Book 1 Chapter 21.3

Book 1 Chapter 21.3 - Natives

Su breathed heavily while kneeling on the ground. His left hand was supporting his body on the ground, and his right hand tightly clenched one of the natives’ spears. After numerous intense confrontations, his dagger had already been lost who knows where. He was breathing heavily again and again here, and each time the oxygen entered his lungs, that inflicted so much pain on his chest that he began to twitch. 

After issuing orders to various parts of his body, he only received response from roughly half. Moreover, Su’s stomach was completely empty. The nutrient-filled food and water had long turned into fuel for fighting. He was hungry, so incredibly hungry. However, there was no food right now, and there was no time to eat. 

In Su’s line of sight, the countless natives that flickered within the large trees had already become a bit blurry. His eyelids were so heavy he felt like they were made of lead. He just wanted to lie on the ground and sink into a deep slumber. 

Another spear appeared from Su’s back, soundlessly piercing towards his waist like lightning. The edge of the spear was only a few centimeters from Su’s flesh, but the flesh it aimed at suddenly swelled! When the spear tried to hack at his skin, it was as if it was trying to pierce through several layers of sturdy leather. It was difficult for it to even pierce the slightest bit further. 

When the native pulled back the spear and was about to pierce out again, Su suddenly turned his body around. The spear in his right hand had already been sent out with a speed that increased several times, instantly slicing through the native’s throat! When the point of the spear had just been sent out, it was pulled back. Right now, Su could not waste even the slightest bit of energy. 

He once again returned to his previous posture, quietly squatting there. Only now, he had switched direction. 

Several dozen meters out, over a hundred natives had gathered together. These natives had split into two groups respectively around two seats. On top of the seats sat a well dressed pair of man and woman. They seemed rather young, and what was different from normal natives was that their appearances were more similar to that of a human’s. The male was more handsome, and the female was pretty. They were just like smaller humans, with only their heads being a bit larger proportionally. 

They looked at Su with undisguised hatred and respect. A male native suddenly spoke. “Do not take any more lives. Lower your defenses right now, and I can give you a warrior’s burial.” What he spoke was actually human speech. Apart from his accent being a bit strange, the articulation was good and the pronunciation was clear. 

Su laughed, but didn’t reply. 

Three native fighters with brightly colored feathers all over their bodies walked out. They were clearly more robust than the other natives, and right now, they walked around him to surround him from three different corners. One of them used a spear to strike towards the spear in Su’s hand, and the other two fighters aimed at Su’s right and left ribs. 

Su’s wrist lightly flickered, and the spear bounced off of the native’s spear. Then, borrowing its force, it hacked through that fighter’s throat like a streak of lightning. Then, his body twisted unnaturally at a strange angle. The two spears stuck close to his body as they passed by, drawing two bloody streaks on Su’s body. 

Su released a low shout. The spear in his hand shot out like lightning, and with two soft bo bo sounds, the remaining two native fighters’ throats were pierced!

Su slowly withdrew his body and returned to his original stance. The bandages around his body were all sliced apart and in pieces. Right now, he was practically naked, revealing his perfect and powerful body. However, the bright and clean jade-like skin was covered in wounds both large and small, as if there wasn’t a single piece of skin that wasn’t damaged!

With Su at the center, over a hundred native fighters had collapsed, all of which had their throats pierced by a spear. From the time he started fleeing to when he was surrounded, an entire half-hour had passed. 

During this pursuit, Su had long lost count of how many times he had been shot and sliced at. Even though his body had already developed a high level of immunity towards the poison the natives used, the accumulation of the poison still had an affect on him. In addition, he had lost too much blood. Even though Su had already tried to minimize his injuries as much as possible, there were too many wounds. He already felt his body starting to become numb and his movements become sluggish. Moreover, all of his senses were slowing down, to the point where it was hard to detect the natives that were stealthily approaching. The natives had already discovered that the blow darts were ineffective against Su, so they instead used the powerful spears. The great blood loss was inevitable. 

After being struck, he retaliated and stabbed his spear into their throats; this process was repeated again and again during this half-hour. The wounds on his body were exchanged for the lives of the native fighters. It wasn’t for the sake of victory, nor was it for the sake of breaking free. It was just for the sake of holding on a bit longer. 

The number of natives that surrounded this place already numbed in the thousands. Even though they continued to carry out exchanges like this, Su reckoned that in his current state, he would only be able to kill a dozen or so more. 

The man that sat on the throne stood up. He shouted out loudly and grabbed a long spear. While holding the spear, killing intent erupted. He leapt off the throne and walked over towards Su. 

Su’s eyes quickly shrunk, and he secretly gathered his body’s strength. This was an opportunity that was too perfect. If the leader of the natives truly dared to approach, Su might be able to capture him. At the very least, he would be able to carry out mutual destruction. 

When the native leader reached ten meters from Su, he suddenly stood still. He pointed the bone spear at Su and cried out loudly. Several dozen natives swarmed around to submerge Su!

The leader seemed extremely happy when he saw that he had fooled Su. He faced the sky and roared with laughter! Before he finished laughing, he suddenly felt a wave of heat rushing over. Then, heavy breathing that sounded like that of an enormous beast’s could be heard from the forest. 

Su stood perfectly straight. His body released great heat, and almost every wound on his body was dripping with blood. Scarlet streaks covered his entire body, forming a clear contrast with his pure white skin. What was especially terrifying was that all of the native fighters that had surrounded him were now lying on the ground. 

Su reached the front of the natives’ leader with a few steps, and then he reached out to grab the top of his head! Facing critical danger, the leader finally displayed his powerful strength. He quickly backed up, and at the same time, the bone spear jumped out towards Su’s palm! With this single movement, Su decided that it was quite possible that he might not be able to catch this small person whose dexterity was not any less than his own in his current state. As such, only when the palm of his hand touched the bone spear did he turn his hand around and directly grab the bone spear’s tip.

The natives’ leader released a shrill scream. The bone spear spun horizontally, and then it jerked backwards! The spearpoint suddenly split into three segments, and each segment had additional spikes. This kind of twisting motion immediately turned Su’s palm into a bloody mess. However, Su still grabbed the spearpoint tightly, and the bone spear was locked down in the air just like that, unable to be pulled back. 

The reaction speed of the natives' leader couldn't be considered slow. He immediately let go of the bone spear and turned around to run. With a few large strides, he already ran into a dense cluster of shrubbery, not even giving Su the chance to return the spear. 

Su’s body became more and more heated. He persistently held onto the bone spear and ran towards the natives that were crowding around the leader! Blow darts, spears, and bone blades fell down onto him like rain. All of Su’s muscles tightened. Using his arms to cover his head and face, he suddenly increased speed and collided head on into the projectiles!

Within pi pa sounds, the spears were all broken, with the spearheads buried in Su’s body. The attacking natives flew backwards one after another. The three natives in front of Su were skewered one after another by the bone spear and then flung backwards. 

With a loud noise, the several hundred natives that were holding up the throne were scattered. The delicate and heavy throne was heavily thrown onto the ground. 

Su walked over to the throne, and under the eyes of countless natives, he easily tossed the heavy throne over ten meters into the air!

Following a deep shout from Su, his bone spear flew out like a rocket and struck the throne that was still rising! A loud boom sound rang out, and the symbol of the natives’ authority was smashed apart in midair! 

The forest was completely quiet. Even though Su’s body was covered in blood with over ten broken spears stuck on his body, not a single native dared to walk up to cut or pierce him. 

Su wanted to laugh, but his vision became dark, and he collapsed.

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