Book 1 Chapter 18.2

Book 1 Chapter 18.2 - Beginning of Ruin

Su’s keen vision saw that the captain held two containers of nutrient-filled food in his hands. His eyes immediately activated glimmer sight, but he still maintained his calm voice and said yes. 

The captain gave Su’s body a look and then said in a meaningful tone, “A soldier that can eat is a good soldier!”

He tossed the two containers of nutrient-filled food towards Su and closed the barracks’ door. Then, his heavy footsteps gradually disappeared into the distance. 

Su’s impression of this captain that was sturdy like black metal ingots improved a bit. The next day, he noticed that his training amount had increased another 20%.

15 days of physical training passed extremely quickly. After the training period ended, only 21 cadets were left. What was a bit unexpected was that the five female cadets were all still here. At this time, Su already understood that the captain’s training regiment always remained at each individual’s limit. However, if their will was lacking in the slightest bit, then they wouldn’t be able to last until the end. At that time, they would either quit, or they would accept the punishment. After seeing the cadet that had a nervous breakdown, few people willingly took on the captain’s rubber rod and would rather back out. 

The captain’s training seemed endless. Each person had their own personalized training program, and all of them were aimed at their weakest points. For example, Su seemed to be training his strength practically every moment he was awake. Continuing fifteen days like this, even if Su didn’t didn’t have any abilities in body strengthening, his fundamental strength still became vastly greater. However, this left Su a bit confused. He was a bit confused on the reason behind pointlessly training strength. Typically speaking, not everyone needed to develop in all aspects due to their different talents. Training in different fields would only yield half the result for twice the effort. Moreover, for Su who always survived in the wilderness, agility and perception were always far more important than strength. Of course, the most important ability was still luck. 

Once the physical training ended, it was time to select suitable equipment. Based on what the captain had said, from here on out, it would be combat training. However, what caught Su unprepared was that there were over a hundred types of of equipment in the training camp. Practically every single intelligent and half intelligent firearm was included, most of which Su had never even heard of before. However, none of these equipment were provided free of charge and were instead purchased with money. Before entering the training camp, all of the equipment brought by the cadets had been taken away. However, when selecting equipment, each cadet had an initial 1000 yuan of funds to use. 

Seeing all of the firearms on the display screen that exceeded five digits in price and then his own account’s pitiful numbers, he truly didn’t understand why all of these precious firearms and equipment were displayed. 

However, when he saw the other cadets select not only guns, ammunition, helmets, armor, and all types of detection instruments but also high quality multi-purpose belts and boots, Su suddenly realized that even though everyone’s initial funds were the same, they could use their personal funds to purchase equipment. Could it be that the Black Dragonriders were using this opportunity to carry out a weapons and ammunition business? However, realizing this wasn’t useful for Su in the slightest, because he didn’t have money, and he wouldn’t ask Persephone for money. 

Su patiently sorted through the equipment, and his eyes suddenly lit up! He never expected that there would be an old-fashioned Barrett sniper rifle in the pile of new age firearms! Su was moved inwardly, and he continued to flip through the equipment list, and sure enough, he found a 0.5 caliber Magnum pistol, and together with ten rounds of bullets, it didn’t even cost 100 yuan. 

In the eyes of the Black Dragonriders, this type of old fashioned firearm was no different in value than scrap iron. 

Su suppressed the joy in his heart and swept the Barrett and Magnum into his bosom. Then, with the bit of extra money, he purchased an alloy dagger. When he carried these items out from the warehouse, he drew a large group of astonished and condescending eyes. Towards Su who had originally endured six strikes of the rod without uttering a sound, they originally felt not only shock but also a bit of admiration, but now that little bit of admiration completely vanished like smoke into thin air. No matter what era it was, being poor was always a reason to look down on someone, and Su’s poverty was truly enough to make their hair stand up in anger. 

Su didn’t pay these people any attention. After this short period of interaction, he somewhat understood the Black Dragonriders and the associated families’ behavior and way of thinking. In these people’s eyes, those surviving in the wilderness were all poverty-stricken wretches, and not even those inside companies were any exception. Regardless of whether they showed pity, contempt, or disgust, deep down, they never even considered them to be people like themselves. 

After equipping their respective gear, there was still another night for preparation and rest. The conditions were so good that they were even allowed to take a hot shower. Between the twenty individuals, even though there were only five rooms in the camp bathroom, it was still enough. 

Given this chance to take a shower, Su naturally wouldn’t pass it up. He really did enjoy the feeling of having his skin completely submerged within water. For him, the greatest luxury was allowing every inch of his skin to be immersed in water. 

Su only brought a standard issue bath towel before walking towards one of the camp’s bathrooms. When he was about to arrive at the door, Su’s eyebrows slightly creased. He saw that there were two cadets, one standing to the left and one to the right, tightly sealing off the entrance. Both individuals were cadets that followed Cook. Seeing Su walk over, one of them cried out from far away and said, “Hey, brat! Come back after two hours for your shower. Stay away, don’t ask for trouble!”

