Book 1 Chapter 10.4

Book 1 Chapter 10.4 - Luck

Li Gaolei suddenly pushed aside the jabbering military officer at his side and rushed down the stairs straight for the garage. He didn’t choose his favorite armored off-road vehicle and instead took Li’s recently renovated black motorcycle. Following a thunderous roaring sound, Li Gaolei rushed out of Pendulum City. The accelerator was pushed to its limit, and following the traces of the off-road vehicle on the ground, he headed into the wilderness. 

The surrounding terrain of Pendulum City was complex with scattered villages, abandoned buildings, uninhabited farms, aswell as undulating mounds and hills. Li sped along crazily on the off-road vehicle in spite of all the danger. As she passed by the village houses, she didn’t stop at all to contemplate whether anything could be concealed behind those ruined walls. 

After travelling for who knew how long, Li suddenly stepped on the brakes. The shaking off-road vehicle came to a screeching stop. She opened the car door and exited the driver’s seat. Li was still wearing black skin-tight leather clothes underneath, and a short jacket. As it fluttered in the sand, her maroon-colored short hair seemed like a throbbing flame. 

Li was like a lioness as she glowered at her surroundings. She had a strong feeling that Su wasn’t far from here. 

Li’s courage and confidence were things that not everyone possessed. The shooter in the rooftop machine gun position tried his best to hide his body inside the car. He widened his eyes and tried his best to find the slightest clue in the surrounding terrain. Unfortunately, everything was the way it should be without the slightest bit of abnormality. The less differences he noticed, the more nervous he became. He could feel cold sweat rolling down his body, and the finger around the trigger was slowly losing sensation.

Li lit a cigarette and silently began to smoke it. The cigarette was used up extremely quickly. When she forcefully threw it down, the smoke and dust that had been blown into the air hadn’t settled yet. It was to the point where the smoke in the distance became even denser. 

Behind a half broken electric pole stretched a gun barrel. The barrel was filled with alternating yellow and brown strips of cloth, and it was clearly a reinforced steel bar that was covered in rust. Through the gun barrel’s front sight, Li’s angry and dejected appearance could be seen. Her maroon-colored hair matched her current mood as it fluttered like a burning flame. 

Su calmly observed Li. He looked at her undisguised fury and confusion, silently analyzing whether her expression was real or fake. However, his analysis didn’t produce any results. 

Su pressed a chain of special bullets into the anti-aircraft machine gun. There were a total of five empty slots on the chain, and four bullets were added.     

Apart from Li and shooter on the car roof, there were two other soldiers. 

The sound of an engine rumbling could be heard from the distance, and vague shouting sounds accompanied this noise. 

Li frowned and looked in the direction the voice came from. Her facial expression immediately became unpleasant. Su’s eyebrows twitched slightly, but his eyes still remained on Li. The muzzle also moved towards Li. 

“Get out of the way! He’s going to kill you!!” Li Gaolei’s bleak and resounding voice pierced through the roaring engine. The motorcycle sped over at a nearly uncontrollable speed. From its route, it seemed like it was going to stop right in front of Li. 

Li laughed coldly. She always felt like Li Gaolei was annoying and long-winded. What did it have to do with him if Su wanted to kill her? Moreover, she didn’t believe Li Gaolei’s words. There was a wager that had not yet taken place between her and Su. However, on Li Gaolei’s face was an inconcealable fright and anxiousness, and the motorcycle that was moving at a speed that might overturn it at any second made her cold smile freeze on her face. Li Gaolei wasn’t kidding!

With a creaking sound as well as a braking noise, the motorcycle was finally overturned. After moving another dozen or so meters while sticking to the ground, it abruptly flew upwards. The enormous vehicle passed Li’s face. Li Gaolei leapt out from the vehicle at almost the same time, and borrowing power from the huge momentum, he flew over ten meters and rushed towards Li!

