Book 1 Chapter 20.3

Book 1 Chapter 20.3 - Longing

She was still lying rigidly on the ground, unable to move a single muscle. However, when she saw Su, her eyes became filled with ecstasy. Su squatted down next to her and removed her clothes. Then, below her left breast, he found a small blow dart wound. Su pressed a few times around the wound, then his hand suddenly exerted force. The wound immediately spewed out a gush of black blood, and small bits of the broken arrowhead could be seen inside the blood.

Su rummaged through her body and found a small medicine bag. Inside of it was a special detoxifying syringe. This was the basic medical bag, and almost every cadet had one on them.

Five minutes after the injection, Xie Na’s hands and feet began to tremble, slowly restoring the ability to move. However, her movements were still slow and sluggish.

“Thank you. You saved me again.” When she could speak again, this was the first thing she said.

The tension in Su’s cold exterior began to ease a bit. However, right now, his face was covered behind bandages, and as such, Xie Na couldn’t see his expression at all. “My intent wasn’t to save you, but rather to kill these things.” This was Su’s style of responding once again.

Xie Na laughed and slowly walked to Su’s side. She picked up a spear from the ground and broke off the shaft, turning it into a dagger. Then, she said, “I will withdraw from this battle. However, I can ensure my own safety in my departure. You don’t need to worry about me. In reality, all those that could persevere until now aren’t weak, don’t you think?”

Su hesitated for a bit, but in the end, he still shook his head. Based on his analysis of the situation, if Xie Na, who had lost her weapons encountered three natives, her chances of living were lower than thirty percent. Only by sending her far away from this forest could she be considered safe. Of course, this wasn’t an absolute amount of safety, and it would just be increasing her chances of survival. However, that was already not bad, and Su couldn’t do any more for her.

Xie Na walked extremely slowly. Her right leg was still completely rigid, and it seemed like the poison on her body had not completely disappeared. In this type of state, forget about three natives, even a single native could easy suppress her.

Su silently walked over, placing Xie Na on his back before heading for the outside of the forest. Su’s pace was steady, and even though his speed was great, it was extremely stable, not stirring up Xie Na’s wounds at all. She ended up placing her arms around Su’s arms anyway and smiled sweetly. In her right hand was the self-defense spearhead weapon.

“Thank you…” Xie Na moved her body, and then she said this softly next to Su’s ear. Her body began to heat up, and her full chest pressed tightly against Su’s back.

Su suddenly stopped his footsteps. His right hand lowered, firmly grabbing her right wrist! Xie Na’s wrist was suddenly full of power and as rigid as stone, completely unlike what it looked like on the outside. She held this spearhead tightly and resisted against Su’s strength and tried to stab deeper and deeper. Even though Su’s strength completely surpassed hers so much that she couldn’t budge an inch, before Su grabbed her wrist, the spearhead had already pierced ten centimeters into his right abdomen!

Xie Na couldn’t pierce any deeper, and as a result, she stepped on Su’s back and soared backwards. After making a flip in the air, she nimbly landed on the ground. There wasn’t any sign of her previous immobility.

Her two legs were extremely powerful, forcing Su to take a few steps forward before stabilizing himself. Su turned around and looked at Xie Na who was several meters out, and then he looked at his abdomen. He reached out his hand to hold onto the spearhead. He slowly pulled it out while asking, “Why?” His tone was so flat that it sounded as if he was talking about someone unrelated to him .

Xie Na pulled back the dishevelled hair from her forehead. Her sharp eyes stared at Su’s injuries, watching as the bandages were dyed in more and more blood. Then, she laughed and said, “Not bad, you have saved me twice. Moreover, this time, if it wasn’t for you, I would have definitely been eaten by those monsters. I did not want to do this either. You are an extremely good person and might become a great lover in the future. I also believe that if you graduate from this training camp, there will be a day when your reputation in the Black Dragonriders becomes extremely outstanding. However, those are all what ifs, and that scene will never come to happen. Your life is extremely valuable right now. Someone has paid an extremely high price for this single slot of becoming a Black Dragonrider.”

“Just for these things?” Su asked while adjusting the bandages around himself, tightly binding his injury.

“These things are already enough to make one abandon all dignity.” Xie Na looked at Su with a bit of sadness. She didn’t stop him from wrapping up his injury. The paralysis poisoning from the spears and blow darts were things that she experienced herself not too long ago, so she knew that these weren’t things that a human’s body could defend against. Moreover, the poison would gradually destroy the nervous system the longer it was in the body, and from then on, they would become permanently paralyzed. Xie Na thought that dealing with Su this way wasn’t that bad, because once the nervous system was broken, he wouldn’t feel any pain. After wrapping up the injury, Su could live a bit longer. She did not wish for Su to die, because the rewards were higher if he was brought back alive. Xie Na laughed at herself when she realized she wouldn’t want Su to die even if these rewards weren’t there. If Su ended up in the employer’s hands while alive, it meant more suffering. Doing things like this made her feel a bit better, because at the very least, Su wouldn’t die at her hands. However, his end would be more tragic.

