake up.

The natives immediately became more brave, and they began to crowd over while shouting strangely. Spears were raised high into the sky one after another. They were going to pierce the individual who took the lives of so many of their clansmen full of holes!

“Enough! Let call it a day here!” Within the forest, the captain’s voice that sounded like metal grinding could be heard.

For the normal natives, the captain’s words didn’t carry any effect. After all, they couldn’t even understand what he was saying. However, the captain had his own way of adding persuasiveness to his words. Following a deafening gunshot, large numbers of lead pellets flew out like a black cloud, seeming to brush past Su’s body as they flew out. In addition, all of the natives in the way were blasted full of holes.

The power of the pellets made the surviving natives develop a newfound recognition of the captain’s words. The dozen or so corpses on the ground were a perfect example, and the fear of death seemed to suppress even the natives’ hatred towards metal.

“You’ve come to kill our people again!” The female native used human speech to shout. She was clearly full of anger.

The captain shook off the four ammunition shells that were releasing smoke and blew into the gun barrel. He stuck the two empty guns into his pants. Then he released a large grin and said to the female leader with a smile, “Either way, you all multiply into so many so quickly. I am just helping you guys out, and I only come once every year. Little beauty, I think I met you last year. At that time, you were just a little brat! Let me think, what were you called again? Sa something yi?

The female leader’s face was furious and serious. In a strict tone, she said, “I have already grown up, and now, I am the kingdom’s princess! I hope that you can treat me with a basic level of respect! Also, my name is Safuyi. Don’t forget it! That is extremely rude!”

The captain erupted into loud laughter and said, “Good, good! Then sa something yi, I will give you respect. Once you grow a little older, I might even have some interest in you. Unfortunately, you are all too small and can’t take on my big fellow! Who is that fellow that runs as fast as a rabbit? Your husband?”

“My older brother.” Safuyi replied.

She watched as the captain walked over to Su’s side and kicked away the surrounding natives’ corpses and couldn’t help but get angry. This anger seemed to even exceed her fear towards the captain. She jumped down from the throne and roared like a little lion, “You can’t treat the corpses of warriors like that! In the past, haven’t you all only hunted outside the forests? Why did you enter the heart of the forest to kill our most outstanding soldiers this time?

When the captain placed Su onto his shoulder, blood immediately soaked that area. He shrugged and said, “It’s all this fellow’s fault. Only this fellow could slaughter all the way here. Moreover, it wasn’t the first time he left me shocked. I originally thought that he would only be able to persist for ten minutes under your encirclement and never thought that he would actually endure for almost an hour! I almost like him a bit. Alright, little sa something yi, I don’t have any obligation to explain myself to you. I admire your bravery, but when bravery crosses a certain threshold, it becomes stupidity. Don’t test my patience. Look, your heroic older brother is quite smart and knows when to back off, no longer showing his face. Alright, I have to go. I’ll come to see you again next year!”

Safuyi was so angry her eyes became completely round. Last year, her bravery left a deep impression on the captain. She was so young, yet her courage exceeded her clansmen. However, for the entire forest, the captain was an undefyable demon. No matter how brave she was, it was still useless.

The captain was like a bulldozer as he created a path through the forest under his feet with Su on his shoulder. Only when his figure disappeared far away did the natives dare to move again.

The captain’s large footsteps tyrannically tore apart and flattened all shrubs that dared to block his path. When these man-eating shrubs with incredible vitality were trampled on, they quickly withered and died. Even if only a single leaf was crushed under those boots, they still met the same fate. The shrubs were rather intelligent. After several of them were trampled to death, no signs of them appeared in the captain’s path again.

Upon exiting the forest, one would approach the mountains. At the base of the mountains was a flat grassland, and parked on top of the grassland was the old plane that sent Su here. Flying Bear was currently smoking on one of the wings, his ashy white hair blown all over the place by the mountain wind. When he saw the captain walk over from the distance, he jumped down from the wing and tossed the cigarette butt onto the ground before putting it out with a step.

Plop. The captain tossed Su onto the grassland like a broken sack. Flying Bear carefully extracted a gray-colored case from the leather bag at his waist. He slowly opened it and removed one of the two loaded syringes before injecting it into Su’s upper arm.

Haha, when did you suddenly become so generous.” The captain was clearly a bit shocked.

Flying Bear threw away the already empty syringe. With an indifferent expression, he said, “Seeing how long you left for, I can tell that his potential far exceeded your expectations. Moreover, based on what you said, the kid seems to be quite excellent, so using this stuff on him isn’t that much of a waste. I’m already old, so this kind of plaything is already useless to me.”

The captain didn’t say anything. He merely handed Flying Bear a wrinkled cigarette and lit it for him.

Flying Bear took a deep breath and spat out a smoke ring. Then, he said, “Let’s go. This place is going to snow in half an hour. I don’t want to spend the night in this shitty place! Right, what about the mosquitoes over there? Is there a need to scare them a bit?”

The captain pulled at his collar and said, “It’s just some trash that came here to scout, there’s no need to treat them too seriously. I’m wearing my military uniform right now, so if they truly dare to open fire against a captain, I can promise that there would be trouble for them.”

Flying Bear began to laugh loudly. “Those generals definitely wouldn’t take action for some old captain. You should just give up on that thought! Ah hahaha!”

The captain’s face was truly too dark, so no signs of embarrassment could be seen at all. Only after a bit of time had passed did he spit and say fiercely, “If not for the fact that this plane has to bring me back, I truly wish a rotten fellow like you would crash into a mountain!”

“If that was the case, then what would break would be the mountain!” Flying Bear laughed loudly.

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