Book 1 Chapter 18.3

Book 1 Chapter 18.3 - Beginning of Ruin

Su calmly stood at the entrance and watched Cook just like that. The calm green eye released a light that was like water, extinguishing the flames of desire Cook had. He suddenly noticed that he already went flaccid.

Nothing could make Cook more angry than this. He forcefully pushed the woman in his arms away and turned around nakedly like that. He looked at Su, and after selecting the most vile words, he said, “You pale faced poor bastard, did you come here because your butt was itching and you wanted to earn a bit of money that way?”

The disturbance here had already startled the camp. Several cadets that wanted to take a shower walked over and noticed the two individuals on the ground who were barely alive as well as Su who was blocking up the door.

Through the wide open door, Cook saw that there were a few of his own people among those cadets and his other underlings that were currently hurrying over from the barracks. Cook smiled and looked Su up and down. He then thought of a few filthy thoughts. He liked beautiful women, and similarly liked beautiful men. Meanwhile, Su exceeded the category of beautiful men, but for some reason, Cook couldn’t get hard, making him exceptionally angry!

Cook’s underlings outside could clearly see their boss who wasn’t able to have his fun and immediately shouted loudly. A sturdy looking individual grabbed a steel rod from who knows where, and while grinding his teeth, he rushed over with a few steps.

Su stood there calmly without moving. Cook suddenly felt as if the night outside the door became completely dark!

The individual who rushed at Su with all his strength felt everything go black before his eyes. Immediately after, a loud bang sounded next to his ear, and then the world began to spin. At that instant, all of the barracks and people shifted to the side, and the ground was vertical.

Everyone else only saw the captain silently appear behind Su’s back and look towards the bathroom. Meanwhile, Cook’s hand used a terrifying speed to smash straight into the captain’s generous back before bouncing away into the distance. After swaying a few times, he collapsed onto the ground. After twitching a few times, he no could no longer climb up again.

“I heard that something interesting happened here?” The captain said coldly. His eyes swept over Su’s shoulders and continuously moved between Cook’s and that female cadet’s naked body.

After receiving a taste of the captain’s blow, Cook didn’t dare to act violently. He loosened his shoulder and said, “Me and her had a ‘fair’ battle. She lost, and I just took a bit of my spoils of war, that’s all.”

“He raped me!” The female cadet suddenly cried out. Being able to participate in this training camp meant that she obviously wasn’t an ordinary person. Even though she had just been ravaged, she could still free herself from the restrictions.

“Shut up!” The one who was angry wasn’t Cook, but instead Captain Curtis! The captain spat on the ground and cursed ‘fuck’. He then turned towards Su and said, “What do you say?”

“I want a fair battle.” Su seemed to be saying a matter that was completely off topic.

This was the most direct provocation! Cook roared with fury. The muscles on his entire body once again squirmed with terrifying strength, and even the muscles on his neck seemed to be jumping, displaying at least four levels of power. His declaration before the battle seemed to be uttered word for word between the cracks of his teeth. “Poor piece of shit, I will fuck you until you explode!”

The captain grabbed two daggers from who knows way and casually flung them. The daggers landed two meters in front of Cook and Su, then the captain said, “Good, I like ‘fair’. Bastards, hurry up and get your asses here!”

With a crashing sound, the metal door behind Su was closed. The captain turned around and smiled. He looked at the cadets one after another, his row of white teeth seeming more and more conspicuous.

“I believe that I have said that whoever wanted to test my intelligence I would make their IQ turn to zero.” The captain whose brains seemed to be crammed full of muscle said.

There were already some more cowardly cadets that were quietly sneaking away. Meanwhile, the remaining people felt that fleeing now would just more easily incur the captain’s wrath. Even though their legs were already trembling, they didn’t dare leave.

Inside the bathroom, Cook continued to stand there casually without a stitch of clothing. He sized Su up and down and then licked his lips. He laughed and said, “I like daggers! Brat, do you know that my strength isn’t the only thing that’s level four? My defensive power and agility are both also level four! I didn’t know that you liked that little girl. However, you really are too late. By the time you came, it was already my third time fucking her…”

Cook’s words suddenly stopped, because he saw that Su’s hair suddenly completely stood on end. They then slowly floated down like golden tassels.

