Book 1 Chapter 12.1

Book 1 Chapter 12.1 - Patience

Setting Sun City; for the Fabregas family and the Black Dragonriders, this term held a special meaning. 

What the Fabregas family lost was not only a fourth rank successor or a young heir with great prospects, they also lost their dignity and their well-established reputation. Every single Black Dragonrider was an important figure who played a decisive role, whether it be now or in the future. For a large and ancient family like the Fabregas family, losing a young Black Dragonrider was an incredibly large incident for the entire family. This was not simply a tremendous loss. If they could not capture the murderer within a certain timeframe, then their allies or even their competitors and enemies would begin to doubt the Fabregas family’s strength. From there, it would be a chain reaction that would spiral to unpredictable levels. 

For the Black Dragonriders, things were comparatively much simpler, with much less politics and the only thing affected being their honor. Two youngsters who had recently become Black Dragonriders accepted a mission to sharpen themselves, and something unexpected just happened to occur; that was it. The only thing different was that there were outsiders involved in the mission this time. Of course, a small company like Roxland Company didn’t hold the slightest bit of value in the Black Dragonriders’ eyes, but they still couldn’t lose their sanctity in front of a small company. That was why the Black Dragonriders were going to investigate this. Of course, they were also interested in the intruder cell. 

As soon as night descended, the Setting Sun City would become a tremendous beast that coldly observed all creatures that wanted to live within its body, especially creatures that were particularly arrogant. 

Thirteen off-road vehicles were lined up in a row, and each vehicle had a row of six headlights on their roof. Together with their headlights, they lit up the dark Setting Sun City. 

Standing perfectly straight in front of the group of off-road vehicles were six individuals, individuals whose dark black uniforms were embedded with golden patterns! In the middle was a middle-aged man who stood as straight as a flagpole. His gray hair that was combed to the point where not even a single thread was loose, the thick beard above his upper lip, and his hawk-like eyes constituted the perfect standard of a soldier. This middle-aged man was different from the others; on his sleeve was embroidered two intersecting daggers. 

Lieutenant Luthor Fabregas sighed in admiration at the grand scale of the city ruins in front of him. However, he still disproved of the name Setting Sun City. Not only did he lack the slightest interest in getting revenge for Laiknar, his enthusiasm for finding the intruder cell wasn’t high either. Even though he was also a member of the Fabregas family, just like any ancient and large family, a similar family name could still result in an extremely distant relationship. Luthor was Laiknar’s uncle, but their relationship was distant with two branches of family between them. The blood relation between the two was also extremely weak. Even though they were both members of the Black Dragonriders, Laiknar’s rank was still lower than Luthor’s, and he was a whole thirty years younger! In reality, Laiknar’s potential far outclassed Luthor’s, and his future prospects were naturally greater than Luthor’s. 

Within the Black Dragonriders, there was obviously a faction like infrastructure, but there wasn’t any strict relationship between specific dragonriders. When many dragonriders move at the same time, there is a sequence of command based on rank, but it isn’t absolute. If the commander ordered a dragonrider to commence a suicidal attack, then even a first rank dragonrider soldier could refuse this type of order that was unfavorable to his own life. As for whether or not disobeying this order would bring about any type of repercussion, that would depend on that person’s individual strength, faction, background, results and influence of actions, and a series of other complicated elements. Within the Black Dragonriders’ relatively loose infrastructure, rank in reality was just a type of approval and basis for corresponding treatment. 

For a fifty year old lieutenant like Luthor, his status within the hearts of others might not even be as high as the twenty-four year old Laiknar. 

This was why towards Laiknar’s death, Luthor secretly even felt a bit happy. Of course, he wouldn’t express such a thing. After all, the Fabregas family’s power was great, and so Luthor’s familial branch might not necessarily receive any benefit from this incident. Currently, the family’s strength received damage with the fall of a powerful successor, but it was precisely because of this that Luthor’s position would instead imperceptibly increase within the family, allowing him to fight for more things.

