Book 1 Chapter 19.1

Book 1 Chapter 19.1 - Slaughter

The temperature of the small barracks continuously increased, becoming so stuffy it was enough to make anyone flustered. In the darkness, accompanying heavy breathing sounds were heartbeats that sounded like the pounding of drums. 

Su was already holding the Magnum tightly. The originally ice cold gun had already become burning hot due to his scorching skin. He stared at the ceiling and continuously breathed. Each time he breathed out, it would be air that was over 60 degrees celcius. Su’s silk like skin flushed with an abnormal color, and under his skin, it could be seen that his blood was pumping at an inconceivable speed through his vessels. Su was like a volcano that was ready to erupt at any moment. Meanwhile, the magma within the volcano was surging quicker and quicker under the stimulation of danger. 

Su’s body began to continuously tremble, and eventually, he even began to bounce slightly off the bed. At first, the bed would release sounds, but as Su’s body sprung higher, the metal bed actually didn’t make any more noise!

Each time he made contact with the metal bed, Su’s back muscles would always slightly protrude and then precisely retract, cushioning the massive impact each time. His body then popped up, bringing him even higher. Based on the original rhythm, after four or five ups and downs, Su’s temperature would reach the highest point. The danger outside of his barracks seemed like it would reach its peak in a bit, because the killing intent wasn’t sharp enough to give him a prickling sensation yet. 

Then, Su suddenly felt a barely detectable constraint, and the pressure in the air seemed to have lowered a bit, leaving his chest feeling a bit stifled. With no reasoning as to why, his mind suddenly formed a single clear-cut individual that left him with a deep impression: Curtis. 

The captain was going to intervene; this was what Su’s intuition told him. 

As if without omen, the power stored up within Su’s body was discharged. Even though it hadn’t reached its peak, it still made his body drift into the air, practically reaching the ceiling!


The rough roar of a shot shook the iron plated wall until it trembled violently. The scorching bullet easy penetrated the wall and passed through the shoulder of a cadet that was already leaning against the wall. It smashed apart who knows how many organs and tissues before finally getting stuck in the pelvis bone. 

If the Magnum was compared to the new era pistols, then any user of the new pistol could pick out over a hundred shortcomings of the Magnum. However, there was one point they couldn’t deny, and that was that the Magnum’s explosive power was much greater than the absolute majority of the new era pistols. 

Only after firing this shot did Su change from a bizarre creature back to a human. His right hand and legs pressed on the ceiling, and his body suddenly dropped to the ground. When he was about to land on the ground, he stepped forcefully on the ground, allowing his body to suddenly change directions and smash towards the window like an artillery shell!

Under the ear-piercing sound of the iron sheets being torn apart, the metal shutter broke free of the frame and flew out. It flew past the tip of a cadet’s nose, giving him a fright!

With a bang sound, the shutter dropped onto the ground. The cadet that was in a panicked state had just retracted his gaze from the shutter when he saw the terrifyingly thick muzzle of the Magnum. 

The movement of Su pulling the trigger was slow and stable. No brutality or mercy could be seen in the green left eye, only ice cold indifference. It was as if what he was killing wasn’t a person, but something without the slightest bit of value. 

The cadet’s heart heavily pounded, and the gap between each heartbeat seemed incomparably long, so long that Su’s finger that was resting on the trigger didn’t seem to move. However, he knew that Su’s finger was still moving, moreover at a speed that wasn’t slow or fast. He also knew that the fully automatic multi-purpose rifle might as well be resting on the ground, unable to be raised at all. His fingers seemed to have lead poured over them, completely unable to pull the trigger.

He actually knew deep down that the reason the trigger couldn’t be pulled was because the gun’s safety mechanism hadn’t been completely unlocked. As long as his left hand stretched out a few centimeters in front of him and pressed the fingerprint safety device, the rifle could enter an automatic firing mode and not the current two strike firing mode. In reality, his finger was also moving, but right now, his body’s movements couldn’t match his mind’s reaction speed at all. While on the verge of death, his mental reaction speed had increased several dozen times, but his body couldn’t keep up at all. This signified that the time he had to understand his death was also prolonged by dozens of times. 

The cadet even began to wonder if he could clearly see the bullet fly over and shatter his brains. 

