Book 6 Chapter 9.6

Book 6 Chapter 9.6 - Only Darkness is Eternal

Only a place like Maca City with its population of fifty thousand could truly be called a city, completely different from the borderland territories. Even though there were large amounts of slum housing, at least there were orderly roads, and even sewers dug up. There were designated areas for trash as well, moreover dealt with at regular intervals.

A small brook ran through Maca City, the northern river shore where the viceroy residence resided. The wealthy district surrounded the viceroy residence, built along the river.

Maca City didn’t have walls. As the borderland region where Sun Empire’s viceroy resided, this city was surrounded and protected by several dozen suzerain territories, so it wouldn’t directly suffer the attack of a powerful enemy. In Sun Empire where everything was divided up based on ability levels, if there really was an enemy not even the suzerains and assistants could withstand, then no matter how tall or thick a wall was, it still wouldn’t do...

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