Luthor thoroughly researched Laiknar’s death and also carefully interrogated each subordinate that was at the scene. Of course, this didn’t include O’Brien’s subordinates. Towards Su, Luthor actually admired him quite a bit. From his perspective, the bullet that killed Laiknar was direct and efficient with no margin for error. The ambush’s timing and location could be considered a work of art. Luthor was similar to most Combat Domain and Magic Domain ability users, one who stubbornly believed that those who practiced the Mental Domain’s various weapon proficiency abilities were weaklings that couldn’t even take a single blow. However, he still acknowledged Su’s shot. 

All six members of the Black Dragonriders had a detailed map of Setting Sun City. Crucial parts of the battle were carefully plotted on their corresponding positions. In addition, different colored arrows drew out each dragonrider’s route and search itinerary. 

Without any excessive words, Luthor raised his right hand that was covered in a black glove and raised two fingers before pointing forward. The five dragonriders respectively scattered, ordering their own subordinates to proceed through the routes that were planned out in advance. 

Behind the line of off-road vehicles stood many subordinates. 

Luthor was one who acted cautiously, meticulously, and patiently. He searched through Setting Sun City for a total of three days. On the evening of the third day, the six dragonriders appeared on the top floor of a skyscraper. Su had sat calmly here previous for three days, waiting for many of his body’s injuries to close. This was also the place where Su used his ten evolution points on infrared sight. The living corpse queen’s infrared sight was especially fine and sharp, and as a result, the required amount of evolution points was a bit higher. Then, that same evening, Su left Setting Sun City. 

Without waiting for Luthor’s order, a Black Dragonrider sat down in the same location where Su previously sat and sat down. He seemed to be thirty or so in age, with a face that was particularly pale. Applied to his lips was blood red lipstick. He seemed different from the other dragonriders that went for the majestic or strict appearances. This Black Dragonrider’s appearance was excessively frail, as if even a slightly stronger wind could blow him away. His body that was 180 centimeters in height might not even be more than 50 kilograms in weight. 

What was strange was that if Su was present, he would find that this dragonrider’s posture, the direction he faced, and even his slightly narrowed left eye were exactly the same as his own back then!

The dragonrider closed both of his eyes, as if he sensed something. After ten whole minutes, his entire body suddenly trembled, and waves of groans exuded from his lips. It was as if he had reached some kind of climax. 

Luthor and the other dragonriders seemed to be completely used to this type of scene, and no one revealed any excessive expressions. In reality, this dragonrider named Justin was one of the key figures of this operation. 

Justin seemed to have been shocked by lightning, and his entire body began to twitch. He sprung up from the ground. He was originally sitting on the edge of the top floor, and now that he sprung up several meters, he directly fell off the side. The other dragonriders still stood there without moving. Even though this was the thirtieth floor, if he was going to die from falling off of this height, then he wouldn’t be a Black Dragonrider. 

Sure enough, as if he was stepping on something, Justin suddenly began to float up slowly along the side of the building. His eyes were already open, however, his slender and almost fox-like eyes seemed completely scattered without focusing on anything. As he floated higher and higher, he reached out his hand into the distance as if he was gently caressing or stroking something in a careful and soft manner. 

“Truly is a beautiful little thing…” Justin muttered. His voice became extremely hoarse, as if he hadn’t drank any water for several nights. He seemed to have become incredibly passionate as he fiercely loosened his black uniform’s collar, revealing the scarlet colored shirt underneath. 

Justin’s body suddenly went perfectly straight, as if it was a javelin. At this moment, his posture was more like that of a soldier’s than that of Luthor’s! Moreover, his eyes rapidly shrunk, no longer being as blank and unfocused. 

“Little fellow! I’ve caught you!” Justin’s voice was sticky and wet. It was cold and gloomy, like a viper hiding within a rainforest.

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