Li was a Combat Domain expert, and she could tell with just a look that should Li Gaolei land on the ground like this, he would be lucky to get away with just a few broken bones. His vertebra might be directly fractured at more than ten sections as well as his head. With this kind of injury, even if Roxland Company disregarded the cost of treatment, Li Gaolei would only be able to get out of bed and walk. 

Li was shocked at Li Gaolei’s peculiar actions, but there was no time to think any more. She exerted force with her feet and abruptly charged towards Li Gaolei. When the two collided face to face, Li pounced towards Li Gaolei’s chest and surrounded his thick and sturdy waist. Her own soft and flexible body made a turn in midair and winded around behind Li Gaolei’s body. Li’s entire body exerted strength, and her fourth level ability surged as as she brought Li Gaolei’s body down. Then, her tall military boots drew out two shallow streaks that were several dozen meters in length. Only then was Li Gaolei’s terrifying momentum stopped. 

Following a hu sound, the motorcycle passed by less than three meters in front of them. 

“You’re crazy!” Li was about to criticize Li Gaolei, but she never expected that he would suddenly throw himself over to take advantage of the fact that Li hadn’t gotten a stable footing yet. While still in midair, the two were tightly stuck together face to face. Li Gaolei extended his arms and wrapped them tightly around Li! Li Gaolei’s strength was also extremely great, so Li temporarily couldn’t struggle free. 

A dangerous light flickered past Li’s eyes. Her abilities in the Combat Domain far surpassed Li Gaolei’s; this was no joke. As soon as her back or shoulder reached the ground, giving her something to draw force from, she would let Li Gaolei understand what kind of price had to be paid when she was taken advantage of. 

The motorcycle flying through the air suddenly lit up. A bullet easily severed the motorcycle’s thick wheel. Its trajectory was slightly altered as it flew past Li Gaolei’s back into who knows where. 

The second bullet immediately followed, passing through the chest of the shooter whose face had just managed to reveal fear. Only a terrifying hole was left behind. The third and fourth bullet flew out in succession, piercing through the off-road vehicle’s frail armor. The scattering bulletheads and flying fragments sliced up the soft bodies of the two soldiers inside. Even though no crucial areas were hit, the enormous wounds were enough to kill them instantly!

Li sprung up like a female leopard, picking up Li Gaolei and slamming him fiercely on the ground. Just when she was about to fiercely step on his broad back, she saw that there was a long trail of blood on his back!

Tong tong tong! The oppressive gunshots only sounded now. As soon as the gunshots entered her ear, Li immediately knew that it was the sound of an anti-aircraft machine gun. 

She was stunned. When she turned around to look at the off-road vehicle, she was just in time to see the shooter’s body slowly fall and two striking bullet holes appear on the car’s surface. Within the bullet holes, blood immediately gushed out. When she turned back around, where would she find Su’s traces in this boundless wilderness? From the forest, she already knew that if Su wanted to hide, she had no way of finding him. 

Li lowered her head and looked at Li Gaolei. She possessed high levels of Combat Domain ability, and she was also a combat specialist. This was not merely brute strength and fast reflexes. At this moment, after recalling the previous string of events, she finally understood. If Li Gaolei hadn’t thrown himself over, then the bloody groove on his back from the bullet would have instead passed through her body.

This was an anti-aircraft machine gun bullet! It was an anti-aircraft machine gun bullet that could blast her into two pieces at her fine waist!

Li quietly stood there. 

“Li! Don’t… stand there like that! He…” Li Gaolei supported his body with difficulty and reached out his arm towards Li’s leg to pull her back. Even though the wound on his back wasn’t life threatening, it temporarily deprived him of his ability to move. Li Gaolei grabbed Li’s leg, but he couldn’t move her at all. 

Li stood there in the spacious wilderness. She was the biggest target, yet she simply stood there!

“It seems like today’s luck really isn’t that good…” Su silently thought. His slender fingers added two more bullets into the bullet chain and once again pushed it into the gun barrel. 

