Book 1 Chapter 14.4

Book 1 Chapter 14.4 - N958

The car stopped at the ancient and imposing seven-floor building by the sea. It was not yet noon. The guards in front of the large doors naturally recognized O’Brien, and despite the fact that his military rank alone was far from enough to allow his entry into this large building, they still let him in. 

Inside the large doors was a large and imposing hall. One could see the shockingly large copper dragon head on the wall as soon as they entered through the large doors. The dragon head was several meters tall and incredibly sinister looking. Two amber-colored dragon eyes coldly swept over every individual that entered. What was horrifying was that if one looked carefully, they would notice that the light inside the dragon’s eyes would follow certain people’s movements!

At the end of the hall, the spacious staircase crawled upwards before diverging left and right into the second floor. This old-fashioned building didn’t have any elevators. O’Brien slowly ascended the the red carpeted staircase all the way onto the sixth floor. He walked all the way down a corridor and arrived in front of a door at the very end. He slowly knocked on the door. 

“Come in.” A completely emotionless voice sounded from inside the room. Even though it was frighteningly cold, this voice still carried a type of roughness that could make any male go crazy. 

O’Brien pushed apart the thick and tall door before walking into this room that was lavish with classical decorations. In front of the copper bookshelf that filled up the entire wall rested an office table that didn’t have much decorations. It purely relied on the quality of its materials and its bulk to serve its uses. Behind the table sat a cool and elegant woman with similarly gray hair rolled up above her head. The flat, dark-colored framed eyeglasses gave her the elegance of an olden era office woman, and her long, snow-white neck and slender interweaving fingers perfectly complemented this look. Her eyes were similarly a deep gray with a hint of green, seemingly the same as O’Brien. 

If one knew a bit more about this building, about this area, and about this era’s inside information, one would look at her in a different way. The calm and austere look deep in her eyes, the complex dark cold decorations around her black uniform, the dark gold rose branch interweaving around her shoulders, as well as the dark golden shield design coat of arms around her collar, one would know that the exterior hiding a coarse and wild beauty was a complete deception. 

O’Brien sat down in front of the office table, seemingly not scared of her in the slightest. He didn’t say anything, and instead, the silent ice queen behind the office table was the first to speak. “What’s wrong, my little O’Brien? You seem to be have something on your mind? Were you just given a beating by that woman?”

O’Brien immediately didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. His somewhat somber mood was completely shattered by her single sentence. His dignity as a man was challenged, and he retorted in a somewhat sulking manner, “Nonsense! What woman can strike me…”

As soon as the words left his mouth, O’Brien wished he could take them back. Sure enough, the eyes of the woman lit up. “There are seven or eight in this building, not including myself. Little O’Brien, it has almost been half a year since I’ve given you guidance in combat techniques. Why don’t we make a trip to the underground training area right now?!”

O’Brien was extremely embarrassed and helplessly said, “Sis! Don’t call me little O’Brien anymore! I’m already eighteen, and I’m an official member of the Black Dragonriders now. I even have my own subordinates!”

When he spoke these words, O’Brien knew that he had spoken poorly again. As expected, the woman exclaimed in astonishment  in an extremely charming way. This rapid change from her previously frozen expression was a powerful weapon against any man. Without giving O’Brien the chance to interrupt, she immediately said, “Oh! I almost forgot, it seems like you are already a Black Dragonrider. Maybe I should use a bit of my privileges to drag you over to my side and have you be my personal bodyguard!”

O’Brien’s handsome face immediately became deathly pale. He understood his sister well, how she just might do anything. If his response was slightly off, there was truly a chance of becoming her personal bodyguard. As for his current superior, no matter how you looked at it, he would never dare to disobey an order that came from O’Brien’s sister. 

Seeing O’Brien seemingly reluctant to say anything else, the woman complacently leaned back into her tall chair. She propped her astonishingly beautiful legs on the office table desk and said, “You are normally always looking for ways to hide from me, yet you came on your own to see me today. It really is quite strange. Did you change your mind and want to become an arbitration official? If you need my recommendation, just speak up. For such a small matter, I don’t think that little lunatic Madeline would refuse me.”

Hearing Madeline’s name, O’Brien became silent for several minutes. Then, he said, “I still want to improve myself in the Black Dragonriders.”

Ahahaha!” The woman laughed uncontrollably for quite a white before saying, “Ambitious! This is more like I, Persephone’s little brother! Of course, this doesn’t mean that I believe you will realize that delusion of yours. Alright, since it isn’t about that, what else is there that’s so important for you to come and see me?”

O’Brien knew that this was the true nature of his older sister who had the same name as the queen of the underworld. The gentle, dignified, and elegant expressions were all things she allowed the outside world to see. 

Even though he was sitting in Persephone’s office, Laiknar’s trembling pale hand suddenly flashed before O’Brien’s eyes. After experiencing the bullet that brushed past his chest and the intense flames that struck his face within the deep and complicated underground tunnels, Su seemed like a demon from the underworld. His green left eye contained tranquility that made his heart tremble. 

“When I left on the mission this time, Laiknar died.” O’Brien spoke calmly. 

“I’ve heard. Even though I’ve never liked that Laiknar fellow, he still treated you rather well. What, you want to personally take revenge for him?”

O’Brien shook his head and said, “No, I did not come here for that. I believe that we are still underestimating Su, even now. When I confronted him in battle, the level of danger I felt far surpassed my expectations. This isn’t something that a ranking on some paper can accurately reflect. Meanwhile, underestimating Su would only result in… death. First lieutenant Luthor and his small troup’s abilities were limited, and I believe that the mission will likely fail. Older sis, I hope that you can intervene in this matter and deploy a troop that truly possesses an overwhelming advantage. This operation is worth using precious resources on.”

Persephone seemed a bit disapproving of this. “Just a small matter like this, yet you need me to override a command?”

“Yes!” O’Brien firmly replied. 

“Alright, alright, I’ll personally take care of this matter.” Persephone surrendered. Then, she casually released a heavy blow on O’Brien. “However, my dear little O’Brien, being serious is a good thing. However, putting on face and speaking loudly does not mean that you have become an adult or a man who can shoulder responsibility. If you want to become a man sooner, I can arrange some special training for you.”

Persephone’s coarse and sexy voice sounded nothing different from the murmuring of the devil to O’Brien. He stood up, and showed his older sister proper etiquette before making a run for it. 

After O’Brien left, Persephone brought up the display screen. Her slender fingers wrote out Luthor’s name and then selected the follow-up application file. After scanning it, she directly wrote ‘overruled’ on it and sighed her own name before passing the document to her own assistant. 

The to do list on her screen was still packed, and as such, Persephone didn’t pay the matter the big boy persistently asked for much attention. 

Several minutes later, the female assistant with the captivating body walked into the seventh floor old man’s office. She placed a document that just had a seal printed on it on the office table. In her unique concise way of speaking, she said, “Your instructions could not be completed. This plan has just been overruled by a higher level official.”

The old man opened the document. After seeing the signature, he was a bit shocked. “Persephone?”


The old man was a bit engrossed with the document’s fine and beautiful signature. Her signature was just as deceptive as her outward appearance. 

Pa. The old man threw the document into the wastebasket and then waved his hand. The female assistant quietly withdrew from the office. 

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