Book 1 Chapter 13.4

Book 1 Chapter 13.4 - Coarse Heart

The terrain of the grasslands was actually quite complex. Lying everywhere underneath the boundless grass that reached up to one’s waist were swamps and pits. If an off-road vehicle moved over this type of terrain, it would be extremely dangerous. There were all types of mutated creatures within the grasslands, and one of the most dangerous types was a jumping snake that could catapult itself over ten meters through the air. The neurotoxin in its poison glands could completely paralyze an individual in just a few seconds. During his fleeing, he had already encountered this type of snake several times. However, his own body’s flexibility wasn’t any less than that of these jumping snakes, so as long as he avoided the first strike, Su would already be far away. 

What prevented the wilderness’ people from entering the grassland was not the jumping snakes, but rather the completely contaminated water. Together with the poisonous grass that was completely indistinguishable from normal grass that was found everywhere, they carried countless life-threatening species of poisonous mosquitoes and ants. 

Next to Su’s face was a puddle of water. He moved his head over, reached out with his tongue and gave this seemingly clean water a taste. As the water moved around in Su’s mouth, the bitter taste became stronger and stronger. After a moment passed, Su had no choice but to spit out the water. The bitter taste proved that the water was full of life-threatening bacteria, viruses, or poisonous chemicals. The radiation level of the water was still passable; however, what was fatal for normal people was tolerable for Su. For example, in the sip of water just now, Su still absorbed a few drops. 

He then set his eyes on the grass on the side and carefully plucked a few blades before slowly chewing them. As he chewed them, a numbing sensation was transmitted from his tongue. Then, it it spread to his oral cavity, and at that point, Su knew that the grass contained poison. He dug a small hole in the swamp and buried the grass inside. This way, once the swamp dried up, there wouldn’t be much traces left behind. 

Su raised his head and searched around the grassland. As his deep green eye looked around, he was just like a starving wolf. He could drink this water and could eat the grass as well. In the past, during the most difficult times when he wandered around with that little girl, he depended on water contaminated with high levels of radiation and poisonous grass that could be found everywhere for survival. Meanwhile, while the little girl was sleeping, he always relied on his own blood to survive those difficult years. 

The problem was that absorbing nutrients from the contaminated water and poisonous grass took a long time, and Su clearly didn’t have this much time. Right now, he wasn’t that youth that needed to carefully avoid all types of dangerous creatures anymore. Soon after, Su found his own prey, a water snake swimming about in the grass. 

There was no suspense in the encounter. There was no opportunity for the water snake to use its poisonous fangs. In just two minutes of time, apart from a piece of snake skin, everything else that previously belonged to the ten centimeter long water snake was absorbed in Su’s stomach. 

After eating the water snake, Su slept for 20 minutes in the grassland. As soon as the time he set internally was up, Su immediately leapt up and sped towards the north at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour. Even though this speed was 10 kilometers per hour slower than his previous speed, the amount of energy this speed used up was much less. By proceeding at this pace, the amount of strength Su recovered could keep him going for close to an hour. This would allow him enough time to carry out his next meal and rest. 

Running and stopping just like this, eight hours passed. Su had had traveled 276 kilometers inside the grasslands, and a vague outline of a mountain range appeared in front of him. It seemed like he was close to making his way through the grassland. Su didn’t dare believe that he had thrown off the Black Dragonriders. It was even more likely that no matter where he fled to, as long as he made contact with someone, there would be a chance that the Black Dragonriders would be able to grab onto his traces. It was just like what Fazir said: there were too many people who wanted to curry favor with the Black Dragonriders but never had the chance to. Forget about the great benefits that they could obtain, just a bounty of 1000 yuan was enough to make the refugees of any inhabited area become Su’s enemy. 

His past experiences weren’t enough. Su had enough strength to retaliate against a company like Roxland and wouldn’t be too scared of their counterattack, but in front of the Black Dragonriders, it was still best to avoid contact. 

While thinking about these things, Su already reached the edge of the grassland. Several kilometers in front of him was a small mountain. The mountain wasn’t that tall, only being about several hundred meters above sea level. It wasn’t particularly large either, not like a portion of some great mountain range at all. 

Under the dim light of night, this mountain that wasn’t particularly large also revealed signs of maliciousness. 

Su walked slowly. Traversing the grasslands had exhausted the last bit of his strength. Right now, he could collapse at any time, but he wouldn’t fall down, because the mountain was already in front of him. 

Su liked mountains, because this was the terrain most suitable for him to display his abilities and superiority. In particular, when he looked around, he noticed that there were many mountain caves, and it was unknown whether they were naturally formed or artificially made during the olden era. He prepared to slowly rest, recover, and familiarize himself with the terrain. If the Black Dragonriders caught up, he didn’t mind fighting against his enemies that held absolute superiority to the death here. 

Su knew that the moment he pulled the trigger, regardless of whether it struck its target or not, his fate would be decided. Even if the terrifying enemy who mysteriously locked in on him wasn’t included, as long as three or four individuals with skills equal to O’Brien’s were present, Su would have no way out. This time, he successfully concealed himself from the enemies pursuing him, but in the end, due to an unexpected event, he exposed his hiding technique. The next time, he definitely wouldn’t have such good luck. The next time the Black Dragonriders came, they would definitely bring a corresponding equipment. It wasn’t just advanced equipment; the abilities of individuals were wide and varied. Even if Su hid himself ten meters underneath the ground, he would still be discovered. 

While facing the pressure of a colossus like the Black Dragonriders, it was the first time Su felt the powerlessness of being a single person. 

The current times were no longer the same as the dark ages a thousand years ago where knives and arrows reigned supreme. In the era of turmoil, it was difficult for anyone to resist the pressure of an enormous organization. 

However, right now, Su did not feel any fear. The worst ending would just be dying in battle. Regardless, this was better than being captured and used as a living experimental subject. 

Dying in battle would definitely be the conclusion. Serving as an experimental subject might present a chance for survival, but between the two, Su’s choice would never waver. 

Even though dying in battle was the conclusion, the conclusion would still have the most fundamental honor. 

The coarse and heavy Barrett on his back and the silent Magnum by his waist made Su’s heart even more calm. 

Su began to climb the mountain, and he even found many things that he could use. His body began to recover. He had to explore the terrain, select sniping locations, as well as secure escape routes after firing. 

While he was busy doing these things, Su thought of many things. He thought of the little girl he roamed about with back then, Lanaxis, Hans, Crippled Peter, Li, and even Li Gaolei and Fazir. Su never thought about so many things before, to the point where he mocked himself. Was he getting old? Or was he truly scared of death. 

What he thought about the longest was still the little girl from back then. That little girl was carved deep into his heart. It all happened that afternoon seven years ago. She wore a rough cloth dress, her gray-colored hair fluttering about, scattering down bits of silver radiance. Those blue eyes were as deep as a great sea. 

Just from having Black Dragonriders as bodyguards, the Lanaxis family from back then was definitely an important figure inside the Blood Parliament. However, with a decisive battle imminent, Su did not decide to bring up this name with the Black Dragonriders. This had already happened many years ago, and he had no idea how well the little girl has grown up. It was better to just let her peacefully grow up by Lanaxis’ side. If he himself landed in the Black Dragonriders’ side, then that beautiful, smart, and tenacious little fellow might not necessarily do anything. Regardless of what she could do, it was not a result he wanted to see. 

As he stood on the tallest peak and overlooked this mountain region, Su had a smile on his face. He was extremely satisfied with the cemetery that he had selected. 

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