Book 1 Chapter 20.2

Book 1 Chapter 20.2 - Longing

The explosion was extremely violent. The blast wave easily sent the surrounding natives flying, and the bone fragments became extremely effective killing instruments.

The blast radius was an entire 10 meters. Most of the natives were directly blasted to death in midair. They fell onto the ground like cloth sacks with their limbs distorted in all types of odd ways. Only a single one was able to hang on to its life. Because those shrubs were a bit farther away, they only lost a few branches and leaves.

The trap that Mad Dog set up didn’t contain a shred of metal. Everything was constructed from a combination of things that imitated explosives, and following the explosion, the shattered bones of the corpse would become fatal weapons. The trap was simple, effective, direct, and treacherous.

The far off Su felt the explosion, but he only gave that direction a look before departing with increased speed. At this moment, he could already clearly feel a powerful threat chasing after him. Even though he couldn’t ascertain whether the danger came from the natives or his training camp peers, it made no difference. In fact, it was entirely possible that his training camp peers might even be a bit more dangerous.

It was the same as in the past. Su was going to carefully wait as he moved, waiting for the moment his opponent made a mistake.

When he was making his way through an empty space in the jungle, Su suddenly stopped moving. He squatted down and carefully inspected the ground. The grass was messy and lying flat on the ground, clearly having been trampled on recently.

The traces extended deep into the forest. What lied in that direction was no longer the short shrubbery, but instead the dense and gloomy forest. Tall and lofty trees hid the skies and covered the earth.

Su followed the tracks. The closer he approached the forest, the more traces he noticed. Eventually, there were even footprints left in stone and mud! It seemed like this was the base of the natives. A few roads were even created from the trampled weeds.

Su hesitated before proceeding into the forest like a ghost. He softly and nimbly leapt into the air. Drawing support from a tree branch, his body once again ascended before disappearing into the dense treetops.

He carefully explored his surroundings within the branches and leaves. Not only did he have to avoid the primitive organisms that lived in these trees, he also couldn’t make any loud noises that would alarm the natives.

Under these types of circumstances, his overclocked hearing, night vision capabilities, and strengthened sense of smell could all be put to great use. Ten minutes passed. Su finished examining this region that couldn’t be considered small. He noticed that most of the natives moved by foot, but they could clearly climb trees with exceptional skill as well. This was quite evident from the fact that he could sense the natives’ scent left behind on a few slender branches located extremely high up.

The natives had an extremely thick scent. It wasn’t a repulsive smell, but it was a bit bitter and astringent. It was the same smell as the poison that rested within their venomous fangs.

Disarrayed footsteps suddenly sounded from outside the forest, as well as the shouting of the natives. Su was startled. He moved through the treetops with incomparable nimbleness and reached the edge of the forest. Then, he concealed himself.

A group of natives walked over from outside the forest. It seemed like there were ten or so individuals, all of them dressed in extremely similar attire. Two individuals were at the front, and two were at the back. The seven or eight in the middle were carrying a woman. At the very end of the group walked a native that was clearly more powerful and robust than the other natives. A few feathers were stuck on its forehead, and in its hands was a bone blade carved from the bone of a beast. The edge of the blade was covered with sharp teeth.

The body of the woman they carried was completely rigid, and only her two eyes moved about in an alarmed and helpless maner. This woman was precisely Xie Na who Su had saved before. Seeing her stupefied and rigid expression, it was clear that she had been infected by a neurotoxin that paralyzed her entire body.

Su could see Xie Na’s eyes. From this distance and angle, he could see her, but it was impossible for her to see him. Moreover, she was currently experiencing utter fear, so there was no way she could detect the skillfully hidden Su.

Su felt some hesitation. He thought back to what the captain had previously said, about how only a team would be able to deal with these natives. Su’s body moved, and like a snake, he soundlessly made his way down the tree trunk. The muscles on his body continuously rose and fell as he moved about along the uneven tree bark.

When Su’s inverted body reached the ground, the group of natives had just passed by below him. Su’s legs that were fastened to the tree loosened, allowing his body to perfectly fall onto the native soldier all the way in the back.

That soldier’s perception was also quite sharp. As soon as Su descended, he abruptly raised his head and released a cry of fear!