Su began to walk forward step by step.

After taking two steps, Su was already running! The dagger on the ground received his footsteps’ vibration and suddenly soared up and flew into Su’s palm! The sleek edge of the blade reflected the bathroom’s lighting and scattered out an expanse of brilliant light.

Cook’s heart seemed to have stopped beating, and all of his blood drained downwards, leaving his brain completely empty! He instinctively noticed that there were only four steps, yet Su already reached his maximum speed. Meanwhile, his dagger was still inserted in the ground two meters away!

Under the captain’s shifting gaze, the camp became completely quiet. Those with the sharpest senses could vaguely hear a muffled snort sound within the bathroom.

With a crash, the bathroom door was opened again, and the one that emerged was Su. With a raise of his hand, a blood dyed dagger flew outwards and inserted itself into the drill ground. On the dagger was a piece of dripping wet flesh. Upon closer inspection, it was actually a man’s genitals!

With a rumbling sound, all of the cadets’ faces changed!

The corner of the captain’s eye jumped. Seeing Su’s eye that was pulsing with green flames, he only said a single sentence. “You can go back.”

Su walked back to the barracks with his back perfectly straight. The two cadets that were blocking his way immediately moved to the side, not willing to even make eye contact with him.

“Wait!” The female cadet that was humiliated just now ran to Su’s side and said in a quiet voice, “I’m Xie Na, thank you for helping me deal with that son of a bitch!”

Su’s pace maintained a uniform velocity without speeding up or slowing down in the slightest. He didn’t turn around and calmly said, “I just wanted to find an excuse to deal with him. It wasn’t for the sake of saving you.”

Xie Na stood there, stunned. She watched as Su entered the barracks and closed the doors in front of her. With a click sound, it was locked.

Captain Curtis watched everything without saying a word. He only pointed towards two of Cook’s underlings and said, “Go and bring out your boss’ corpse and toss it outside the camp! Also, remember to properly wash down the bathroom floors!”

It was the dead of night, yet the training camp wasn’t calm at all. A single individual crept out from the training camp and headed for the forest. Four other individuals carried weapons while separately trying to flank Su’s barracks from all sides. They had powerful automatic weapons in their hands, and the thin walls of the barracks definitely couldn’t clock these bullets.

Su was lying on his bed. His body emitted a frightening amount of heat. His breathing was drawn out in an exceptionally long manner, and air continuously entered and left his nose and mouth. His entire body seemed to have turned into a large windbox. Darkness surrounded the barracks, as if it was hiding an incomparably enormous beast.

As danger closed in on the barracks, Su’s right hand slowly grabbed the Magnum that was placed by his legs.

Meanwhile, in the camp’s forest, a business deal was currently being carried out.

Two tall and callous looking individuals in black stood at the center of the vacant land, quietly waiting for the cadet that was leaving camp. The cadet wasn’t that tall, and compared to others, his age was a bit greater. His face didn’t reveal much expression, and he seemed a bit plain spoken. He walked over to the vacant area and stood still without saying a word.

The two individuals in black looked at the electronic tablet in their hands and asked, “Robertson?”

“You call can call me Mad Dog.” Robertson replied in a slightly slow manner.

The two individuals in black looked at each other, and one of them said, “We know your past, and also know that you are a specialist in mountain and forest combat. This time, we looked for you to have you kill a person, someone in the training camp. Reward is two hundred thousand.”

Mad Dog looked at the two dressed in black in front of him and said, “It seems like I cannot refuse?”

“Since you’ve seen us, you cannot refuse.”

Mad Dog released an eerie laugh and said, “Alright, let me see who it is that is worth two hundred thousand. Either way, this doesn’t seem to conflict with my mission.”

A photograph was handed to Mad Dog’s hand. The picture seemed to be completely black and white, except for a slight bit of color.

It was a green-colored eye.

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