Li felt as if the sky was spinning. The sound of the wind and the vehicle’s engine noises had all vanished. Instead, she heard an endless amount of sounds that were difficult to draw meaning from, and they were rumbling towards her!

Why did her subordinates have to die?!

Why did she have to die?!


Li never feared death. She simply didn’t understand. 

Li raised her leg and struggled free from Li Gaolei’s grip. She then took large steps towards the direction where the bullets came from. She brought out that eye-catching modified pistol from her back and fired six rounds in front of her. The tremendous gunshots seemed to even suppress the power of the anti-aircraft machine gun!

“Su! If you are a man, then get out here!” Li’s penetrating voice rang through the air. She added another six rounds to the pistol, and when she raised her hand, another six shots were randomly fired. This pistol couldn’t aim past 50 meters. Li was just randomly shooting in front of her. 

“Come out!!” Li’s voice was already a bit hoarse. The enormous gunshot sounds couldn’t suppress her hollering at all.

Su held the anti-aircraft machine gun while calmly leaning against the half broken wall. He obviously wouldn’t stay in the position where he had just shot from. The gap of several seconds already left him with enough time to travel quite far and get to another firing location. With a xiu sound, a bullet suddenly flew over, passing above the wall. It seemed to have passed right above Su’s head!

Li had finished firing three sets of bullets. 

Firing three sets consecutively seemed to have completely exhausted Li’s body. She stood just like that within the ruins. Her sweat completely soaking through her short maroon-colored hair, sticking firmly to her glossy and graceful forehead. Firing those fruitless shots seemed to have deprived her of all her energy.

Li found one final bullet in her pocket, and a coin rubbed harshly against her fingers. She brought out this coin and slowly loaded the bullet to the gun. 

“Li!” Li Gaolei had already struggled to his feet, but his legs were weak and, making him too slow to hurry over. However, the truth was, whether he was quick enough or not, it made no difference. After such a long time had passed, and under a distance like this, if Su took action, it was equivalent to Li’s death. 

With a light ringing sound, a coin was flicked up into the sky. A thread of sunlight seeped through the clouds, illuminating this dancing coin and bringing forth a flash of brilliant light. Just before the coin reached its highest point, a huge gunshot rang throughout these ruins. The gunshot shattered this beautiful illusion, and also shattered the gently spinning coin. 

Li’s shot was exceptionally accurate. 

The off-road vehicle started up again. It turned around and slowly headed towards Pendulum City. 

Li sat perfectly straight while staring forward. She drove the off-road vehicle straight. Her hands that were holding the steering wheel were deathly pale. Li Gaolei reclined on the back of the chair. His clothes had been torn into strips to temporarily wrap up the wound on his back. His jeans were damaged to quite an extent as well, revealing his clearly distinct muscles and dense leg hair. Li Gaolei continuously smoked, using the smoke to ease his body’s soreness. 

“Why?!” Li suddenly asked this without thinking. When she spoke, Li Gaolei saw that her lips were drenched with blood. 

“He… might have needed some supplies. Maybe he needed some things that only we had, things that couldn’t be obtained in other places like the anti-aircraft machine gun. Guns are mercenaries’ second life. … Look, the effectiveness of that anti-aircraft machine gun is much more effective than that tattered gun he had before.” Li Gaolei looked at the scenery that continuously passed by outside the window and casually said. 

Li remained silent. The speed of the car was not fast, nor was it slow. 

Li Gaolei suddenly felt as if the cigarette in his mouth was particularly bitter, and so he casually ended the cigarette that still had most of its body remaining. The burning cigarette tip slowly died against Li Gaolei’s muscular thigh. 

A wooden stick was inserted into the ground at the center of the ruins, and on top of the stick was that modified pistol.

Two bullets roared. One fired through the wooden stick, and the other hit the modified rifle, blasting it into countless pieces of metal parts. 

“This time’s luck…”

Su didn’t look at the results of those two gunshots. He carried the anti-aircraft machine gun while standing alone in the ruins. 

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