A muffled pu sounded. Su’s dagger that was aimed straight down was actually blocked! The bone dagger’s hardness was exceedingly good, and when it came into contact with Su’s composite dagger, it actually only left behind a white streak. His strength was also unexpectedly great, actually stopping Su’s downward momentum.

The dagger and bone blade were locked in a stalemate. Su’s body suddenly erupted with a wave of power and pushed back that bone blade. The dagger’s sharp edge immediately hacked into the native’s throat!

Su fell down together with the native warrior. Then his body softly bounced up. Not only did he seize the bone blade, he also removed the blowdart from the native’s waist. He moved it to his mouth, and with a blow, the arrow flew out like a streak of lightning, piercing through the nape of a native’s neck. The native immediately released loud cries and jumped high into the air. However, while in midair, his body suddenly became rigid, and he fell heavily onto the ground.

Su had no time to be shocked at the poison’s effectiveness. He flung the bone blade, sending it flying out close to the ground. The flying bone blade whistled past, slicing through the legs of several natives who couldn’t get out of the way in time! Then, Su immediately backed up. Light pu pu sounds rang out. Three spears appeared on the ground where he was standing on just now, deeply embedded into the ground. The tail of the spear was still shaking back and forth.

When Su was still in midair, just by relying on the muscles in his lower back, he suddenly attached himself to the back of a tree and disappeared.

The four natives with their strength still intact released bizarre shouts and all jumped into the air. Their height was barely over a meter, yet their leaping strength was extremely astonishing, easily allowing them to jump over three meters in height. Then, they stuck to trees one after another like nimble leopard cats. They moved behind the tree to search for Su’s tracks. However, the back of the tree was completely empty, and Su definitely wouldn’t leave behind any traces.

While the natives were at a loss as they looked everywhere for Su’s traces, the natives crawling on the ground suddenly saw Su making his way over while sticking close to the ground. While holding the dagger in reverse, he quickly rushed over!

Su’s forward motion was an elegant ‘S’ shape. The dark gray dagger danced about, slicking open the necks of the injured natives one after another. For almost all humanoid creatures, the neck was a crucial point. When Su sliced open the native he killed earlier and saw the arteries and nerves along its neck, he became even more sure of this fact.

In just a few seconds, Su already dealt with those injured natives. He turned around and rushed towards the large trees!

When the four natives made their way back around the tree, the first one to show its head immediately faced Su head on! Su held the dagger in reverse with the handle against his chest and the blade sticking outwards. Meanwhile, the native had just leapt up, so the dagger completely inserted itself into its chest! Su’s strong charge brought the native into the air, and then both parties slammed fiercely into a tree! Su’s muscles fiercely pushed outwards. The short and intense force caused the native’s breastbone to release a crisp braking sound. It struggled for a bit, and then a large amount of bloody suds spewed out from its mouth. Its body went limp soon after.

Su’s body had already flown backwards, approaching the remaining three natives. His dagger turned into a sphere of gray light. It drew a semi-circle in the air before flying out from the group of natives soon after and stopping after it travelled several meters.

Three natives fell onto the ground one after another with deep gashes running through their throats. They were too short, so even if Su wanted to attack another key point, it wouldn’t be easy.

When all of the natives fell, Su staggered a bit and almost fell onto the ground. Large amounts of blood began to seep out from the bandages around his waist, and his movements clearly became more rigid. Su bent his waist with difficulty and pulled out a blowdart from his calf with his fingers that didn’t seem to want to bend at all. He tossed it onto the ground and then straightened his body. Leaning against a tree, he continuously breathed in and out. After a whole ten minutes, the numbness within Su’s body gradually faded. Meanwhile, half of his waist had been dyed with red blood!

Su unwrapped the bandages around his waist and looked at the wound on his body. This was a wound left by a spear, and it had pierced him about ten centimeters. Right now, blood no longer continued to flow, but the wound that was frighteningly pale after losing all that blood had yet to close. The triangle shaped wound was extremely terrifying. Su clenched his teeth and once again wrapped his wound tightly with bandages. Then, he took a deep breath and slowly walked towards Xie Na.

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