Book 1 Chapter 12.4

Book 1 Chapter 12.4 - Patience

The middle-aged male downed the alcohol rather quickly, and during this short period of time, he completely downed this cup of alcohol. A slight blush gradually appeared on his face. He rubbed the thick beard above his lips and said, “Hey, little fellow, that’s enough! You already had enough chances, but he wasn’t fooled. Enough, go back. You’ve earned quite a bit tonight, at least enough for three day’s worth of alcohol.”

“But I was serious!” The little girl shouted.

The middle-aged man’s eyes suddenly became extremely fierce. The little girl no longer dared to say anything. She lowered her head and ran towards the back of the restaurant.

“If you really can buy her, then once you leave Saratoga, she will find a chance to run back and return here. This isn’t the first time. Those idiots that came back looking for her would be lucky to be tossed out with just a few broken bones. The unlucky ones are directly chopped up and sold to the nearby refugees. The middle-aged man lit a cigarette while speaking in a slow and unhurried manner.

“I know.” Su laughed.

He picked up the alcohol that he hadn’t touched yet and poured it over the right hand that had just been placed between the little girl’s thighs. Then, after striking a match, he ignited the alcohol. The blue flame of the alcohol illuminated a corner of this table, and it contrasted with Su’s green eye.

By now, the young girl on the stage already had a buyer. The excited men and women that crowded around the stage finally scattered. Many people were looking at Su’s burning right hand.

The alcohol quickly burned up, and quite a bit of the bandages around Su’s right hand were burnt. However, he didn’t seem to suffer from any pain, and his right hand was also moving about freely. The eyes that looked over once again changed from greed to fear. There were even a few who were inwardly shaken and began to avoid the area that Su was at.

The middle-aged man looked at Su’s right hand, his expression changing several times during the process. He then sighed and said, “I originally thought that your abilities were in the Mental Domain. I never expected that you are an ability user of the Magic Domain!”

Su continued to smile without admitting or denying this.

The middle-aged male was starting to get used to Su’s nature of few words. As if minding his own business, he said, “However, no matter how much ability you have, you still can’t save everyone.”

Su seemed to be thinking about something, and only after staying silent for a bit did he say, “I would only do things that I want and am able to do. As for how the results turn out, it isn’t important. For example, tonight, what I want and can do is simply purchase this bottle of alcohol.”

The middle-aged male gave Su a glance. He shook his head and said, “That’s not true.”

As if he knew Su wouldn’t reply to this question, he then said, “From the looks of it, you are probably going to stay here for a period of time. If you need help, or if you need to earn some money, you can come find me. I’m called Kane. I reckon that you could use a friend in this area.”

Su was somewhat interested and asked, “What do you have to offer?”

“Information, intelligence, ammunition, and firearms, and of course not just those generic goods. I also have women, all types of women can be found. If you can prove your ability, then I might be able to find you an opportunity to marry into a truly large company.” Kane was watching the nude girl dancing on the stage while absent-mindedly speaking.

Su also looked at the dancing girl and said, “Sounds rather formidable. Are you a part of that company?”

Kane laughed at Su and said, “I’m neutral.”

Su didn’t question Kane’s words and instead directly said, “I need the positions of all inhabited areas within a range of 100 kilometers, as well as their corresponding information.”

Kane gave the wine bottle a slap and said, “Then on this bottle of wine, I’ll provide the service free of charge.”

Su did not plan on refusing this gesture of kindness. “Then where will we get the map or intelligence?”

“Right here.” Kane pointed towards his own head and said, “Everything you need is stored here.”

Afterwards, the two watched the lively performance as they casually chatted. Strings of numbers came from Kane’s mouth one after another, becoming clear locations in Su’s mind. In addition, detailed and precise markings were made on this map. Even Su was a bit startled at Kane’s memory, because regarding the seven nearby inhabited areas, the number of refugees, the leaders, number of armed personnel, how many women the leaders had, and what these women looked like, were all recalled perfectly. This kind of memory was truly a bit unordinary.

In the blink of an eye, the night became dark. After Su obtained the information he needed and after obtaining Kane’s contact details, he reached out for the enormous Barrett and walked out together with Kane.

Kane’s arms were inserted into his jacket pockets. He smiled ambiguously. “Are you going to return to the hotel like that? Do you want me to find a few girls? I promise that they won’t be older than fifteen years of age. Of course, you need to pay.”

Su smiled and said, “Right now, I can’t afford the price of your girls.”

“Are you saying that you are going to go back and sleep just like that? My girls all aren’t bad. You can owe me for now, but don’t think that I will give you a discount.” Kane said.

“No, I’m going to make preparations to search the other inhabited areas.”

“Right now?” Kane was a bit shocked.

“Right now.” Su placed the Barrett on his back.

Kane helplessly rubbed his his beard and said, “Anyone that dares to travel through the wilderness alone at night is definitely crazy. If you encounter any trouble in the other inhabited areas, as long as you say you are Kane’s friend, they won’t do anything to cross the line.”

“Why are you helping me? Right now, I don’t even have the money to pay for finding women.” Su’s green eye radiated with a deep light in the darkness.

Kane laughed heartily and said, “Because you are young, because I’ve seen your prospects, because in the future, I want to earn a fortune from our cooperation. Most hunters need a friend like me, because you all only understand how to deal with the wilderness and various types of mutated creatures, not how to deal with other people. Of course, in the end, the reason is because you have this Barrett behind you. It’s to my liking.”

Su rubbed the Barrett behind him that was wrapped in strips of cloth. With a smile, he said, “Is that so? It really is a good gun. In order to purchase it, I’ve spent up all of my savings.”

Kane shook his head and said, “I don’t like the Barrett because of how expensive it is. Similarly, it isn’t because of the Barrett that I decided to talk to you. In reality, I’ve met many snipers with RF300A rifles on their backs, but they were all ordinary business dealings. I’ve decided to befriend you because you originally could use the RF300A, but you still chose this Barrett.”

Su stood there without moving. He looked at Kane.

Kane’s beard jumped. “Hey! Partner, don’t look at me like that! The things you have on you are definitely enough to buy an RF300A. If snipers had the money, they would almost always purchase a better gun. However, you didn’t.”

Su relaxed a bit and said, “Is this the only reason? I don’t feel like that’s enough for you to think so highly of me.”

Kane laughed and said, “You are to my liking. This reason alone is enough! Only a true man would chose something as masculine as the Barrett!”

Hearing the words true man, Su first felt as if water ran through his entire body. Then, he felt torn between laughing and crying.

Together with Kane’s intelligence, Su departed Saratoga in the night. In the next two days, Su travelled to the surrounding inhabited lands and then quietly disappeared, leaving no traces behind.

It was different from last time’s pursuit. This time, Su decided to use patience to deal with his opponent.

Morning light scattered down like water, and as it illuminated this rather bustling region, the off-road vehicles’ rumbling sounds broke Saratoga’s peace. Eleven off-road vehicles stopped and parked in a circular manner as they faced Saratoga.

There were wrinkles all over Luthor’s face, all of which were obtained continuously over the past thirty years. He looked at the electronic tactical map in his hands and asked Justin at his side, “Did you find him?”

Justin took a deep breath, and his bright red tongue licked his similarly red lips. “I can’t sense anything at all right now. However, he should be in this region!”

Luthor’s eyebrows twisted together. His eyes swept through Saratoga and gazed into the fog covered distance. The region Justin was talking about was an area of several dozen square kilometers. To find a skillfully hidden hunter in this region truly required patience.

From start to finish, the Black Dragonriders had never given the refugees that were gathering at the entrance a single glance. It was as if they didn’t even exist.

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