Su was a bit startled. He continued to walk forward and smiled as he asked, “What, is there something good inside?”

The other cadet’s cigarette fell onto the ground. He became slightly on his guard as he looked at Su and said, “No matter what kind of good stuff there is inside, it doesn’t have anything to do with you! Youngster, if you are smart enough, you might have a chance in the future.”

Su continued to move forward. His ears slightly moved, allowing the sounds deep within the bathroom to enter his ear. The boards separating the shower released groans under the heavy burden, and from time to time, heavy striking sounds could be heard. Under men’s rough and deep gasps of breath, there were also the sound of women’s intermittent sobs and moans. 

“Whore, tighten up, I’m about to come!” Su could tell that this was Cook’s voice. Cook’s words were accompanied with sounds of hurried and heavy breathing. He seemed to be roaring as he said, “Motherfucker, hurry up squeeze! There are still two more at the door that are waiting to fuck you! Let me tell you, being able to have this great one fuck you is your luck! You still dare to struggle?”

A loud and clear slap to the face could be heard, and then the sound of a woman weeping could be heard. Hearing this sound, it was a bit familiar. It should be a female cadet. 

Su already walked to the door. Seeing those two revealed precautionary expressions, he smiled and said, “Could it be that I can’t join? I can be the last.”

The two gave each other a look before relaxing. One of them laughed and said, “Youngster, you really can dream…” He only saw his vision became vacantly white, and then darkness overcame him. Immediately after, he felt as if a train hit him head on, and his nose immediately sunk in with a ka cha sound. His entire body flew outwards and smashed into the bathroom wall!

Su pulled back his fist, seeming a bit unsatisfied with the result of his punch. He originally thought that it would be enough to crack this individual’s skull and never through that three levels of defensive ability would actually prove to be useful. Su’s fist that contained eighty percent of his strength didn’t possess much effectiveness, seemingly only fracturing his frail nose. 

The individual on the right only saw Su suddenly toss his towel towards his companion’s head before he flew outwards! Only now did he react and immediately roar out, “You’re looking to die!”

He was also a Combat Domain ability user. His feet exerted strength, and with a single step, he immediately traveled four meters. His right fist carried a burst of wind and ferociously smashed towards Su! Su quickly backed up a step and avoided this fist that contained four levels of ability. His step backwards just happened to cross over Cook’s underling, and then with a kick of his left leg, that body flew upwards with a hu sound, blocking in front of the two. 

Su then shifted forward, as if he was attached to the flying body as he took a step to the left. He seemed to have synchronized with his opponent, only his direction was different. The fist with four levels of strength and three levels of agility brushed away his companion that was blocking him and rushed towards Su’s position, but he ended up staring blankly. The area in front of him was completely vacant with no sign of Su. He was completely shocked, and his abundant battle experience instantly allowed him to understand that in that instant, Su used the instant his companion’s body flew up to break free from his line of sight. 

The boxer immediately took a large step forward. His reaction couldn’t be considered slow, as he immediately sensed danger and wanted to break free from Su’s attack. Unfortunately, he was too slow. His left leg had just exerted force when he was suddenly trampled on with power that seemed to come out from nowhere. The powerful force that he rushed forward with easily snapped his ankle! The boxer first fell heavily on the ground, and then he felt the pain transmitted from his feet, making him release a heart tearing, lung splitting cry!

Su appeared at his side, and with a kick, he knocked the boxer unconscious. He then stepped on his left arm that was clearly more robust, and with some force, he tramped the boxer’s elbow joint. 

The boxer released a furious roar and immediately sat up from the pain. Su’s knee smashed forward, lightly colliding with the back of his head and sending him unconscious again. 

Knocking down these two people didn’t take more than 10 seconds. Su’s attacks were always short, powerful, and fatal. The two were still both alive, and with the Black Dragonriders’ level of medical expertise, these external injuries could all be cured, including the bone fractures and fragments. However, after being cured, their abilities would greatly decline. 

With a creaking sound, Su pushed open the bathroom’s large door and calmly stood at the entrance. 

10 meters from where he was standing, inside of a large shower room directly facing him, Cook, who was naked from the waist down had stopped his movements and turned around to look at the door. The woman’s hands were bound by her own torn clothes and hung from the shower head. Her body and face were all blocked by Cook’s robust body, and only two beautiful and firm legs could be seen, sandwiched between Cook’s armpits. 

“Brat, it seems like you are a bit late if you want to stir up trouble!” Cook laughed maliciously. His gluteus muscles squirmed about as they fiercely thrusted forwards, causing the woman to groan. Her legs suddenly tightened. 

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