“Who offered the money?” Su finished binding his wounds and tightly clenched the dagger in his hands before calmly asking.

“Cook family.” Xie Na laughed bitterly. Her appearance really wasn’t bad, and at this time, her expression seemed somewhat sad and moving.

“It was Cook?” This reply was clearly out of Su’s expectations. He originally thought that what he would hear would be the Fabregas family, but he never thought that it would actually be Cook’s family. Even though his time in the Black Dragonriders wasn’t long, Su began to understand a bit more about the enormous system assembled around the Blood Parliament. The Cook family wasn’t all that illustrious and couldn’t be compared to the Fabregas family that was second only to the three great families. At the very least, even a captain like Curtis could look down on them. However, what was the most unexpected was that wasn’t the one that raped Xie Na and planned to let his subordinates do the same this very Cook?

“I am just a woman, a woman without any backing.” Xie Na spoke quite a bit today. “I don’t have any way to resist a family like Cook’s. When young Cook died, their family’s people found me and determined that I was one of the main culprits that doomed their young Cook to die. They threatened that if I don’t kill or capture you, when I come out from the training camp, they will catch me. Then, they would destroy my abilities and sell me as a prostitute. The only way of avoiding them is to become a formal Black Dragonrider. However, you also know that there will only be a single real member in this training camp, so it’s impossible for me to earn that spot. Even though I will help them catch you, I still cannot obtain this spot. At the very least, however, there will be money, a lot of money. Moreover, the Cook family has even promised to arrange a spot for me in the future.”

She continued to struggle inwardly, and she had confidence in the poison, so she wasn’t afraid of Su stalling for time. Seeing Su stand there with such stillness that he didn’t even sway in the slightest, she decided that his muscles were already starting to become rigid. However, the bloodstain at his waist no longer enlarged. When Xie Na saw this, she began to feel a bit more relieved.

“Just for these things?” Su asked again.

His expression and tone made her face suddenly erupt with flames. The blood inside of her seemed to surge to her head as she cried out involuntarily, “Yes, just for these! These are enough for me to sell you out, sell myself out, and even sell out everything! I started sleeping with men from twenty years of age, and at least half of my current status and abilities were exchanged for with my body. I don’t have any backing or astonishing talent. Apart from my face being a bit prettier than normal, there isn’t any other part that is good! I want to become a Black Dragonrider, because with that identity, I wouldn’t have to sleep with others day after day like a bitch! You have a supporter, a backing, so how could you understand the sufferings of a nobody like me?!”

Su remained silent for a moment. His years of survival in the wilderness flashed past his mind. He sighed and said softly, “Right, these reasons are already enough.”

The dagger in Su’s hand made an elegant flip, and the blade was pointed towards Xie Na. Su began to walk towards Xie Na.

“You… weren’t you poisoned?” Xie Na couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Su wasn’t walking that fast, but his movements were smooth and natural. Moreover, with Su’s skills that could even kill Cook, Xie Na believed that she definitely wouldn’t be his match.

Should she resist? When this thought passed Xie Na’s mind, Su’s movements suddenly increased several fold. The five meters of distance was covered in a instant, and Su arrived in front of Xie Na’s face.

The compound dagger and its lusterless edge had already been aimed at Xie Na’s throat.

Xie Na finally understood why Cook died so quickly back then. The time it took for Su to enter his fastest speed was just too short, short to the point that it exceeded the limit of human capabilities. This type of intense change would confuse an enemy’s perception and reaction, causing them to make an error in judgment. For people like Xie Na and Cook who received standard combat training, they relied on their instincts to counterattack. During a physical struggle, the slightest error could prove fatal.

The edge of the dagger once again placed her on the brink of death. She breathed hurriedly and carefully tried to move her neck backwards as far from the blade as possible. At the same time, she stuck out her chest to drag out her breathing, making her rising and falling chest appear even more captivating. Towards her chest, she was still rather satisfied. Even though it wasn’t particularly large, it was still rather firm and upright.

Now that she fell into Su’s hands, Xie Na no longer had any expectations for her own survival. In this forest, Su, who could resist the natives’ poison, was the true king. It was impossible for her to break free from Su’s control. Right now, all she could wish for was for him to not immediately kill her, and instead rape her first. If that was the case, she might be able to give him enough pleasure to obtain a chance at life.

For Xie Na, living was more important than anything.

Su looked at Xie Na’s eyes. He sighed again and retracted the dagger. In an overcast voice, he said, “When I saved you this time, I wanted to make you my comrade, because a group of wolves will always be stronger than a single wolf. Unfortunately, it seems like I made a mistake. However, since I once considered you a comrade, then I will let you go. However, it will only be this once! You can leave.”

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