An expanse of intense radiance scattered over, shining on Su and the cadet’s body. The cadet’s consciousness immediately returned to normal, and fear together with fatigue overwhelmed him. Facing that dark black muzzle, he didn’t have the courage to dodge or counterattack, especially under the situation if Su stopped his finger’s movement. Towards the Magnum series olden era firearm, he didn’t know anything, not did he know how far Su’s finger had to pull back before the weapon was fired. However, what he knew extremely well was that this distance definitely wasn’t large, definitely but a millimeter away. As long as Su’s finger trembled slightly, his head would burst open. 

“Energetic youth, lower your weapons and step into the light. Don’t play around anymore!” Curtis’ unique metallic voice sounded. After more than ten days of demonic training, almost every cadet knew what violating the captain’s orders meant. Upon hearing the captain’s voice, the two cadets that were holding automatic rifles reluctantly walked over from the side of the barracks and stood under the glaring light. 

When these two individuals emerged, Su lowered his waist and placed the Magnum on the ground before calmly standing up and raising his arms. The reactions of the other three cadets was to immediately use their guns to point at Su, and one of them even had the urge to press the trigger. Following the captain’s order was only their second reaction, and then they hurriedly tossed their rifles onto the ground before standing perfectly straight. 

The captain carried a huge searchlight in his hands and looked at everyone with a sneer. The extremely heavy searchlight was as light as a toy in his hand. The electric cable winding around was like a thick python. 

With a tong sound, the searchlight was tossed onto the ground. The captain walked over towards the four individuals standing under the light, and the rubber rod in his hands maliciously jumped about. Almost every single cadet had a taste of this rubber rod, and when they saw this ordinary looking rod, everyone’s faces became a bit unnatural. Even Su’s body temperature began to climb up a bit abnormally. 

The captain looked at the three rifles and single pistol on the ground and then looked at them. Chuckling, he said, “You all really do have energy! Let me help you vent some heat!”

The rubber rod suddenly reached out and struck at Su’s abdomen! This strike was fast to an unusual degree. Su seemed to only see an afterimage and didn’t have any room to react before the intense pain transmitted to every part of his body. In that instant, Su seemed to feel as if all of his body’s nerves became scorching hot iron wires, and the link between his consciousness and the various parts of his body was cut off. Su involuntarily bent his body and kneeled onto the ground. Then, the second, and third strike landed on his back, causing him to completely drop to the ground. The captain even used his thick and solid military boots to hatefully add two kicks. 

Su collapsed onto the ground. His body and limbs were spasming uncontrollably. A breath was stuck in his chest that he couldn’t spit out. 

The other three were currently taking joy in Su’s suffering. As they apprehensively watched Su struggle on the ground and imagined what kind of feeling these five strikes brought, their line of sight was suddenly blocked by the captain’s massive, square-shaped body! As if at the same time, the three individuals all suffered a ruthless strike to their abdomens!

An unspeakable amount of suffering immediately sprung into these three’s minds, bringing about a huge blankness. When they struggled back to consciousness, they immediately tried to crawl up. After suffering the captain’s strike, every single one collapsed. How quickly they could crawl up from the ground meant how many extra kicks they would receive. Captain Curtis’ large boots were not any less terrifying than the rod. 

Fortunately, the three all seemed to match the Captain’s standards, so they didn’t receive another kick. Only when they began to rejoice did they notice that Su had already stood up. Even though his face was as white as paper, he still stood perfectly straight and not like the three of them that would twitch from time to time. As of this moment, the three cadets still couldn’t completely control their bodies’ muscles. 

“Youngster, you have guts!” The captain stared at Su and said these words that could either be praise or a curse. Only after a while did he continue, “Your hands and feet are quite fast, actually killing someone before I was able to get here. Fuck!”

“Thank you for the praise.” Su calmly replied. 

Su’s sentence infuriated the three cadets. The most daring one stared at him and uttered a sentence through the cracks of his teeth despite the captain standing nearby. “Your luck is good tonight! However, you already provoked huge trouble, and people will continuously find you! Who knows, tomorrow, this one might fuck you until you explode!”

Bang! The captain’s rod struck against his abdomen, immediately causing him to lie flat on the ground. 

Su looked at the two that were still standing and laughed. “Tonight, it is actually you three whose luck is good. I originally wanted to kill four people.”

Bang! Su also suffered a blow, and then he collapsed onto the ground. 

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